14 Dirty Sex Quotes to Send to Tease Before Meeting

Sex quotes so dirty you better put NSFW at the front!

By Sophia R
14 Dirty Sex Quotes to Send to Tease Before Meeting

How to use quotes to enhance your relationship

We all have used quotes in a given situation of our lives. Whether it is on Valentine’s Day for a loved one, motivation when we are starting a new dieting regime, or as a good morning text, quotes make expressing our feelings way easier. There are millions of quotes on the internet, books, etc, so it is actually quite easy to find q perfect one for any occasion.

One of those occasions might be a sexy time, am I right? One of those times where you want to heat up things and put a little bit of spice in your with someone, but you don’t actually know how to say it or are a little bit shy about it. You might also be wanting to tease them a bit, build up some tension. This is the perfect moment to rely on quotes. And I’m this article, we are taking things even a little hotter! We are talking about sending sexy quotes to someone you haven’t met yet to heat up the moment when you will finally see each other and get to know each other. This will just increase their want for you and their interest in you by far. It will just add that touch of spiciness before actually getting to know each other. Seriously, they’ll love it and immediately fall for it.

14 Dirty Sex Quotes To Send

If you are interested in learning some of the best sexy quotes to tease your crush, date, or someone you like before knowing them, keep reading! We will give you only the best.

For Him

1. “When you look at me for the first time, give me the I-want-you eyes”

Basically, everyone knows how the “I want you” eyes look like, am I right? It is just that particular look that anybody would understand instantly. It is so sexy, suggesting, and interesting, that we have all fallen for it. Hell, it is even hotter than having them say it. What can I say? A look says more than words ever could.

Specifically, men are experts on giving this look. Their flirting is characterized mainly by it. So, telling that man you like but haven’t met yet to give you the “I want you" eyes the first time they see you, will drive him just plain crazy about you. It is just so daring. Men love that.

2. “Kinky is my middle name”

Kinks; many of us have them, but are afraid or ashamed to admit them or voice them, even with our closest friends or partners. It is even worst for women as a society over the years has made it shameful or even prohibited for them to have kinks. They’ll either be sluts or insane if they even dare to talk about their kinks in public.

Truth be told, men love women that have kinks. How could they not, when they absolutely love sharing kinks and pleasing them. That is why their jaw will drop the floor if you tell them that “kinky is your middle name”. There is nothing more daring and hot that you can tell them. And don’t even let me started on how exciting it will be for him to get this from you before even meeting him. He will know you are the right one in a second.

3. “All I can think of is you. Spanking me. Hard”

Alright, we have already addressed how much men love kinky sex. Yes, we are 100% sure about it, and we are sure you are too. In that same line, men love strong, hard lovemaking. Spanking, hair pulling, and tying are some of the things they usually do in order to satisfy those kinks.

But, not all women are completely okay or even like doing that. Now, if you tell him that all you can think of is about him spanking you hard, he will learn one more thing of you before knowing each other yet: that you love that hard strong sex he also loves. Again, not all women are as daring to talk about this so upfront, so it will drive him nuts!

4. “My tongue can do a better job of teasing you than my words can.”

Alright, you have never met each other, right? So you have never done anything sexy like together. Expectations exist. Is he going to be great in bed? Is she going to be great in bed? Well, with this quote, you will surely let him know that you are a wild girl.

It is as if you were giving him a heads up about how great you are. If you have driven him crazy with your teasing through text or phone calls, you are stating that he hasn’t even seen what you can actually do to him physically. I swear he won’t be able to take it anymore!

5. “Wine me, dine me, sixty-nine me."

We all know what ladies like when meeting a man: a date, some wine, and some sexy time. The last one may vary for some, as there are girls that don’t make it there on the first dates. If you want to make it clear to him that you aren’t one of those women, and you do actually want action the first time you meet, this quote will be perfect. He will know exactly what to do on that first date, which he will be so anxious about that he will probably find the soonest time to schedule it. No more waiting!

6. “If it’s dirty, kinky, naughty, messy or just plain wrong, I want it”

We have already talked about how you are just getting to know each other; your personalities, preferences, hobbies, etc. But what about your sexual identity? When is the moment to show that side of you?

Well, if you are the type of women that would be reading this article, you probably are risky and naughty. And the best way to tell him about this part of your personality is using this quote. Now he will know exactly what you want and like!

