10 Secret Signs And Tips To See If He Is My Soulmate

How to recognize and find if he is your soulmate with these signs

By Evelyn
10 Secret Signs And Tips To See If He Is My Soulmate

Signs and symptoms on how to recognize your soulmate

Have you wondered if you have found your soulmate? Is your actual partner your soulmate? We're sure that if you Google the word soulmate, you'll have tons of definitions, the one you should focus on is pretty simple: a person that's a mate to your soul. A soulmate is someone with whom you share similar energy and purposes and because of that, you two share a deep spiritual connection. 

Greek mythology has a legend about soulmates; it says that Zeus decided to split the human body into two because he feared it was too powerful, he separated man and woman and so they were destined to roam the world until they could find their other half. When they finally find each other, their spirits will join and they will become one again. wink

A soulmate doesn't necessarily have to be a romantic soulmate, but it often is because of the strong attraction and connection between those who found each other. To recognize your soulmate you have to be open to "the mystery of your soul", so you must open your mind but also your heart. You kind of have to trust your intuition... we know, sometimes we get it wrong but don't worry, if you're set on finding out whether you have already met your soulmate or are searching to find him, here are some signs and symptoms that can help you figure it out.

1. The connection is instant

The pull and attraction you feel toward you soulmate is pretty strong. You would look at him and say something like "There you are, finally!", it's like an instant sense of familiarity that you haven't felt with anyone else. Why that strong pull? Because your soul will recognize the energy of his soul even though you haven't met before. 

It will feel that all your levels (emotional, spiritual, mental) are aligned and of course the physical attraction would be obvious and palpable. 

2. He will complete you (not in a co-dependent way)

This sounds very Jerry Mcguire but it's true. He will be your yin to your yang. Maybe you're an introvert and he's an extrovert, you are totally different but when you combine those differences you complete each other. On the surface, it may seem that you don't belong together but deep down, these differences are what brings you two together. 

You, as a couple, are better because there's a balance between the two of you. You balance other's strengths and weaknesses.

3. Communication is strong

Empathy and intuition are strong among soulmates, you can even sometimes finish each other sentences but you don't leave inside each other's mind so knowing all that's going on inside it is kind of unrealistic. Don't assume anything, you need to express your desires and wants, always keep the communication channels open.

The  good thing with soulmates is that the foundation for good communication is strong, You have a bond so you know how to create spaces where you tell each other what you think and what you want.

4. Authenticity with each other

With your soulmate, you feel so comfortable and the sense of familiarity is innate. Your respect for each other, for each other's differences, is something you share and cherish. the love, of course, is unconditional. That is why you can be open and vulnerable, you feel safe within each other's company. You haven't felt that safe with anyone else, right?

With a soulmate, you have a confident, a mentor, a lover, he's your best friend. Your soulmate accepts who you are and loves you for it, and best of all... he challenges you to grow, to be the best version of yourself.

5. You share goals

As we said before, you're different people and that differences are what made you soulmates and also what made a relationship between the two of you healthy. You may disagree on various points of view and your beliefs may not be the same but you have goals in common, you know the tangible parts of your lives.

You both want to grow professionally, so you're always seeking better opportunities (you cheer each other up because you have a shared goal in mind). You also want a family together, you want children in your life. You want to grow personally too. Those goals you share deepens the connection to another level, and lets you two create a web of support that'll help you accomplish those goals.

6. A soulmate awakens the essence of you

How do you feel when you're with him? Do you feel like something that's being dormant inside you wants to wake up and make its stand? A soulmate's relationship purpose is to awaken the essence of who you really are. You feel and know that you can do anything, that insecurities that were holding you back are in the process of disappearing, you feel bold and capable of taking the world on.

Your old habits and facades are constantly fading away and they're being replaced by new skills and talents that you didn't know you had, still you embrace them because they give new purpose to your life. It's life changing.

7. You know what he's thinking

This may sound weird, but it's true. It's like some kind of telepathic communication. You understand what he's thinking and he understands what you're thinking, so you don't have to tell each other anything, you just know. All you need is a look and you know in what direction his thoughts are going and he knows yours. 

Did you sometimes finish each other sentences? That's because you know how your brains work, so you know what you're going to say.

8. There's wholeness in both of you

True soulmates are two individuals who are complete and whole on their own. It's true that you complete each other but you don't need the other to make you feel complete (there's a difference). Soulmates know individually how to create the life they want, there's no ego that needs stroking. You both know who you are and what you bring to the relationship, there's no co-depedency.

