50 Dirty Pick Up Lines That Guys Will Love

Here are some dirty pick up lines that range from sweet to funny and are absolutely perfect for girls to use when they're trying to pick up guys.

By Rose Elementary
50 Dirty Pick Up Lines That Guys Will Love

Pick Up Lines for Girls Trying to Pick Up Guys

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Guys aren't the only ones who get to use pick up lines to pick people up. Girls deserve to have some fun, too! Whether it be out at a bar, in the produce section at the grocery, or on a dating app, here are some funny, dirty, and sweet pick up lines for girls to keep in mind when they're trying to pick up guys.

Casually Inappropriate and Dirty Pick Up Lines

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Starting off simple, here are some inappropriate, sweet, dirty, and funny pick up lines that work in a casual setting like the grocery store or the gym. First impressions are important, and these pick up lines give off the "I'm dirty and I know it" vibe without taking it to a creepy level. Wouldn't want to scare guys off before you get off! 1. Do you come often? Do you want to? *wink* This particular pick up line is bold but could totally pay off if he answers yes. And what guy wouldn't? Just make sure you don't use this one until you're done with your shopping or workout, otherwise, you'll have to make a return trip after you've had your fun. 2. My hands are freezing. Can I warm them in your pants? This one works really well in the freezer section while lamenting over which flavor of ice cream you want. Those aisles get cold and guys' pants are the perfect place to get nice and toasty. 3. Do you want to pretend my legs are made of butter and spread them? This one works best if you're in the dairy aisle looking at butter, but it could be effective pretty much anywhere. You can change it up to fit the location, too. If you're near sandwich spreads, you can substitute butter for jelly. 4. Does this store sell towels? I'm soaking wet. Give your best sultry smile after delivering this one and guys will be begging you to take them home and do your worst. It would be inappropriate to use this if it's raining outside and you're actually wet in a non-dirty sense, though it might be funny to see his reaction when he realizes you were being both dirty and literal. 5. When you're done giving that machine a rub down, I want a turn. At the very least, you might get a sweet massage out of this. Best case scenario, you get a few dates with a guy who knows proper etiquette after using gym equipment. That is an extremely important quality in a man, ladies, and you should definitely use it to your advantage when you can. Like by using this pick up line when you see hot guys flexing their muscles by wiping down the treadmill. 6. What's your name? Gotta make sure I have it right when I'm screaming it later. This one would work literally anywhere, but it's a sweet way to break the ice in the cereal aisle or while waiting for a stationary bike to become available. 7. Beef, pork, chicken... they've got all kinds of meat, but I bet yours would taste better. Let's find out. Obviously, the best place to use this one is near the butcher but it could also be quite effective in the hot dog aisle. Only break this bad boy out with a guy you could see yourself getting down and dirty with, though, because chances are he's going to take you up on the offer. Just make sure he returns the favor! 8. Do you know where the chocolate sauce is? Good, we're going to need it later. Feeling adventurous? This one is perfect for you. And, if he doesn't get the reference or doesn't seem interested, you can make it funny by coming up with a non-sexual excuse. Maybe you're just really in the mood for chocolate milk? Always have a backup plan in case the pick up line doesn't land as well as you hoped. 9. The bike would burn more calories, but I'd rather ride you instead. The gym is full of great equipment but none of it is as fun as a good partner. This one is perfect for when you're so over the boring exercise and want to go home and burn calories the fun and dirty way. 10. Have you ever seen a girl swallow an entire banana? Do you want to? Don't offer this unless you can deliver, but just the thought of you swallowing a banana in the middle of the produce section will easily make guys fantasize about you. Plus, who doesn't love showing off their skills? Bonus points for grabbing other produce to demonstrate with. Just make sure you pay for it (and bring it home for even more fun).

Dirty Pick Up Lines for Guys in Social Settings

Whether it be in a bar, at a club, a concert, or somewhere else that guys generally hang, these pick up lines are perfect for social settings. It's important to keep it short, sweet, and to the point when it's loud or hectic. Otherwise, your pick up lines will fall flat. Guys will love these subtly inappropriate pick up lines. 11. Hi, I have a vagina. Can't go wrong with something simple but oh-so dirty. If it's quiet enough to add another pick up line, you could offer to prove it. 12. Nice package. Can I unwrap it? Bonus points for reaching for his belt while delivering this one. It's a super easy dirty move you can throw in for bonus points. 13. I need a seat, can I use your face? Shouting this one in his ear over loud music is almost a guaranteed way to get him to grab your hand and take you home to do dirty things. Even better, deliver this bad boy at a totally inappropriate event, like a small friends and family gathering. 14. I'm easy, but you look hard. Whisper this in his ear and you'll be at his place in no time. Or your place. Someone's place, though. 15. I lost my virginity, can I have yours? This is a surefire way to embarrass a freshman at a college bar and make both of your nights. 16. Your place or mine? This one is a classic dirty pick up line and works best after some dance floor foreplay. 17. My night is going great but it'd be better if you came with me. And don't let him off the hook unless he really does make your night better. 18. Do these look real? Want to check? Works best when your girls are having a good, perky night. Let him get a little hands-on in public if you're okay with it. That'll make the rest of the night even hotter. 19. My bed is broken, can I sleep in yours? Make it clear that you have no intention of actually sleeping. 20. You know what would look good on you? Me. Press your body against him while you say it so he can see (and feel) just how true this is.

