25 Ways To Get Rid Of Negative Energy Attached To You

Do you think that negative energy has got attached to you? Here are 25 techniques to get rid of any negative energy that you may have.

By E.M. Love
25 Ways To Get Rid Of Negative Energy Attached To You

Negative Energy

Negative energy is all around us and it may attach to us at any time if we don't protect ourselves. We may get it from the environment around us or even from another person. Bad energy can make our lives hard and not feel very good. Some of the ways that negative energy can attach to you is when you have bad feelings, such as depression, sadness, anger, fear, unhappiness, or other bad feelings. These may attach to your person and can cause these feelings to worsen and last even longer than they normally would. Sometimes, negative energy can even have a big impact on our health. Everything in the world must have a balance, so there must be negative energy where there is positive energy. All negative experiences help us learn and enjoy the positive experiences even more. There is no reason to be stuck with negative energies, however, though it may become attached to you if you do not take precautions or actions to get rid of it. When we are very stressed out of emotional we are more susceptible to negative energy attaching itself to our persons. When we go through a break-up, start a new job, or move somewhere, we should be extra careful of negative energy and of letting it consume us. Other people that we were in a close relationship with can also send us negative energy that may attach to us, whether they mean to or not. This is especially true during a bad breakup with a partner when the two of you have shared your energies and they have become entwined. Once you have broken up, however, you have to make sure to untangle your energies as theirs may start to have a negative impact on your life. You must get their energy released from you, and take yours back from them.

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Signs That Negative Energy Has Attached To You

There are signs to watch out for if you think that negative energy has attached itself to you. There are many different situations that may point to negative energy affecting you, and each person may have unique circumstances with this. Look for anything that is not normal for you personally and that is negatively affecting your life. Notice if your mood changes for no good reason. When some of these situations below occur in a short period of time, such as in one day or within a week, then you should consider that perhaps you may have attracted some negative energy. Here are some of the most common ones. -Your phone may sound fuzzy even though you are talking somewhere that you usually get perfect service and can hear clearly. Your calls may be dropped for seemingly no reason. -You may be really sad for no reason even though you aren't normally depressed. -You may feel very tired out of nowhere and feel a strong urge to nap even though you have gotten plenty of sleep lately. -You might feel like you have the flu and your throat may feel sore but you are healthy and it is not flu season. Note that negative energy is a lower form of energy that can make us feel sick. -You may have problems on your computer with logging in to programs online, such as your email, bank account, website account, etc. -You may not want to eat even though you feel hungry and usually always eat. -You may not feel like taking care of yourself even when you need to do something for yourself, such as drinking enough water when you are thirsty. -You may have emails that you send but hours later you get a return email saying that it could not go through for some reason. -You may lose a lot of stuff, such as your wallet, keys, or phone. You might accidentally lock your keys inside of the car or house. -You might have something you love stolen, when you usually have very good luck and watch over your stuff carefully. -You may start thinking in a very negative frame of mind even though you don't usually do this and are very positive. This could be on a past experience that you had previously gotten over, but for some reason you can't stop thinking about it again now. -You may start self-sabotaging yourself, such as spending too much money that you do not have, or spending all of your savings even though you originally had budgeted very carefully to save that up.

Techniques To Get Rid of Attached Negative Energy

Once you have realized that negative energy has attached itself to your person, and that is why you are having really bad luck and feeling the way you are, you need to get rid of it. There are a variety of different techniques that you can use to clear bad energy from yourself and your surroundings, and what you decide to try depends on your personal opinions and beliefs. There are plenty of options out there, but here are 25 techniques to get you started.

1. Use Smudging Stick To Remove Bad Energy

Smudging is a common technique used by many to get rid of negative energy, whether bad energy that has attached to your body or bad energy that is within an area, such as your home. The most common herb used for smudging is White Sage, but some of the other herbs that also work for this include Rosemary, Mugwart, Cedar, and Sweetgrass. To properly smudge, first light the smudge stick with a flame. Once it catches, blow it out so it is just smoking. Focus on your body first by circling your seven chakras and your whole aura, including the bottoms of your feet. Go through each chakra individually, and as you do, bring your arm away from that chakra like you're pulling the bad energy off of your body from that area. After you have smudged your body, go through the room you are in, or even better, go through your whole house. Let the smoke from the smudging stick permeate throughout the whole area, going into every crook and nanny in each room. Make sure that you even get under all of the furniture. Open windows so that the negative energies can leave the house. You can help this bad energy leave by focusing your intention on making this negative energy leave and visualize it floating out of the window. You can even use your voice or say it in your mind as a command for it to leave. You can smudge your computer if you are having problems with it, smudge your wallet if you have having financial problems, smudge your phone if you get bad energy from it, or anything else that you have. One of the signs of negative energy being attached to you is that electronics that you use will act up. As you smudge, make sure that you keep a plate or something under the stick so that you do not drop hot embers on the floor, which could be a fire hazard.

