10 Female Sex Fantasies That All Woman Will Fantasize On Privately

10 sex fantasies that woman will not admit but fantasize on

By Aey
10 Female Sex Fantasies That All Woman Will Fantasize On Privately

Women have sex fantasies just like men do however they are reluctant in admitting them as they fear being judged or intimidating the partner. In order to make a woman open up about her fantasy, gain her trust first and show her a nonjudgmental attitude. As a partner, you should also try to figure it out yourself as what is it that pleases her more in bed.

Does Woman Have Sex Fantasies?

Just like men, women also have sex fantasies however unlike men; most women won't reveal their sexual fantasies to you until you have completely gained their trust. Women are more secretive than men when it comes to sexual fantasies. This is because most of the times they are shy to voice it out. In order to make a girl open up about her sex fantasy, you need to tell her that pleasing her would make you happy and you want to give her an unforgettable sexual experience. Women are also considered to be fragile and less aggressive in bed as compared to men however you might be surprised to find out that most women prefer being dominated in bed.  

10 Sex Fantasies Played Out In Their Mind

1. She wants you to kiss her more

Women love being kissed. Most women enjoy and also miss the aggressive make-out sessions in the early days of your relationship. Foreplay is extremely important before sex and kissing is an integral part of foreplay. Women love to feel how desperately a guy wants her and the guy can send that message to her by how passionately he holds and kisses her. Kissing is one of the most essential acts in foreplay. Even during sex, if you want to be aggressive, make sure you kiss her passionately enough. Along with kissing, give her gentle bites and hickies. Women love gentle neck bites as well as ear love bites. Be extremely passionate yet gentle and loveable.

2. Oral sex

It is commonly known that men love having oral sex. Most men fantasize about having blowjobs however it is not only men who like oral sex, women love it too. Women love receiving oral sex and it makes them feel like a queen. Most women might not voice it out but they definitely fantasize about being eaten out. Not only that, but women also enjoy giving oral sex and pleasing her partner to the fullest but it will be hard for them to be vocal about it.

3. Sex in public

Women who like being rough and aggressive, fantasize about having sex in public. Most women fantasize about having sex in places like public bathrooms, movie theaters, and elevators. Even though having sex in public is quite risky but risky means more exciting. Sex in public is something that takes a lot of courage. A girl might hesitate to say this aloud but she will definitely like to have sex in public if she is comfortable with you.

4. She fantasizes about you using toys

Even though a man is fully capable of getting his lady to scream out his name with joy and tears of pleasure in her eyes but even then, she might fantasize about you using toys on her. Admit it, even though you can have a great time in bed but you cannot deny that toys can turn everything up a notch. So, even if she’s shy to say it herself, surprise her the next time you’re in bed.

5. She might like it wild

Another thing most women fantasize about is trying new sex positions. They like to discover more about their sexual fantasies and want their partners to help them discover those. Even if she doesn’t say it, suggest new positions and ask her what new things she’d like to try out.

6. Sleep with a younger dude

You might be surprised by how many women like to fantasize about a younger guy in bed with her. It is exciting because a younger guy means less experience in bed. This gives her a chance to be a teacher and teach him everything she knows. It’s a chance for her to be in a dominating position over the guy. However, most women do not talk about this fantasy too openly as they do not want to be mocked for being with a younger guy even though it is completely okay to be with a younger guy as long as the guy isn’t underage.

7. Having threesome

Another fantasy most women have but are extremely shy to voice out is having a threesome. Threesome is something both men and women enjoy. Many women will fantasize about having a threesome as they like having a competition and having two people to please or be pleased by instead of only one. It’s understandable why women, as well as men,  are shy about this but as long as all parties consent to it, this is nothing to be ashamed of!  

8. Playing a stripper

Another sexual fantasy most women have but are hesitant in saying is playing a stripper. Many women fantasize about stripping for their partners. Women like seducing and turning their partners on by trying new things in bed. Stripping is something she will definitely fantasize about even if she doesn't voice it may be because she is insecure about her body or she thinks you’d judge her or maybe she is scared of being a turn off instead of the sexy divas she saw on television. Tell her how sexy she is and how turned on you get by her to actually give her the confidence to try this fantasy out.

9. Having sex fantasies with strangers

You’d be surprised by how well women hide their intentions even if their stripping for you in their mind. Every woman, single or committed, has fantasies about a complete stranger they saw at the subway or while getting their morning coffee at Starbucks.

10. She fantasizes about other women

You don't have to be a lesbian to fantasize about another woman. Most women fantasize about women but will never admit to it as they will be afraid of being judged or mocked. However, most women do fantasize about other women and also enjoy watching girl on girl porn videos. Most women also fantasize about playing with another girl's hair or boobs. If she tells you about this fantasy of hers, do not judge her or label her to a homosexual. Just understand that it's alright to have unusual fantasies but admit it that it’s sexy.

Tips to Open Up on Your Fantasies

During the start of your relationship, you will be hesitant in sharing and opening up about your sexual fantasies to your partner. However, as you get comfortable with each other, it is easier to open up. To make it easy for your partner to open up about their fantasies, approach a nonjudgmental attitude; do not brush them away or make fun of them.

Another important thing to note while opening up about your fantasies is to have an open attitude towards listening to your partner's opinion. If your partner shares her fantasy, do not immediately turn them down. For example, if your partner tells you he has a foot fetish, do not call it disgusting.

Discuss your fantasies with your partner and also have a broader horizon in order to discover more about each other's hidden pleasures.

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Having fantasies about sex is as normal as eating or drinking. For some reason, women don’t feel as comfortable as men in putting those fantasies in the display. If you’re a girl and you’re reading this article to see if it’s normal to have such fantasies than knowing that it is and if you’re a guy and you want to know how to please a woman in bed even if she isn’t vocal you’re in the right place too. Make her feel at ease and for starters, share some of your weirdest fantasies with her. This way, she will feel more comfortable with you and might even throw in some exciting suggestions that you weren’t expecting from her at all. Fantasies are that unexplored is in the relationship that has got the power to spice things up and open ways for both of you to get to know each other better.


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