9. Empathy is strong among you

On a personal level, you feel everything he feels and he's the same. The connection between soulmates is so special because of this empathy you share. If he tells you about a job promotion, you're going to feel as excited as he is. If you feel scared about something, he's going to worry about you and will try to make everything to protect you. When he feels happy about an accomplishment, you share that happiness with him.

And you want to know the best thing? It never ends, the empathy between you is limitless, you don't have to force it, it just comes naturally.

10. It's a gut feeling

You don't question it, you just know he's the one and he feels the same. It somehow feels that you two meeting each other and coming together is bigger than the two of you. It may feel overwhelming but you know that it's right. Things are better when you're together, so you need to let your intuition guide you, she knows.wink

Soulmate astrology

Soulmate astrology can help you find out how compatible you are with others so you'll know when your soulmate is knocking at your door. Want to find out how it works? Keep reading. Soulmate astrology starts with you natal or birth chart. Compatibility is determined by synastry (that's when an astrologist analyzes or reads your chart).

It all has to do with planets, these readings are based on the theory that the planets on your chart are connected to the natal chart planets of another person. So there is alway's going to be two planets involved. Your natal chart has 5 sections: modality, polarity, elements, lunar nodes, and planets. Lets take a look at each of them.

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1. Planet Connections among soulmates

  • If the Sun in the other person's chart is in your chart, he will take the lead in your relationship. If the Sun is involved the relationship can be intense.
  • The Moon brings 2 things: emotions and enrichment. If the moon in his natal chart is on a planet in your chart, his role will be a nurturing one. The presence of the moon will bring a stable influence and sensitivity to your relationship.
  • If you connect via Jupiter, expect a lot of delight in your relationship. Jupiter is a power planet.
  • Venus is the planet of love, so if it is in your partner's chart and it connects with any of your planets, expect love, magnetism, and romance.
  • When the connection is via Mercury, there will be lots of new ideas and great communication.
  • Mars has an intense rep, so if the connection is through this planet you'll either have a passionate relationship or it can be unpredictable.
  • If Saturn connects with a planet in your chart, it'll be like kismet has brought you together.
  • Uranus is a "love at first sight" planet if it connects with one in your chart, the relationship can burn hot and fast.
  • Neptune is magic! if the connection is via Neptune you'll have a very spiritual relationship.
  • If you connect via Pluto, you're in for a passionate love affair.

2. Lunar Nodes

Lunar nodes are one of the most important parts of soulmate astrology. What are the lunar nodes? They are astrological points where the Moon crosses the ecliptic path of the sun. For practical purposes, all you need to know about the Lunar nodes is that there are two of them: The South Node (which represents past karma) and North Node (which represents the present and future karma).

3. Elements

Each of the 12 zodiac signs is connected to one of the four elements: water, air, fire, and earth. The best compatibility happens when two people come from the same element but you have to factor here the traits that each zodiac sign brings too.

For example, Cancer and Scorpio are water signs, they are most compatible with air signs like Libra and Aquarius.

4. Polarity

When talking about polarity in the soulmate astrology, it also involves the zodiac signs. Each sign is placed in a polarity category: positive or negative. You'd think that people with positive signs tend to have more compatibility with people with positive signs but the truth is sometimes opposites attract and soulmates aren't immune to that.

It has to do with the traits that each polarity brings. People with positive polarity are extroverts and self-confident (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius); on the other side people with negative polarity are introverts and more pessimistic (Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn).

5. Modalities

This also involves the zodiac signs: each sign has a modality or mode when it comes to soulmate astrology. Each Zodiac sign is represented by a modality. For example, there are Cardinal Signs like Aries, Cancer or Libra and they are dynamic leaders. Taurus, Leo or Scorpio are Fixed signs and they are high achievers, philosophical and persistent.  The Mutable signs like Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius are flexible and balanced.

Top 3 sites on Soulmate quiz you should give it a try

Whether you're searching for your soulmate or you think you've already found him, you can take a soulmate quiz. There are some out there that are fun and can give you a clue on your soulmate status. Visit one of these sites and give these quizzes a chance. Maybe you'll learn something new.

1. The Soulmate Quiz

The Soulmate Quiz

2. Is He Your True Soulmate?

Is He Your True Soulmate?

3. How to Recognise Your Soulmate?

How to recognise your soulmate?


Do you reckon you have found your soulmate or are you still searching for him? The good news is that now you know what to look for. Pay close attention to the signs and symptoms we compiled for you and keep them up front anytime you meet someone new. Good luck with your search! smiley

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