2. Clear Your Aura

Clearing, or cleansing, your aura is a great way to get rid of any bad energy that may have attached to you. Set aside some time every day to focus on your spirituality and cleanse your aura. When you do this, you will look inside of yourself and connect to the Divine to cleanse away any bad energy, protect yourself, and heal. Thinking positive and staying happy will help clear your aura, along with using smoke from sage. Taking salt baths also clears your aura, which you can take daily for a few weeks to get the maximum effect. Stay healthy and participate in healthy activities that you enjoy, such as hiking, working out, yoga, or anything else that is good for you.

3. White Light Yourself; Protect Against Negative Energy

Using white light is another great option for getting rid of bad energy that may have attached itself to your body. All that you need for this is to have good visualization skills. You will visualize a bright white light that encompasses your whole body, from the top of your head down to your toes. See that light slowly getting brighter and creating a protection barrier around you. Imagine that nothing bad can get through this barrier. As you are visualizing this white light protection, you can either say a prayer, or you can ask for protection from your angels and spirit guides. Ask them to protect you from any and all bad energy that may cause you harm. You can also do this technique for others that you want to protect from negative energy, even your pets.

4. Reiki To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

Reiki can be a powerful way to remove bad energy from a person's mind and body. One can make Reiki symbols with hands to clear out areas from bad energies. This is also a great way to clear a home or office area from bad energy.

5. Play Drums Or Listen To Drum Music

Music gives off a vibration, and each of us also gives off a vibration. Other vibrations can affect our body's vibrations, which is why music can be so beneficial for us and for getting rid of bad energy. Playing drums or listening to drum music is a great way to remove negative energy from both your mind and body. The drumming will put you in a sort of trance and help you relax, enabling you to release that bad energy that has attached to your person. There are plenty of different styles of drumming music that you can find on YouTube, from African drumming to Native American drumming, or even shamanic style drumming music. Or, if you would prefer to do the drumming yourself, you can drum with your fingers and hands if you do not have an actual drum set.

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6. Say A Protection Prayer Or Mantra

There are many protection prayers and mantras that you can say to dispel negative energy. Whichever one you choose to say, make sure that you say it out loud as this will give it the power that it needs. When you voice a prayer or mantra, you make certain vibrations that will in turn act against the negative energy. Choose a prayer or mantra that calls to you, or even make up one yourself. Make sure you state in it that you don't give permission to anything to enter your body, mind, spirit, soul, or even your energy field unless it is out of pure love. Voice that you break any agreements that you may have made otherwise. Command that any negative energy or people leave you and your energy field alone right now, that they do not have any power over you. Ask for protection from the Divine, or whatever higher source of power that you choose. Visualize a protection of white light surrounding yourself and keeping out any negative energies or entities, and thank any higher powers for helping you do this. You can repeat this protection prayer or mantra every morning and evening for extra power and protection. You could write it down and keep it on you at all times, or even in your car. You could write it on something and keep it right by your bed. This will all add protection against negative energies.

7. Break Up the Negative Energy With A Rattle

Using a rattle is one technique for removing bad energy from your body and mind. Similar to drumming or listening to drumming music, this will relax your mind and body to where the bad energy will just leave you. If you do not own a rattle, you can take some pennies and put them in an empty bottle and then shake it to make noise. You can shake it however you want, just follow what feels good, possibly even dancing to the beat that you create with the rattle.

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8. Use Pine For Protection Against Negative Energy

Pine needles can give your body and mind protection against negative energy and help remove any that has already attached to you. Just find a pine tree and cut of a small section of the branch. Put that into a cup of water, or in a vase filled with water. Now clear the negative energy away using another method first, such as using a smudging stick, listening to drum music, clearing your chakra, or one of the other options. Now, remember in your mind that these pine needles get rid of any bad energy and keep that energy away from you. See that the needles are protecting you from it. You can keep this pine around you for awhile if you feel that you need the extra protection. Make sure that you thank the pine for helping you and send it your love in return from the pine helping protect you from negative energies. Put fresh water in the cup or vase at least every other day to care for the pine and show that you respect its help.

