10 Tips on How to Attract Women and Make Them Love You

Find out how to attract women and gain their love and affection

By Evelyn
10 Tips on How to Attract Women and Make Them Love You

How to Attract Women Instantly

Have you got the feeling that women these days are so high maintenance and that attracting one woman to you sounds kind of impossible? It may seem that way but the truth is we now live in an age of multiple options (for both men and women) so the standards are high. You'll have to go the extra mile if you want a woman to be attracted to you.

It would really help to know the psychology of women, we think and approach the dating scene differently than you guys. We'll let you on a little secret, for us, you could be gorgeous and a really nice person but if we don't get butterflies in our bellies just thinking about you, you've failed in your quest. We need to feel. How do you accomplish that? By starting actual conversations, that's the only way you can make a connection. So the first thing you need to do is master your conversation skills. 

Don't get frustrated if you can't seem to attract the woman you want, there are things you can do to spark an instant attraction. 

1. Act like you are a superhuman

This sounds a little pretentious but women tend to take notice when you stand out in a group. You'll get her instant attention if you don't act like the rest of the group. This requires a lot of confidence on your part, it means that you know exactly who you are and it shows. 

Use non-verbal communication like eye contact to establish rapport with her. Eye contact is a great tool you can use to instantly attract a woman. We can "sense" what kind of guy you are, your level of confidence and of authenticity through your eye contact. So be sure you project that when you look her in the eye. 

Your objective here is for her to think "Now there's a guy worth giving a second thought". wink

2. Be a little mysterious

A little mystery could spark her curiosity so she'll notice you right away, she'll want to know more about you. You'll be in her mind and that's a good thing. Cloak yourself in an aura of mystery by not sharing key pieces of information about yourself, you'll leave her wanting more.

Just a tip here, you need to do this tastefully and maybe like a game that way you'll make her think about you even if she doesn't want to consciously. Her subconscious will keep you in her mind. 

How to Attract Women Physically

Have you wondered what traits you need to have, physically, so you can attract women? Do we really care that much about how you look? Women certainly care about the way you look, just like you guys, the difference is that we don't put too much weight on it, we take into consideration other factors too.

Don't get us wrong we notice when a guy has attractive features but for us to like him we need a little more. It's a combination of looks and his ability to really make a connection.

There are some physical things you could do to attract women though, so keep reading, you'll find them helpful next time you're in the hunt.

3. Take care with your appearance

Take time to groom yourself, and take care how you dress. A man who dresses well always makes an impact. Dressing well doesn't equal dressing expensive, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to look good, clean and wrinkle-free clothes that fit you well should be enough. Pants and wrinkle T-shirts and flip-flops are a definite NO.

Take care of your grooming too. Be sure to keep your hair well-managed, a clean-shaven face (goatees are not for everyone), trim fingernails... you get the picture. All that combined will definitely get the attention of a woman in a positive way.

4. Control your body language

Women can be attracted to you physically by your body language, we can tell a lot about you just by looking at it. With a controlled body language, you express confidence and that'll get you noticed. How you can show confidence with your body language? You need to have some sort of control over it, avoid all excessive movements and fidgeting (that doesn't project confidence at all).

When you stand, stand tall, pretend to have a string pulling you tight from the base of your spine all the way through the crown of your head. This will give you height, women are attracted to tall men, psychologically, we feel secure with a tall man. Also, you should have your shoulders back and relaxed (like all's cool here) and always keep your head up and you know what is very physically attractive?... a smile.

Walk like you have a purpose, you know where you're going. Having control over your body language will definitely help, women will see you as a confident and powerful man, the kind that they want.

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How to Attract a Woman Who is Not Interested in You

You can use psychology on this one. How you can attract a woman who's not interested? Don't just try to attract her attention, that's done easily by doing something crazy or stupid, but those things are easily forgotten too because there's going to be somebody else who'll do the same. The objective here is to make her think about you even after you're gone.

These two next tips can help you accomplish that.

5. Find a way to occupy her thoughts

To attract a woman who's not interested in you, you'll have to occupy her thoughts. You'll have to find a way to let her think about you more often, for that you need to do a little research on what is it she needs that you can provide or what things she would be the most impress by.
You'll want to show her that you have the qualities that she needs. Women look for certain traits in men, if you happen to have those traits it's a sure bet she'll become attracted to you once she realizes that you got what she needs. But don't just assume she'll like this or that trait, collect your information and once you have it, do a checklist of your traits to see if one or more of them is a match. 

6. Send mix signals

Sending mixed signals her way could get the results you want, but you'll have to be careful here. If a woman isn't interested in you but you're determined to get her attention and become her boyfriend, then you should start with seeking her out and giving her all your attention, stay as available as possible and show her you have what she needs.

When you're sure you've gotten her attention and it seems like she's now seeking you out, start sending the mixed signals. One day you're super interested, then the next day, ignore her. She'll start wondering what you're up to, and just like that, you'll be in her mind all the time. The need to find out if you're interested or not will have her seeking you. Mission accomplished. wink

How to Attract a Woman for Bed

Women are selective when it comes to choosing who are they going to sleep with. We don't choose one guy over the other based solely on the way he looks, the looks are important but they're not the main thing. We need something more, look around you, you'll notice that there are a lot of guys. not that good looking, that are getting a lot of action.

What are they doing? What do you have to do to attract a woman to sleep with you? Don't get stuck on the line about your looks, it's more than that, we'll help you figure it out. Keep reading.

7. Take your time, don't rush things

She's not your prey so don't jump on her right away that'll only scare her. If she's somewhat interested in you, you still have a lot of work to do for her to agree to go to bed with you. Remember that women need more, so talk to her, get to know her, you need to make a connection with her. 

Women need to be mentally stimulated, we're wired differently so don't try to jump this step.

8. Make her feel safe around you

If she doesn't trust you, you might as well quit your quest because it's not going to happen. She needs to feel safe around you, if she doesn't,  she's not going anywhere with you. How do build trust? Talking with her, having actual conversations where you share things about you, where you are open about your flaws and personal issues. The more she knows the real you, the more she's going to trust you.

How to Attract a Woman at Work

If you want to attract a particular woman at your workplace there are a couple of things you can do, just remember that this is a professional environment so don't act like you're in a bar with your friends or you could get in trouble. That being said, here are a couple of tips on how to go about getting that girl to notice you.

9. Create a positive and fun vibe between the two of you

You need to make it clear to her that you're interested, that you're attracted to her and the best way to do that is by flirting with her. Since you're in your workplace you need to be subtle about it and not creepy. Show her your easy going personality and whenever you can show her a smile. 

Start by complimenting her ideas and her work and if you notice that she responds well to that throw her a curve and tell her that you like her smile too.

10. Surprise her with thoughtful gifts

Pay attention to what she likes, maybe she's coffee crazy so surprise her with a cup of coffee and a muffin to go with it. Maybe you've noticed she likes plants or flowers, go ahead and give her one for her desk. Out of the blue, ask her to lunch at her favorite place (where you can talk in a more relaxed atmosphere). You'll see that  her attitude and smiles are going to change towards you. 


As you can see there are a lot of things you can do to attract that woman you have your eye on. Just remember that we are wired differently than you, we need more than looks to feel the butterflies. Women are attracted to guys who take the time to make the connection. 

Have confidence in yourself, you've got what it takes to attract women, you just need to work on your approach.

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