10 Weight Loss Spells That Could Make You Skinny

Tired of hearing being called fat due to your extra weight. Don't worry; we8x will tell you some magic spells by which you can be skinny the way you want.

By Tanya Sinha
10 Weight Loss Spells That Could Make You Skinny

Read out some exciting magic spells to get you the body shape you want and to get rid of your excess weight.

Hearing again and again about your overweight might piss you off sometimes. And getting rid of your extra weight is not an instant job, it requires a lot of hard work, and it's not an overnight thing. Sometimes, you also have to go to "that" wedding, and you need to lose your weight and look the best for everyone. So here are your spells to reduce get a skinny body: You also say to you that "Really wish someone could give a magic spell that automatically reduces your weight, once for all." You might have heard of a quote, "To achieve something, you have to compromise something." So to get rid of your extra weight permanently, you have to be out of your comfort zone. So let's get to the main point and see those magic spell through which you can get your body skinny permanently and be glamorous than before.

One of the spells is to exercise daily

Yes, you need to exercise daily for a skinny body. You can do your exercise whenever you get time. But the suggestable time is the morning time, try to do exercise in the morning. The reason behind is that our body is super active in the morning and when you exercise, you get lots of energy which results to burn your calories fast. If you are going to a gym, then try to do free hand exercises. It helps you a lot in reducing your weight. You can also do aerobics, Zumba or can join any dance class to stay active and fit. Try to do this for at least two months continuously to get your skinny body instantly. Also, remember if you are in the habit of doing exercise on a daily basis, your body shape will remain fit permanent.

Reduce your weight by having 8 hours of sleep

Sleep is the most important thing if you want to have a fit body and a healthy life. And it is essential to have eight hours of sleep. Don't do under sleeping or oversleeping. It hampers your body a lot. Also, have a routine of your sleep. Don't awake overnight and then go to bed for eight hours. Try to go to bed around 10 or 10:30 as this time frame will have less an impact on your mental stress. It has also been said that if you take 8 hours of sleep, you are going to improve your immune system, it also helps in retaining your memory, and also helps in decreasing the chances of having heart diseases or diabetes and other health issues. So, apart from reducing your weight, taking a proper sleep helps to live you longer and more healthy.

Walk for more than 30 minutes

Walking is the best way to remain fit. Find a time to go for a walk and also try to walk for more than 30 minutes, you can say for 60 or 90 minutes. If you are taking a walk for more than 30 minutes, you will burn at least 500-100 calories a day. Also, do running and jogging during your walk. By having a daily walk, you will also improve your heart, regulate blood pressure, regulate circulation, have a lower risk of diabetes, and helps to strengthen bones. The more you sweat, the more you will find the instant result of losing weight. Also, remember to maintain your diet during your walk as it results in losing your weight fast.

Yoga: The best Magic spell to reduce your weight

Find a yoga instructor and began your yoga process. Yoga helps you in not only reducing your weight but also to have a positive mind. There are various postures of doing yoga, and trust me you will feel happy from within. If we see physical benefits of doing yoga, you will know that it increases your flexibility, improves respiration and energy, protect from injury, improves athletic performance and many more. The mental benefit of doing is that it helps to manage your stress level, relaxes the body, improve the concentration power. Yoga is a magic spell to reduce your weight and to be fit in physical and mental form.

Maintain your diet

Yes, you heard it correct. If you want to reduce your weight in an instant process and want it permanent then, it's really necessary to have a proper diet. And by proper diet, you need to have lots of fruits and veggies throughout the day. Cut sweet edibles because it will gain you more weight. Have a proper diet chart and always try to eat in a gap of three hours. Diet doesn't mean that you have to create a long gap between your lunch and breakfast. It means that you need to have a balanced diet. It has been said that people who eat a lot tend to reduce weight faster. So do follow this magic spell to have instant results.

Being over stressed leads to weight increase

Don't take on too much stress over anything. When you take on stress, you tend to increase your body weight. So try to avoid it. Your stress may be of anything like you are having an issue in your professional life or personal life. Whatever it is, just let it go because everything falls into places, and by taking on stress, you are not going to be able to solve your problems any faster or easier. So avoid taking on the stress. You might be thinking this is just for words but try it for once, and you will see the difference, you will see how these magic spells will be reducing your weight.

Hydrate yourself

One of the spells for reducing your weight is that you need to keep your body hydrated. You know that our body is made up of 70% of water. Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can. You should have at least 4-5 liters of water daily. And in case you want an overnight result, try to have lukewarm water whenever you have it. Lukewarm water helps you to reduce your weight instantly and also helps in digesting your food. So if you want to have an oily food or extra cheese, you can have it. But take lukewarm water after that to digest all your fat. Another thing which you can do is whenever you get up in the morning try adding lemon and 1-2 tablespoon of honey in it. This will give you an instant result in losing your weight. So are you excited to try out these spells?

Say bye to alcohol and high calorie drinks

One of the magic spells to reduce your weight is that you have to avoid high-calorie drinks and you need to say hasta-la-vista to alcohol. Try to avoid sugar contained juices, beers, and other forms of liquor. If you want to have juice, try homemade or organic, not the pre-packaged or the pre-made ones. As they tend to contain a lot of sugar in it and it will increase your weight. On the other hand, beer, whiskey, those fun fruity drinks also increase your calorie intake as they are often combined with sugary drinks. Alcohol also impacts your exercising practicing as when you have your booze, it directly impacts your body from dehydration and also results in low blood pressure. It has also been said that when you have a hangover because of taking whiskey, beer or any of the alcohol, it will slow down your stamina during your performance. So, it is suggestible that when you are focusing on following these spells, say goodbye to your drinks. If you want to drink, once or twice in a month is enough that you are not undoing all the hard work from the magic spells. Try to have wine or scotch as it contains low calories and it also helps in heart health.

Don't miss a day

If you need to follow the magic spell to reduce your weight, then you should do it with full dedication. Never miss out a day when you are following these spells. Fix your period till when you want to follow these spell and with dedication, do it daily. In case you miss it for some of the other reason, try to work out more the next day. It will help you to reduce the calorie you have taken and will help you to stabilize your weight.

Track down the workout

Keep a proper track of your diet and your workout when you are following these spell for reducing your weight. Keep a record of how many calories you have taken per day and how much kilometers you have walked per day or did running per day. In such a way, you will be aware of whether you are going right or wrong in following these spell. So don't forget to keep a daily record. There a large number of "apps" for any given smartphone which you can install and can track your day to day records.

So as you have gone through this spell, you must be wondering it's a long way to go, and it's not an overnight job. You have to put all your mind and soul into practicing this spell. These spells are not an overnight job, and you have to follow these spells on a daily basis. When you follow these spells, you will see a change, and you will feel more confident in yourself. You will love when people will start complimenting you or will ask for your magic spells to reduce weight. Can you imagine all these things to you? Do you feel good? If yes, then go and follow these spell to change yourself into a best one. Shout out loud for these spells which are going to change you positively, spread these spells to your loved ones and motivate them. Give these magic spells your full dedication, focus, and your heart, and the changes will come. Until then, take outstanding care of yourself.