9. Adopt A Tree To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

Adopting a tree can help remove negative energy from your person. Find a tree that you connect with that is in a park nearby or just on a trail. To get the tree to help you remove bad energy from your body, lean against it for 15-30 minutes and relax, clearing your mind. Try and feel a connection with the tree. Ask it to try and draw out any negative energy that you have in your body or aura, anything that is not loving energy. If you build a relationship with this tree that you decide to adopt, it will be able to help you even better and remove as much bad energy as it possibly can. Don't be afraid to talk to it, and make sure that you thank the tree for helping you. Trees can help remove negative energy in no time, feeling better and lighter once you leave.

10. Pull Your Energy Away From That Person

Sometimes one specific person may be sending negative energy your way that is attaching itself to your body and mind. If this is the case, you should pull your energy back from that person. Especially in close relationships, this is often a problem that can be solved by getting rid of ties with this person. To do this, visualize that you are taking all of your own energy away from that person and out of them. Imagine that you are not giving them any part of you, whether it is an old friend, lover, family member, etc. Voice out loud that you are severing any and all ties that you have with them and taking your energy back for yourself. Say out loud that that person's energy that has attached itself to you must be removed from your person and taken back to them. After you have done this, avoid having any contact with this person. Don't go anywhere that the two of you went to together often and get rid of any belongings that you may have of theirs. Don't keep anything around that reminds you of them or that they owned.

11. Bathe To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

Bathing in water is a great way to get rid of negative energy. The best items to use to make your bath is sea salt and Epsom salt, along with some herbs if you would like. Sea salt helps neutralize your body and the environment from bad energy. The Epsom salt will help draw out any negative energy and will help you relax. Fill up your tub with warm water and take a relaxing bath with the different salts and herbs. Once you are ready, drain all of the water but don't get out just yet. Think about everything that has bothered you recently and things that are currently bothering you. Imagine all of those troubles leaving your body and mind, going down the drain with the water until all of the bad energy has left your body. You don't have to use a lot of sea salt, but make sure it is genuine. Real sea salt can be very expensive, especially in large quantities. All you need for it to be effective is a few pinches or tablespoons, and then you can add in the Epsom salt along with it. Before starting your bath, make the intention that the water and salt will pull out the negative energy that is being held into your body. Imagine that this bad energy will go down the drain and flow back into the earth where it will be neutralized.

12. Use Herbs To Get Rid Of Attached Negative Energy

There are many different herbs that can be used to get rid of bad energy that has attached to a person. Some of the herbs that help protect against this type of energy include basil, peppermint, sage, lavender, cinnamon, and rosemary. Put the herbs that you choose out in a dish to absorb the bad energy of that room, and from your own body. You could also find incense of these herbs and burn them as an alternative, or even take a bath with them.

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13. Burn Candles

Burning certain candles can repel negative energy from a room or your mind and body. White candles are great for getting rid of bad energy. Adding certain scents can also increase the power of getting rid of negative energy, such as lavender, cinnamon, or vanilla. Light a candle, however many you choose to, and set an intention that the flame of the candle will absorb any negative energies that may be holding onto you. See these bad energies melting away along with the candle wax. If you feel that you are holding a lot of negative energy, let a white candle burn all the way down until it goes out on its own. Once a candle that you have used for this purpose has completely burned out, throw it away or bury it in a yard. Make sure you are careful of where you buy your candle from, however, and make sure that wholesome ingredients are used.

14. Remove Attached Negative Energies With Intent

Put an intention out into the universe that you are banishing the negative energy that has attached itself to you. Put your hands over your heart and say this intention out loud, even yell it if you can. Write the intention out and burn the paper for added power. Repeat it as many times as you want to let it sink in. Saying your intention out loud, especially multiple times, gives more power to your intention of repelling bad energy from your body and mind. Your throat chakra has power for protection and clearing of negative energy, so this is why it is important to use your voice.

15. Get Rid Of Attached Bad Energy By Yawning

Yawning is a great technique for clearing negative energy. Even if you do not feel like a yawn, make yourself do it, and pretty soon you will start to automatically do it. You will start to feel really sleepy and like you want to nap even if you were wide awake a few minutes ago before you started yawning. Before you first start yawning, set your intention of getting rid of this energy, and as you are yawning, imagine that the negative energy is flowing out of you every time that you exhale. This will help expel all of the negative energy out of you. Do this until you feel like it is all out.

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16. Burn Orange And Lemon Peels

Burning lemon peels or orange peels can help get rid of any bad energy that may be bothering you. First, use a grater to get some peels off of either a lemon or orange. Cook the peels in a pan for a few minutes, as if you were cooking some onions. The smell that the peels give off will make you feel happier and smells good. This will permeate into the area around you and all around your body, dispelling any bad energy that may be bothering you.

