Everything explained on Dr Sebi Diet For Weight Loss

Not a doctor but a healer, fans swear that Dr Sebi diet works

By Aey
Everything explained on Dr Sebi Diet For Weight Loss

Who is Dr. Sebi and what is Dr. Sebi Diet?

 With the media portraying a specific body image all around the world, everyone is obsessed with losing weight. It was along the same journey that I came across the mention of Dr. Sebi quite a few times. I heard mixed opinions and therefore decided to do my research and what better place to start than the man himself.  The first few things that came as a surprise were that, Dr. Sebi wasn’t a doctor at all; in fact, he was a self-taught healer. Not to rain on someone’s parade, but that wasn’t a great start. Apart from that, Sebi wasn’t even his real name; his real name was Alfredo Darrington Bowman. To be honest, a man who wouldn’t give his products his own name, isn’t a man that seems credible.

Dr. Sebi, if you could even call him a doctor was a man of African descent. He was distraught when modern medicine couldn’t help him find a solution to his problems, he visited a healer. He claimed that the healer took care of his problems and that was what inspired him to practice herbal medicine. What amazed me was that his knowledge was based on home remedies and self-taught knowledge of the human body. While the lack of a medical degree did put me off, the fact that he had 40 years of experience under his belt made me give him a chance.

Despite the controversy that surrounded the self-acclaimed doctor, his diet did work in certain cases and therefore resulted in a significant number of followers. His diet consisted of an all-vegan approach to living and abandoning man-made and hybrid food items. The diet mainly focuses on eradicating acidity from your body and making you less susceptible to disease. While a plant-based diet did help a significant amount of people with weight loss, the nutritional value of the diet was cut short as it did not have a protein source.

6 Things To Know About This Diet

1. You have to stick to a strict eating regiment

While there are diets out there that are a little flexible, this diet doesn’t have any space for food that isn’t recommended. You need to stick to the foods that are mentioned in the list. The foods on the list consist of vegetables such as Avocado, Bell Peppers, Kale, Cucumber, Mushrooms, Squash, olives, tomatoes, and onions. Fruits such as berries, dates, bananas, apples, figs are recommended along with limited sources of oils, grains, seasonings, and nuts. While the diet is healthy, it isn’t something that a beginner can immediately get used to. If you want to get started on the diet, try to go on a few other diets that are a bit more flexible.

2. The diet has to be accompanied by supplements

The diet comes with a set of prescribed supplements that need to go with the diet. The supplements are advised to be taken at least an hour before any kind of medication. While it can prove to be hazardous to take it too soon after an anti-biotic, the supplements that are prescribed by Dr. Sebi can be taken with one without any problem. Many people have shown promising results, the supplements have not been approved by the FDA but still has a following because of a number of successful cases.

3. It will help you lose weight and be more energetic

Like other plant-based diets, this diet also helps you healthily lose weight while making sure that you have enough energy to carry out your everyday tasks. The diet is more like a natural cleanse as it consists of natural food sources and takes out any kind of processed or canned food; you are bound to see significant results. Another way it can help you feel lighter is that is can contribute to mental health. Apart from that, as the natural ingredients carry more nutritional value, you are bound to be more energetic.

4. It will help you focus better

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that goes something like ‘you are what you eat’. Well if you eat processed food and grab a quick bite here and there, you are bound to experience impaired focus.  Taking food of higher nutritional value will contribute to higher productivity levels. This has been proven by different researchers in the field that those who have a hearty home-cooked meal are more likely to show more efficiency as compared to those who rely on energy drinks and protein bars.

5. The diet claims to enhance your immune system

With higher nutritional value, and by cutting out processed food, your body’s internal system will start to strengthen. This will lead to increased immunity. While many of us attribute disease and aliment to the outside world, it normally originates from within us. If what we put into our bodies is of sub-par value, it will result in the sub-par performance of our immunity system. As the internal ph. system may falter, it can lead to weakened immunity. The use of an alkaline-rich diet can make sure your system is strong enough to fend off any new disease and help your body fight against your already exiting problems.

6. Water is an essential part of the diet

Last but not least, water is an essential part of the diet. Along with the food requirements, clean water is integral to the weight loss aspect of the diet. Proper hydration is necessary to lose a significant amount of weight.

How did Dr. Sebi Diet Become Popular

While all the above-mentioned aspects are true, similar results can be acquired by other plant-based diets too. Despite having a lot of benefits, the diet gained much popularity due to the controversies surrounding the man behind the diet. Due to the lack of medical experience and lack of clinical studies, Dr. Sebi’s claims were thought of to be nothing more than false hope. In 1987 he was arrested due to practicing medicine without a license. In the 1990s he was again brought before a jury to prove the claims that he made about his products. Furthermore, he was arrested due to a money laundering charge and died on his way from jail to the hospital. While the medical nature of his death was made public, lots of theories still revolves around the demise of the 83-year-old Dr. Sebi.

Celebrities who do Dr. Sebi Diet

Michael Jackson, Steven Seagal, John Travolta and Eddie Murphy are amongst the few well-known celebrity clients that Dr. Sebi had. Although there are great names that are associated with the diet, only a few have come out into the public to say it. The Michael Jackson controversy was another marker for people to stay away from the herbalist or at least not to acknowledge their links with him in public. Dr. Sebi claims to have worked with the popular singer before his trial in court and claims to have helped him with addiction. However, Michael Jackson’s publicist disavowed these claims.

Recommended Recipes and Cookbooks

While many people who are new to the diet try to look for online recipes it is recommended that you buy Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide, “Alkaline Herbal Medicine” and other vegan recipe books that rank best this year. Just make sure that you stick to the basic ingredients that are mentioned in the diet and don’t stray too far.

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In a nutshell, there have been cases that support the diet and a lot of controversies that may make you cynical. Whether you want to follow the respective diet or take another path to weight loss, the choice is yours. Know the diet is nutritional, and if added with a protein source, it can prove to be beneficial; however, I would recommend that you consult your doctor before you make a definitive choice. While the diet is easy to follow and can be used by anyone, it is better to be safe than sorry as in certain cases there are hidden medical conditions that might be aggravated due to a sudden change ion diet. Know that while the diet might work wonders, it still requires consistency and effort to experience the results that are often promoted.