8 Things You will Fantasize with Your Romantic Crush About

The things we think about when we are in love with our crush.

By Adina Mazilu
8 Things You will Fantasize with Your Romantic Crush About

You may think that all people on this planet have fallen in love at least once in their lifetime. To a degree, you may be right, but actually falling in love and being totally certain of this feeling is very rare. This concept is strongly connected to the topic of our article today. Once that heat wave hits us and the butterflies in the stomach start flying around in all directions, we start fantasizing numerous things in regards to that specific person that has drawn our attention.

Therefore, we start thinking about certain scenarios that involve our crush and which may or may not happen in this lifetime. Still, this doesn’t stop us from fantasizing and creating a perfect relationship which will hopefully take shape soon. In this article, we will be talking about some things that most people usually fantasize about with their crush. Do they sound familiar to you too? Let’s see!

What is the meaning of a romantic crush

A crush, by definition, is that certain someone that makes us see hearts everywhere and the world in shades of pink. Well, it may not be exactly this, but when we have a crush, we definitely start seeing things in a different way. Our entire attention is focused on their person, we only care about what they do, they suddenly become better than anyone else at what they’re doing, they’re the most beautiful and smartest human being on this planet.

However, a crush can turn into so much more and can become a love that can last a lifetime. It all takes patience, dedication, understanding the other person's needs and they understanding yours. Also, it's about respect, admiration, support, and, of course, love. But until that happy moment, here are some things that most people fantasize about when they have a crush on someone.

8 things you will fantasize about with your crush

1. Dramatic first encounter

That dramatic first encounter between the two of you is always one of the prime subjects that people who are in love fantasize about. How will it happen? When? What will they think of me? Will I be good enough? These are all important questions that people usually ask themselves in regards to this dramatic first meeting. Time will definitely tell you when it will happen and until then, the best thing that you can do is to be yourself, have faith in your own personality, and never try to be someone else. The rest will come naturally.

2. Being overly in love with you

What do we all pray about when we have a big crush? That they also like us back, usually. This is yet another thing that people like to fantasize about when they feel that they are crushing hard on someone. Feeling that utter joy when we have confirmation that the feelings are mutual doesn’t compare with anything else. However, if this doesn’t happen (because life can also be that way), you don’t have to panic or go down that dark rabbit hole of hopelessness and tears. Life is still beautiful, with or without your crush. Just go and put some U2 on for God’s sake! You will definitely feel a lot better.

3. An erotic scene from a romance book

Well, with a big crush there comes a big need to fantasize, also in a sexual way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and you should not feel ashamed if these thoughts invade your mind from time to time. When we like someone this much we inevitably want to be closer to them, to feel them, also in an intimate way. So, an erotic scene from a romance book or a movie can suddenly become your new best ally. As long as you keep everything to yourself and maybe your romantic crush, if you feel close enough to share those things, all will be good, even beneficial for your future relationship.

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4. Feeling the need to be inseparable from this person

Yes, we may sometimes feel like we cannot breathe when we are away from this person that we are crushing on. There is nothing wrong with that, and it can be solved with a simple call or date.  If it cannot be solved, you will just have to cope with this feeling until you really get to see them. However, try to distance yourself at times and do not become that obsessed with your partner because it can get annoying for the other one. There is nothing wrong with wanting to always be around them, but control yourself and be reasonable. Nobody wants a shadow behind them at all times.

5. A romantic gesture from their part

Another very common fantasy that most people have when they are crushing on someone is that they get offered a very romantic gesture from that person. It is, again, perfectly normal to think this way because you wish for this to happen. And it may happen, who knows? Something as simple as a flower, a piece of jewelry, a song, or anything similar that might make you feel special and loved, that’s what you usually fantasize about. Keep doing it but don’t become sad if it doesn’t happen. Just keep trying.

6. They value your opinions and suggestions

Fantasizing about someone who can value your opinions, suggestions, and who you are as a person can sound weird, but it’s very common and true. In a world where partners no longer value each other and prefer to value other things instead, this is definitely desirable. Again, you should know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this if you have a crush. After all, your entire idea is to get to have a beautiful relationship with them.

7. When they worry about you

When you have a crush, you often find yourself wondering whether or not they would worry about you if something went wrong. It’s completely normal as worrying is a natural feeling that one gets in regards to their beloved’s safety and wellbeing. So, if you fantasize about how would this person react in case something happened to you, you are definitely crushing hard. Don’t worry! Having such thought doesn’t mean that you are deranged or crazy. On the contrary, your brain gives you signals that you are thinking about the course of a normal relationship with this person and worrying about them and vice-versa is completely normal.

8. When they get jealous

Finally, it’s time for that dreaded feeling that most couples confront during their relationship: jealousy. When you have a crush, it’s normal to think about how would they react if someone else flirted with you or seemed interested in you. In our minds, if our partner becomes jealous is a clear sign that they love and care about us. Usually, people try to trigger this feeling through their social behavior just to obtain this proof. So, fantasizing about them becoming jealous when someone else gets close to you is definitely satisfactory and a real hope for your future relationship.


All in all, it appears that having certain fantasies when you are crushing on someone is definitely normal and even encouraged in case a future relationship will happen. Don’t think that it’s weird that you like making up scenarios in your head involving this person in various circumstances. The attraction that you are feeling towards them makes you do this and it’s a natural response of your brain. However, like it’s the case with all things, just because you make up these ideas doesn’t mean that they will also become true. Create a border and delimit real life from fantasy, as much as you would prefer the fantasy realm.

Having big expectations usually ends up in equally big disappointments. So, don’t fall into this trap, even if you care about this person a lot. Fantasize and involve your crush into these fantasies, but always stay grounded.

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