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17. Laugh Away Attached Negative Energy

Laughing is one of the best ways to make you feel better in almost any situation. Laughter is a symptom of joy, which is the highest form of energy that you can possibly have, and therefore, has the highest vibrations. When you are really happy, life feels amazing. Therefore, when you genuinely laugh, you are creating a higher vibration which will get rid of any lower vibrations that negative energy has. When you are feeling down, though, especially if negative energy has attached itself to your person, laughing may be very hard. Try watching some really funny videos or call a friend who can always seem to make you laugh. Play with a favorite pet that has a quirky personality and makes you smile.

18. Use Sea Salt To Get Rid Of Bad Energy

Sea salt is known for neutralizing negative energy. To take advantage of this, just take a bowl filled with water and add sea salt to it. Put this bowl in a corner of the room or underneath your bed, and it will capture any bad energies in the room or that come off of you. Make sure that you throw away this water every day and replace with fresh sea salt water. You can drain the water each day into the Earth's soil, as the earth will neutralize any negative energy.

19. Act Carefree And Skip Like a Kid

Being happy is the highest form of energy and vibration that you can possibly have. Kids are often much happier and carefree than adults, therefore usually having a much higher vibrational level than adults do. A great way to get rid of lower energies is to act like a kid again and skip like you don't have a care in the world. Skip for at least a minute, longer if you can and feel like it. Focus on what you are doing and don't let any of the negative thoughts creep back into your mind. Soon enough, you will be having fun and won't have to try to keep these negative thoughts away.

20. Clap Your Hands Together To Repel Negative Energy

Sounds are vibrational, and different sounds can cause high vibrations or low vibrations. Almost anything can create sound, including your hands. Clapping can dispel negative energy and break up any stagnant energy. You can clap to a beat, sing while clapping, or even dance while clapping. Skipping while clapping and singing will help raise your vibration even more and make you even happier.

21. Dance Away Bad Energy

Dancing is a great form of stress release and can make you a lot happier. It's hard to stay sad when you are dancing. The negative energy will fall off of you when you dance your heart out to your favorite songs.

22. Make Figure Eight Movements

Making figure eight movements can strengthen your aura and fight off bad energy. For additional power, do this while listening to drum music. Move your arms as if you were drawing out a figure eight, almost as if you were conducting an orchestra. Go from the ground up, then back down again. Go in all four directions and do these movements for at least a minute, longer if you can.

23. Brush The Bad Energy Off Of Yourself

One technique to get rid of negative energy is to brush your body off. You can use your hands and go diagonally across your body. Start at your fingertips and move down your arms to your torso and legs. Visualize all of the negative energy that your body is holding just dropping off of you while you are brushing yourself. Brush the bad energy away.

24. Use Holy Water To Remove Attached Negativity

Holy water is said by many who are of certain faiths to work very well. Many believe that you can make the sign of the cross around the house and that will help you connect to the Divine, who will help get rid of any bad energy that is in the house or inside of your body or mind.

25. Take Back Your Positive Energy And Power

Take back your positive energy by making it your intention. Voice this intention out loud that you only have positive energy and that no negative energy is allowed. Say that all negative energy is banished from you and no longer has any power over you. Focus on this intention and know it to be true. This will give you back your power. Decide that you will not let any negative thoughts crowd into your mind anymore or let any bad situations control you. You are in control.

Conclusion: Get Rid Of Attached Negative Energy

Everyone picks up some negative energy at one point or another, so it is important to know of ways to get rid of this bad energy to stay happy and healthy. This negative energy may come from certain circumstances, or even from certain people. You should regularly do cleanses of yourself and your home and office to make sure that you aren't holding any negative energy. Also, be sure to identify any people that may be sending negative energy your way so that you can protect yourself from them, and if needed, pull your own energy away from them. Stay positive even when it is hard, as positive thoughts will bring more positivity, whereas negative thoughts will attract more negativity. People around you will be able to sense if you are in a good mood and happy, or if negative energy has attached to you. No one wants to be around someone who has a bad feeling.

Plant positive seeds and water them well... Like a flower, we too have the ability to bloom. . "Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." - Benjamin Franklin . What's your opinion or thoughts regarding this topic?? Feel free to share any ideas in the comment section... One Love! :) . #selfimprovement #lessonsoflife #worry #thirdeye #source #goodvibes #positivity #selfhelp #personalgrowth #higherawareness #positivevibes #behappy #livelife #unity #selfawareness #mindfulness #love #spiritual #universe #beyourtrueself #onelove #meditate #liveyourlife #positiveenergy #staypositive #lifelessons #spreadthelove #positivethinking #oneness #rideoflife Image Credit: @mattic112

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