7. “ I think I can fall madly in bed with you”

This next quote is a fun wordplay that will make him want you and need you more than anything. We all know what it is like to meet someone new: you meet them, hang out, start falling in love, etc. It is always that same cycle. But how about changing it up a bit with some hot stuff.

Instead of talking about love before the meeting, which is a little soon, you can use this word pun and let him now that as for the moment, you are in for some bed play. Let the love talk rest for a little bit and just think about the sexy time for now!

For Her

8. “I can’t wait to taste you tonight.”

Alright, you get a girl’s phone number. You start texting and talking. And finally, you set up a date! I know you are both crazy to finally see and meet each other, am I right?

How about making the short wait much more exciting by using this sexual quote? Yes, the wait might be short, just some hours or even a day, but trust me, it will feel like years for her. She will be so excited and down for anything. Yep, your goal is achieved!

9. “Thinking about you turns me on like crazy”

Women love the idea of men thinking about them. It is kind of gratifying for their ego or something. So why not please them by feeling them exactly that: that you are thinking of them. But, add a little extra something to make her even go crazier! You not only love thinking about her, but it turns you on. That, my friend, is the best thing you can tell her. She’ll be pretty much very turned on, too, and she won’t be able to keep it calm for much longer.

10. “Your clothes would look nice on My bedroom floor”

This quote is the sexiest suggestion you could say to that girl you haven’t met but are crazy to. It is bold with the perfect amount of implicit, and that is what girls love. We assure you that she won’t be able to keep her clothes on when she sees you for the first time pal!

11. “Nice jeans. Can I test the zipper?”

Picture this: she sends you a pic of a pair of jeans she just got or just a pic of herself in some jeans or whatever. It is the perfect moment for you to use this quote. It is not only extremely sexy but also funny and quotes at the same time. Thought you could be those 3 things at the same time? I bet you didn’t! And she’ll absolutely love it. The first time she sees you, she will surely let you test that zipper, and many more other things too, if you know what I mean!

12. “I'm in my bed, you're in yours. One of us is obviously in the wrong place."

This is the perfect text you can send to that special girl that you are crazy to see in person. Of course, you have always been separate and never in a place together so, on a night where you are both talking about how bored you are in your beds, send her this quote. It will just increase her want to be in a bed with you, and I assure you it will happen as soon as possible for you two!

13. "I wanna do bad things to you."

Many women like their men to be straight forward, daring, and bold. Why not please this desire of them? Telling her exactly what you will do to her( the bad naughty things) will drive her just plain nuts about you. She won’t be able to resist not seeing you anymore, and she will be so eager for you to do those things to her once you finally meet. There will be a huge sexual tension between you two!

14. “Yes, I have a dirty mind. And you are in it”

In the same line as we said before that women love being thought about, what will be more appealing to them than letting them know that you are exactly doing that? But, in this case, letting them know at the same time that you have a dirty dirty mind and that you also think of her that way! Seriously, there is no way she will resist to this. It will make your first encounter completely crazy and amazing!

Provative images

Yep, we have already talked about some sexy messages. But what about provocative images? Here’s a little 101 on how to send the perfect sexy pictures without risking anything!

1. Do not undress completely

If you want to send a sexy detail you just need to put on your prettiest lingerie and pose for the camera. Remember that they don’t need to see everything to catch on because they know how to use their imagination very well and enjoy a little mystery.

2. No face

No matter how much trust you have for them, a basic rule of sexting is not to expose yourself too much, so avoid showing your face or other distinctive features (tattoos, piercings, birthmarks, etc.) and take the photo from the neck down, for your safety. It better to be safe than sorry!

3. The pose is everything

You don't even need to take off your clothes or show your lingerie to turn them on. Sometimes, it is enough to capture a suggestive pose such as showing off your neckline or legs.

4. Be elegant

Even if you are the wildest in bed and in there you forget all the manners, demure and decency, it is not necessary that this is reflected in your photos or that you look like an ultra experienced porn actress. Sometimes it is better to leave some mysteries for the bed.

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Sexy messages and pictures will be your game from now on after you have read this article and learned everything about how to do it right! We assure you: any girl or guy you want to tease before meeting will be completely crazy about you if you use these little tips in your conversation. Yep,  you can thank us later! 


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