20 Reasons Why Everyday Should be A No Bra Day

Why wear bra that is created by man? Reasons for no bra day!

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20 Reasons Why Everyday Should be A No Bra Day

When and What is No Bra Day

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No Bra Day first started in 2011, in Toronto, Canada, by a doctor, to raise awareness for breast cancer and to encourage women who had undergone surgery to consider reconstructive surgery and to fight social stigma. Jul 9 was set to be the No Bra Day for the first three years in Canada and then adopted by the US before shifting to Oct 13, the month of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

What started as helping out women who had gone through breast cancer has become so much more, through social media, women are encouraged to not wear a bra due to health reasons and to be free without this restrictive garment. Now many women are embracing this movement worldwide to encourage other women to break free of social stigma.

20 Reasons Why Everyday Should Be A No Bra Day

1. Lower chance of getting breast cancer

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Scientific studies have shown bras to be a cause for breast cancer due to its constant pressure on the lymphs around the breasts. Lower chance of getting breast cancer was also the reason this movement started in the first place.

2. Lower chance of breast pain

The pressure put on your breasts by the bra can cause breast pain which most women are familiar with, especially when your bra is not the right size, or have have swollen up a bit during your period. Not having a bra lets your breasts comfortably sit however they want, no pain. 

3. Save money

Over the years, all the money you spent on bras, could've been spent on something else, something much wiser. Bras can be really expensive. So basically you're just paying to make yourself suffer. Better get rid of them and save loads more money.

4. Better breast shape

Bras are so restrictive that it guides how your breasts are shape, especially for adolescent hitting puberty. The metal wire puts boundaries on how your breasts develop and may even restrict the development and your breasts could actually be smaller than they should've. Sounds scary right? Just like if you force your kids to wear shoes two sizes smaller they will grow up with smaller feet. It's all scientific.

5. More support for breasts

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It's a fallosy that bras support your breasts from sagging and we need bras so our breasts stay upright. Our breasts can stand up on their own. On the very contrary, this is a concept fed to us by the companies to make more money and to commoditise women. Not only are bras useless is helping our breasts stand up, they make the situation worse by weakening our suspensory ligaments. Hence, our breasts actually sag a lot quicker if we constantly wear a bra.

6. Reduce pain in other body parts

The tight garment not only affect our breasts, it also affect our other body parts. Such tight pressure around our body could lead to back pain, headaches, and other pain. 

7. Better movement

The bra and its straps undoubtedly limits our movement to a certain extent. Without it, we can easily move around with no restriction. We don't have to worry about straps falling down anymore or the cups being uncomfortable.

8. Free and liberating

Let's face it, no bra is already a merit on its own. It's so freeing and liberating. No restriction on your body and nothing uncomfortable wrapped around you. This should be one reason to stop women from wearing a bra already.

9. Lead social movement on equality

Why are women expected to wear a bra but guys are not? No bra is a way to fight for gender equality. So that men and women are seen as equals. There's no reason for a girl to do something that a guy doesn't because of social norms. Social norms change everyday and today is a good day to change that.

10. Stop wrong ideas put forth by companies

All the commercials you see by companies that put forth the idea, the bigger the breasts, the better. They encourage thousands of women to get push-up bras that aren't even their own size so they live up to the beauty standard set by the society. A woman's body isn't a commodity. Why an artificial push to our breasts would make us look more beautiful than how they naturally are? These wrong ideas set in our society need to go.

11. Easier to breathe

Naturally, all women would agree they find it easier to breathe without the bra strapping them around their lungs. Their breath are more regular and when they do sports they are easier to catch their breath as well. Going braless is actually better for you during sports than the companies are willing to advertise it for. You recover better as well.

12. Better circulation

Same reason as above, nothing is holding down your blood circulation and your blood flows better. Bra puts a tight pressure on your circulation and that's why sports players would recover easier and physically last longer and strong if they go braless.

13. Better skin

Most bras are not very breatheable, the sweat may cause irritation on the skin. Going braless allows your skin to release the heat more effectively and your skin won't get as easily irritated.

14. Raising awareness

As how No Bra Day originated, you are a part of the society member that is responsible to take up your civil duty to raise awareness. Let more know and understand the cause of breast cancer, how to self-detect it, and the kind of reconstructive surgery they could choose from. Whenver a friend asks, you can spread the awareness.

15. Be empowered

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We should all be proud of our body, not by hiding, but by naturally letting it show. Breasts are nothing offensive or shameful that we have to hide them behind two cups. Feel good about yourself, feel good when you go braless. That's your natural body, be proud of it.

16. Don't sweat as much in the summer

Remember the disgusting feeling of sweating in your bra and not able to dry it? That won't happen if you go braless. Your breasts can breathe through your t-shirt and no more sticky sweat throughout the day!

17. Better sleep

Sleeping with a bra on doesn't help your breasts stay in shape, it will only mess up your sleep cycle. You won't sleep well with something so tight strapped to your chest.

18. Educate other women

It's so much more than about you. You can educate other women on the benefits of going braless like the health benefits and monetary benefits, as well as chaning the society values.

19. Environmentally friendly

Minimalism is the future. All the metal wires in bras are really bad for thr environment, one piece of clothing less to worry about!

20. Less storage problem!

Imagine the space you could use without all the 50 bras chilling in your closet. Clean them up and make room for other clothes that people can actually see like a cute blouse!

5 Celebrities Who Are Embracing No Bra Very Well

1. Kim Kardashian

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A celeb that's very much expected to be on the list. Kim is never a fan of bras. She embraces the "freeing nipples" movement to her heart. After all, most of her fans adore her for her body.

2. Kendall Jenner

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Another of the Kardashian-Jenner clan member on the list. The famous model often shows off her perfect body at events, or even just when she is casually out to grab a cup of coffee. Same as her half-sister, Kendall is also a hardcore advocate for the "free the nipples" movement.

3. Jennifer Aniston

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The American sweetheart that many of us grew us loving. The ultimate girl-next-door Jennifer Aniston is never a fan of bras. Those of you that have ever watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S should know. Among her other female co-stars, Jen was the only one that pretty much never wore a bra during the whole show. Why restrict yourself when you're just radiant to begin with? Let yourself shine!

4. Rihanna

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Going braless is not surprising for this bold and liberating singer. Inspiring millions of girls worldwide, Rihanna made her voice known through various channels. Girls should be free to do everything a man can. If they tell you something it's not possible for you because of you gender, go ahead and prove them wrong. 

5. Gwyneth Paltrow

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Gwyneth is a hardcore fan of healthy lifestyle. She is constantly searching for the best way to live, and there's nothing better than living a free life. No girls should be confined to a bra that restrict their movements. All the eyes and pressure the society has on her never made her question herself. Instead, she pushes further and is often seen promoting her way of life on TV shows.


Tempted to get rid of all your bras? Might as well. We were raised to believe that women need a bra to go out. The judgement you get walking down the street can be unbearable. All changes are hard to start with. It takes all of us little steps to achieve the change. The change won't be imminent, but it will happen, as long as you keep pushing.

Promote the No Bra Day to your friends and people around you. Donate all your old bras and start living your braless life. You will feel different in just a few days and you will never go back to wearing a bra again!



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