Dirty Pick Up Lines for Daring Girls To Use On Guys

If you're a girl who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to let guys know, these dirty pick up lines are for you. 21. I'm trying to test my gag reflex. Can you stick something down my throat? Works best if you're already alone, because neither of you will want to waste any time "testing your gag reflex". 22. Are you a squirrel? Because I have somewhere you can store your nuts. Save this one for winter when stocking up is on everyone's mind. 23. Do you want to go back to my place and watch porn on my flat screen mirror? Don't offer this pick up line unless you actually have a strategically placed mirror to enhance the fun. 24. Did you just knock? You're welcome to come inside. Only use this if you're properly protected or wanting to turn one plus one into three. 25. Don't stick out your tongue unless you intend to use it. This one can be altered depending on his behavior. Sipping on a straw? Make a dirty reference to the part of you that wouldn't mind the suction. 26. My body has 206 bones. Want to give me another one? If he's a science nerd, trip him up by saying your body has 207 bones. This one works as is for the non-science guys out there. 27. How about an Australian kiss? It's like French kissing, but down under. Another one best used in a setting where immediate action is possible. You'll be much happier if he can work fast. 28. Are you a candle? Because I want to blow you. Extra effective if a real candle is involved right before the fun begins. 29. If I'd known I'd be getting this wet tonight, I would've worn my bikini. He should offer to get you out of those wet clothes. And you should accept. 30. Breathe if you want to have sex with me tonight. Perfect for the end of the night or limited prospects, but also works if you just want to get out of there and he's not getting the hint. Sometimes you just have to spell it out for guys.

Pick Up Lines to Keep Things Interesting

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The best way to keep a relationship fresh and interesting is to pretend it is. Use these pick up lines on your man when you're out and about to liven things up a bit. There's nothing like picking your guy up twice! 31. Those pants look great on you but they'd look even better on the floor. Compliment him and turn him on at the same time. 32. Are you feeling down? I can get you up. Especially effective if you've hit a lull in your relationship or if your man is going through some tough times. What better way to cheer him up? 33. Is there a mirror in your pocket? I can see myself in your pants. A classic pick up line that all guys will love. 34. I'm not much of a wine girl. I prefer moans. Best delivered with a wink. 35. Are you a fireman? You came in hot and left me wet. Bonus points if your guy actually is a fireman. 36. I'm a spy on a secret mission. Come in me if you want to live. Can be delivered clandestinely in the living room while wearing sexy spy clothes, or while enjoying a drink with friends at the bar. 37. Are you the delivery man? I believe you have a package for me. If you can, open the door when he gets home from work and hit him with this pick up line. It could lead to some great role-playing, too. 38. It's all fun and games until I drop my panties on the floor. Can work as a pick up line on its own, but is definitely useful if he's been teasing you all night long. Threatening to lose your panties in the middle of the club is an easy way to get him to take you home. 39. You look hungry. I have something you can eat. Deliver with a wink and let him drag you to the bedroom. He won't be hungry long. 40. My life is pretty busy, but you're on the top of my to do list tonight. Not enough time in your busy schedule for intimacy? Leave this dirty note for him before he leaves for work and he'll be more than ready for you by the time he gets home.

Sweet Pick Up Lines for Sweet Girls

Dirty pick up lines aren't for everyone, so here are ten more timid lines that even the shyest of girls can use to pick up guys. 41. Is it hot in here or is it just you? An oldie but a goodie. 42. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise to give it back. Feeling a little flirty? Add a wink so guys know it's not just their lips that might get kissed. 43. Your body is a wonderland and I want to be Alice. This could mean a lot of things depending on the tone of delivery. A wink and a sexy smile would be plenty to fill in any blanks. 44. You look cold. Want me to be your blanket? This could just mean cuddling or a whole lot more. 45. We should have breakfast tomorrow. Want me to call you or just give you a nudge? Leave things open. Spend the night or meet up again the next day? So many possibilities! 46. I like your pants. Mind if I test out the zipper? This pick up line is already dirty on its own, but even better if done while reaching for the zipper of his pants. 47. What kind of Uber are you - long or short rides? This could just be a question, but the hidden meaning is there if you want it to be. 48. Are you a light switch? Because you're turning me on. Innocent but sexy. The perfect pick up line. 49. Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living? Compliment guys and get to know them all with one pick up line! 50. I like my men like I like my coffee: strong, sweet, and inside me. Leave off the last part if you're not quite there yet, or use it if you're feeling extra dirty and daring!