20 Reasons I Love Being Single - The Happier Life

When love comes to an end, be prepared for what comes after. You need to know that the world won't stop when you're single. Here's why.

By Tashke
20 Reasons I Love Being Single - The Happier Life

Being in love vs being single

Some people do not enjoy being single, which is why they want to be in a relationship all the time no matter what. These kinds of relationships can sometimes be toxic as the couple is only together for the sake of not being single, and not because they actually love each other. On the other hand, single people are not always single because they have not found the right person yet. Maybe the main reason why they are single is that they want to enjoy every aspect of life before they get into a serious relationship with someone. These days, being single has its pros and cons. But think about it, would you want to be free and single for a little while or be in a toxic relationship with someone just because you are not used to being alone?

For those who were still single at the wedding

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The good side of being in love

Let's look at the positive side of having a relationship so that we can compare it with the benefits of the single life. Here we will not look at the previously mentioned bad type of relationship, where the whole point is just to have somebody next to you. Instead, we will examine a healthy relationship should look. Feel free to take notes and compare whether you'd be happier single or in a relationship. In a good, healthy relationship, you should have a partner who will unconditionally be your supporter at all times and in every segment of your life. It should be a person whom you can always rely on, to literally share good and evil with. Of course, in a healthy relationship, it's not just loving and supporting each other, although these two habits are definitely among the most important factors. This should reflect a complete partnership. Apart from sharing a bed, you need to share problems and issues. You must trust each other enough to confide in one another, and you should help your partner solve problems. If you do not have this in your current relationship, you might be better off single instead.

The good side of being single

So, the time has come in your life when instead of letting love bloom, you're now single. Without entering into the details of whose fault that was, you may have found yourself in a situation that isn't exactly what you desired. The good news is, it does not have to be bad at all. Being single can be a good, enriching, and very helpful experience if you know how to look at the bright side and turn things to your advantage. If you learn to not consider what people say about your new relationship status, you will see many advantages of this life. In the article below, we will give you a wholesome list of reasons why it is sometimes good to be single and why you should enjoy it.

1. Being single means being independent

In spite of everything mentioned above, some people simply like to be independent and on their own. They feel happier when they are single and they just love that. And when you're in a relationship, you can never be independent completely. While you are single, you are still trying to figure out how to do things by yourself without any help. Having that confidence of knowing you can survive on your own is the best. A little help from someone might be nice every so often but for now, this is all about you and your independence. One day, someone will appreciate this side of you for sure.

2. Love being single and love yourself

Self-love is the key to this trick. If you do not love yourself, how are you going to love someone else? There's nothing wrong with being your number one priority and thinking about yourself first. It's all about you and learning how to love yourself while being single. If a healthy relationship with your own self does not exist, then a healthy relationship with someone else will never happen in a million years.

3. You look better when you're single

You are more handsome or beautiful when you're single. It's a fact! You do not have a partner with whom you'll be lazy in bed, so you can dedicate more time to keeping yourself happy and healthy. Start working out, walk more often instead of taking the bus or a car, go jogging or to a yoga class in the morning. Research has shown that single people often try to keep their bodies in shape and, in general, they look better than people in happy, committed relationships. The main reason is that they have more time for themselves and there's no significant other to cut into their workout time or binge watch Netflix with.

4. You'll be more confident

When you get rid of the obligation to be in a relationship, your life will be much happier. People sometimes lose themselves in bad relationships; they become dependent on their partners and completely adjust their lives to them. In order to solve this kind of complex problem, work on yourself in all possible aspects. Improve yourself and your quality of life, and therefore your self-confidence will grow.

5. Being single means nobody controls you

Sometimes it happens that people in a relationship become so completely dedicated to their partner that they turn crazy without even knowing it. They turn into control freaks and become overly obsessive because they narrowed their interests down to their partner and his or her life only. You will be happier without that. If you can't control your behavior, maybe it's better for you to be single for a while. Try a new life without controlling or being controlled. Feel free and enjoy every aspect of your single life.

6. Travel wherever you want

Being in a relationship is hard sometimes because you need your ''partner in crime'' with you all the time. In the single life, that problem doesn't exist. Being single means you can go wherever you want and stay as long as you want there without anyone complaining about it. Traveling can clear your mind and help you discover things about yourself you did not even know of. So enjoy traveling while being single and before you mingle. You can visit places you've never been before, meet various people, and create new friendships. You never know, you might even meet your future partner while traveling!

7. You're the boss

Yes, you are the boss now and no one can control you or get mad because of your decisions. It is okay to receive various compliments and opinions from other about your own choices but it is YOU that decides about everything. Want to watch ''Game of Thrones'' for hours? Order pizza in the middle of the night? Buy a dog and let him sleep in your bed? Sure, go ahead. Enjoy doing things you love and be the boss of your ''valuable'' time now.

8. You can dedicate yourself to a career

You have much more time to do things while you are single than in a relationship. When you're half of a couple, your focus was split between you and your partner. Now it's all about you! Focus on finding something you love to do and make a base for your future. It's all about finding yourself while single, finding something that really interests you and that you enjoy. Now is the right time to find something that will make you feel good about waking up in the morning. It is your time to shine!

