Do You Have Man Breast? Explaining Man Breast And What To Do

Go to the gym or see a doctor? 10 facts on man breast explained

By Aey
Do You Have Man Breast? Explaining Man Breast And What To Do

Every person out there should feel comfortable with their bodies because there are lots of activities that call for being shirtless to enjoy it fully! To name some – sunbathing, sex and swimming! If you’re too conscious about how people are judging your completely normal upper body that’s doesn’t match the Vogue Magazine Male edition cover then you’re not alone. Even though every individual is completely different from the other, unfortunately, we’re expected to fit in a fictional frame that can only be reached with the help of Photoshop and other unnatural means such as plastic surgery.  The saddest part is that people can’t even consider the possibility that the person their so carelessly judging may be going through a medical condition and their different body maybe a result of that.

One of such medical conditions that can cause your body to look different than the majority is gynecomastia, a common side effect of which is ‘Man Breasts/Boobs’. If you’ve landed on this article because you want to know more about this condition, I’m glad you found this, & Welcome…  So, without further ado, let’s dive right in! 

What is Man Breast, Man Boobs or Moobs?

Man Breast, Man Boobs or Moobs in short, as the names suggest, is the unusual growth of breasts making them appear identical to a women’s breast. Gynecomastia often occurs as a result of hormonal imbalance. To put it in other words, when the fraction of estrogen to testosterone level, in a man’s body, changes too much that it becomes close to the female side. As per the Cleveland Clinical Journal of Medicine, this condition impacts approximately 50% of all men.

Just because your hormones have decided to go on a ride doesn’t mean you should stop by the lingerie section to manage their by-product. There are other ways that you’ll be more comfortable with to deal with this condition.

10 Facts about Man Breast

Let’s make this article a bit more interesting by discussing 10 Facts about Man Breast or Man boobs!

1. It’s not the time where breast reduction surgery for males is considered a taboo

Come on, guys! Will you really think comestic or plastic surgery is for only women? It’s 2019! You can go get a gender change surgery if you want so what’s a breast reduction surgery compared with that? You gotta do what makes you feel good to be yourself. If it were 1852, I’d understand your concern about being judged and that technology is not advanced but fortunately, it’s not.

2. Most men have gynecomastia

Yes, most men suffer from this but growing breasts is just one of the side effects of suffering from this. This is why some men with this condition have man boobs while others don’t.

3. Breast Reduction Surgery is a Minor Outpatient Surgery

I know how the fear of getting under the knife can raise some horrible scenarios in your mind. Even though the title of ‘surgery’ sounds like you’re going to have to stay away from your normal routine for months to let your body heal but in the case of this ‘surgery’ you can walk out the hospital the same day! Yes, hitting the gym can wait because push-ups and bench press might hinder the healing process but other than this minor change,  you're good to resume your daily activities. 

4. Majority of the time, this condition causes no other problems

This means that other than causing esteem issues, the condition isn’t deadly or harmful if you decide to not treat it.

5. Guo Feng – Man with the world’s largest man boobs

He was a farmer in China who was thought to be the man with the biggest man breasts! He had them removed at the age of 53.

6. It's common in Baby boys

Nope, you didn’t read this wrong. Even though in many cases, the baby’s enlarged chest size is because of the baby fat but this isn’t the case with all infants. More than 50% of baby boys’ breasts are due to the impact of their mommy’s estrogen levels. Usually, this comes back to normal after 2-3 weeks of being born.

7. Smoking up makes you more likely to have Man Boobs

A good number of states today are proud of their Marijuana and have legalized it on popular demand. Not only is it now limited in the rolling paper, but it can also be found in many household items, including your favorite chocolate spread. Smoke it and eat it, ingesting it in any way means you are definitely going to have increased amounts of tissues in your manly breasts to make them not so manly anymore. To put a devastating cherry on top of this macabre cake, it is likely to put your testosterone levels to sleep.

8. Water bottles in poor forms can disturb your form as well

Have a close look at your regular water bottle for polycarbonate. According to a Harvard study, there was an increase of 70% in BPA levels just after a week of drinking out of 7 number bottle for a week. Go for protein shakes instead.

9. Dozen cans of beers lead to bulk up of moobs!

As manly as downing a dozen of some chilled brewskis might sound, on the contrary, it can bulk up a man’s droopy ta-tas. As if you weren’t getting enough attention already. It’s not just one sibling though, the whole alcohol family is the culprit. It can give your liver a hard time at its job, by slowing it down in its function of filtering excessive estrogen from the body.

10. Canned Foods and Man Boobs

A study of canned goods was done by Environmental Working group. In that study, it was found that canned tuna, beans, infant formula, chicken soup and ravioli has a lot of BPA. The most used BPA was initially fostered to assist estrogen therapy. We have already discussed how increasing levels of estrogen is the reason of hormonal imbalance in men and its easy math that ingesting it will only put you more at risk. Hence canned food is a no-no if you’re already suffering from this. 

When to See the Doctor and When to Exercise?

There are many people out there who still prefer curing health problems through natural ways. It’s a good approach when it comes to minor issues but one should know when to head to the Doctor so that things don’t become serious.

Gynecomastia is a condition caused by hormonal imbalance. You should visit the doctor as soon as you realize abnormal breast tissue growth because if your hormones are acting up, you need to understand why and try to remedy it.

Did you know that women’s breast volume compromises of up to 56% of the fat? Of course, you didn’t because you may be too busy thinking about them in other ways (if you know what I mean). Well, if you didn’t, now you do! It’s simple math from here. How do you tackle fat? By controlling fat consumption and hitting the gym. If yours isn’t an extreme case, you should seriously consider going with this option because even though exercise can’t banish them, it can reasonably tone them to the point where they can be unnoticeable over clothes.

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All in all Man Breasts is a condition and if you have it, that doesn’t make you anything that’s less than normal. Don’t let others' judgments and perceptions make you feel like anything less than awesome. It’s a condition and the good news is that it’s treatable. If it makes you feel any better, man boobs are fairly common. The condition is a side effect of Gynecomastia that is caused by hormonal imbalance. If you notice unusual growth of your chest, make way to a doctor the first chance you get. I hope to have cleared up your doubts about the condition and push up your esteem. Everyone’s body is different! You don’t have to go under the knife just to fit in… Go for surgery only if that’s what you want and not to please anybody else.