9. No jealousy

If you don't have a partner, you don't have jealousy problems. Let's be real: in every relationship, jealousy is present. And if it is not controlled, it can become a dangerous obsession. When you are single you do not have such problems. There is no more mental torture on why he or she did not answer your message, why he or she did not call you back, where he or she is and what he is doing now, and vice versa. You do not control anyone and nobody controls you.

10. Flirting is allowed

Not to say that when you're single, everything is allowed. But yes, most things that were forbidden in a relationship are allowed now in your life. First of all, you can flirt with random people. Flirting is permitted and now you don't have to feel guilty like you're doing something bad. Obviously, this would be a bad thing in a relationship, where you need to be aware of your partner's feelings. But when you're single, the world is your oyster. Maybe you'll be happier with changing partners more often. If you don't try it, you wouldn't know whether being single is worth it.

11. Dedicate yourself to friends

While you are in a relationship, your world revolves around your partner and you spend most of your free time with him. You do not hang out with friends as much as before, you forget how a night out looks like, and you don't meet new people anymore. You were simply dedicated to spending the whole day with your partner. You forgot the beauty of your personal space. When you enter the single life, you need a fresh start. Call some old friends and rekindle your friendship. Meet new people who can improve and enrich your life. If you know how to cherish your friends, friendships are forever. You may go through a breakup or two but you'll always have your friends.

12. You can do whatever you want with your money

You're struggling to earn that money, so feel free to spend it as you wish. Whether you want to put it in a bank, go on a trip around the world, or buy shots for the whole club, everything is up to you. Of course, this does not mean spending your whole salary in a couple of days. It's just that now you do not have to justify every expense to someone.

13. There is no forced love for your partner's family and friends

Life will be much easier when you don't have to go to numerous family gatherings or celebrations where you will meet people you don't like seeing. It is some kind of Murphy's law, that the families of our partners are not very sympathetic to us (although there are always exceptions of course). We consider dealing with them to be exhausting, especially if they constantly ask us about marriage, children, living together, etc. It's similar when it comes to friends. When you're in a relationship, sometimes you have to socialize with your partner's friends who are boring or you just don't get along. But when you're single, you choose your own crowd and surround yourself with people who you like and in whose company you feel comfortable.

14. No more suffering

Being single means you do not need to suffer from a partner's nervousness, frustrations, and irritating habits anymore. Now you will be concerned only about yourself, you will have peace and all the time in the world to dedicate to yourself. Sure, there's nothing better than a healthy and supportive relationship. When a partner loves and supports us, we are filled with positive energy and motivated in all aspects. But if you're with someone who does not appreciate you, your energy will be wasted, you will feel tired, and you will lose the will to do anything. It's impossible to get rid of this bad feeling because you don't get anything from your partner except negative energy that tires you out instead of charging your batteries. It will spread like cancer if you don't cut it out of your life immediately.

15. You can improve your life

People stay in bad relationships because they're scared of loneliness. Yes, we know, no man is an island, but come on. Why be with someone who exhausts you? It's important to get rid of people who do not appreciate you because this is the only way to free yourself from positive energy and revive yourself. When we are surrounded by bad energy, we manifest negative thoughts and emotions and thus will attract even more negative energy. Positive energy is not to be solely sought in other people. We can be our own inexhaustible source of good energy, motivation, and encouragement.

16. You are more productive

Whether it's your business or simple home affairs, it has been scientifically proven that single people are much more productive and they achieve much better results than people who are in relationships. When you are single, you have more spare time, so you can do whatever you want. Get more work or do something creative, choose a new hobby perhaps. Or you can simply rest, everything is up to you when you're single.

17. You don't have to be perfect every second

Another good thing about the single life is that you can relax when it comes to how you look or dress. If you're in a relationship, you may feel the pressure to look the best you can, always smiling and dressed perfectly. But now you can relax. It doesn't mean you can stop taking care of yourself! More like you can go out in gym clothes, you can walk to the store in a messy ponytail and without makeup. You don't have to brush your teeth right after waking up because now you're not kissing anyone.

18. Enjoy the silence

Silence can sometimes be so pleasant. You can ''hear'' your thoughts and fall into the deepest wells of your imagination. Okay, you can also do that when you're in a relationship, but then you have much less time for yourself. When you are alone, you can totally relax and go into another universe, relax and let your mind flow. While single, you will find yourself and start to appreciate yourself more.

19. Get rid of the past

The past creates the future. If you have had bad experiences in previous relationships, now is the time to heal these wounds and recover from emotional exhaustion. Get rid of the bad memories by creating new, beautiful ones that will replace them. When you forgive, you are relieving yourself of a heavy weight. You no longer have that burden of anger and bitterness that disturbed you. While you are single, do what you love, with people you love to feel much better and ready for some new love.

20. You create space for new love

When you learn to love yourself for who you are, it will not only be easier for others to love you, but you will also be more open to new love. When you're single, you will learn how to choose the best for yourself. Feel free to let yourself be picky because now you know something you did not know before. You are most important and you always come first. Make yourself happy before you take care of other people. When the time comes, you will let someone new in your life, but now you will have much more experience and you will be more careful about some things. You won't make the same mistakes as before now that you've learned the art of being single.