11 Subtle Signs That Your Man Will Be a Lazy Husband

Too in love to see the signs? Spot these 11 lazy signs now

By Sophia R
11 Subtle Signs That Your Man Will Be a Lazy Husband

What Is Considered A Lazy Husband?

At the beginning of the relationship, your husband probably went out of his way to be nice to you. Not only did he make you happy, he probably impressed you with his awesomeness. It was sweet. He was caring. He was reckless and adventurous. Most importantly, he was always proactive and fun.

And lazy and boring? Well, those were the last words that occurred to you to define it. Months and years go by, and now, is that the first word you think of when you have to define him?

Is it a case of a fading infatuation, or are you just with a guy who is completely wrong for you? You are not asking too much! This is something you need to think seriously about. How boring is he? Has he stopped taking you out to dinner as many times as before, has he stopped surprising you with small gestures of love or has he become a slob who thinks that rolling over on a sofa defines exercise?

Sometimes some guys start to take it easy in a relationship. Not because they want to, but because they forget that they still need to woo and impress their wife.

Many times when a woman falls in love she leaves things out, it is important to be attentive to what kind of people she is involved with and be able to see the flaws she has and then not regret anything. All people have defects but it is up to you to realize them and know if you are willing to tolerate and know how to handle them.

One of the things that you should not allow in a man is laziness since instead of moving forward with you as a relationship it will only cause him to delay and not fulfill his goals as a couple or at least the ones you want. So this time we are going to help you identify those lazy men and what to do about them.

11 Subtle Signs That Your Man Will Be a Lazy Husband

If you tell this to your friends, in all likelihood, every guy will tell you you're asking too much and many of your girlfriends will tell you that all men change for the worse over time and that some guys get lazier and a lot of guys get boring and predictable.

So should they shut up and swallow? Are you annoyed every time you see him sleeping on the couch or canceling another play date while trying to do something with him?

Well, if you are not happy with his behavior, of course, you have the right to be angry with him. And if that's one of the things that is negatively affecting your relationship, you have every right to want to fix it. So, no, you are not asking for too much.

After all, we are all different and each individual has their own expectations of love. And if a husband who is active and fun is what you want, then get it, girl! Here are some signs to know beforehand that the boy you are going out with is not going to be exactly that:

1. He lives with his parents

If he is a man who is of legal age to leave his parents' house and has not yet done so, then you are facing a lazy man. Rest assured that most of them seek their independence, but if that person has not yet managed to achieve something on their own, it is because they are not interested.

2. He is messy

If you have entered his room and have noticed that his room is completely messy then it means that he is an idle man who does not care about the order of his bedroom, which can give you an idea that his life is the same chaotic.

3. He s effortless

Another reason that indicates that this is the case is his lack of interest in the things he does, the vast majority of people have goals in life, but that man seems that nothing motivates or worries him.

4. He borrows money frequently

With or without, money is always borrowed from other people, this indicates that he is a man who does not know how to measure his expenses and does nothing to solve his problems, it is better that you stay away from these guys as their problems will become yours.

5. He has no passion

Someone lazy has no passion for anything. It does not matter if the world turns to the right or to the left. His maximum passion is having a long time to do nothing and enjoy his laziness. They do not have habits like reading, art, or any other activity that requires their attention.

6. He doesn't exercise

Probably spending more time on gaming or surfing the internet!

Their main excuse is that they don't have time, but if this were true, then how do super athletes who study, work, and exercise do it? There is time, there are just plenty of excuses. Someone healthy balances their life and does sports. Then do not complain when they have a disease for not taking care of their health.

7. He doesn't finish what he starts

They may have a thousand projects in mind, but in the end, none of them carry it out. They love to put off and put off what they could do today. They feel that there are millions of conflicts that will complicate the realization of their plans, so they adopt the simplest position: saying is it very complicated and never do anything.

8. "I was going to do this, but ..."

They are not detail-oriented, since they never have time to make surprises. The worst thing is that they believe that justification will count as a detail: "don't think I forgot your birthday, I was going to make you an incredible surprise dinner, but everything got complicated for me and I couldn't." Coincidentally, everything in the life of a lazy person is more complicated.

9. He doesn't argue

People with laziness are so apathetic that they are not even capable of arguing a topic that they think differently. Their postures and their attitude are always gray: they don't care. The intensity with which everyone is involved with politics and the situation in the country seems like a waste of time. If they go to dinner and talk about a topic of collective interest, they only observe and think to themselves: “Why am I arguing?

10. He doesn't do favors

They are the last people to respond to the call of an emergency. They are time-consuming and do not like anything to complicate their comfort. So if they can throw the ball to someone else, they do it. They make excuses or are those who do not know what to do in this situation.

11. He is never up for anything

It doesn't matter whether its a night out with the boys, or a different date night with you, but he is never ever up for anything. A big "no", or "can't I am busy" is always the answer to any plan offering from him, even though he's probably just laying down all day and doing nothing, as per usual.

Can You Accept His Laziness?

Are you setting unrealistic expectations of him? Do you often criticize him even when he tries to do what you suggest? You may not realize it, but most of the time the girl can make her boyfriend feel lazy and inadequate because she makes him feel like he's never good enough for her. At first, you can try. And then you can try more. But when you put on the straw that breaks his back by constantly picking flaws, no matter how hard he tries to show you it's funny, he may turn into an ass that would be more stubborn and lazy than trying to do something he knows he won. Meet your expectations.

Is he the same guy he was when you both started dating each other? If you've been getting lazier lately, that's something you can definitely change. But if he's always been a lazy guy, and you want him to suit your needs, that will take a lot of effort from both sides. If you do want him to change, you don’t have to accept his laziness. Never settle for something that you are not happy with.

How to Make Him Change On His Own

1. Communicate

Talk about how you feel and let him know how much happier things could be if the two of you could get involved in the work for the benefit of the relationship. But don't screw it up! Make up your mind, avoid blaming him, and try to help him see how he has gotten worse in the last few months.

2. Make a life for yourself

Sometimes a guy just realized his true worth to sit back and realize how lucky he is. Go out with your own friends from time to time, dressing up and looking sexy, and have fun if she doesn't want to go out with you. Tease him and let him see that he doesn't always need to be there for you to have fun. That will get him to his feet immediately!

3. Take the first steps

Do things together. Plan things to do as a couple, and give a few days' notices so you don't fight over it being a last-minute decision. And even if he resists when the time comes, or complains that he is too tired, remind him that he has made a promise and that he must keep it.

4. If you can't beat him, join him!

Does he love something that you think is silly? Television or your video games, perhaps? When you have time, try to learn about the things you like and see if you can ever appreciate or enjoy their interests. By showing an interest in the things you like, you may warm up and become more active, and in return, you may want to do something you enjoy at the same time. It's not so boring now, is it?

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Do you think you are asking too much? Is another husband more loving and less lazy than the one you are with? Are you being picky? And most importantly, if he doesn't change to make you happy, is it something you can ignore or live for the rest of the time? If his habits are something that you are not ready to accept, you must realize that your behavior could end an otherwise perfect relationship.

A relationship is built on a balance in love and trust, a balance in the changes you both make to each other, and a healthy balance in the things you are willing to compromise for each other and the things you do. If your relationship starts to lean towards the bad side, you will obviously find that everything about your partner is annoying.

Sometimes a lazy husband is not a real problem. He's the only one you can think of to point out that you're dating someone who doesn't make you happy. So before you point the finger at his laziness or lack of interest in experiencing new things together, make sure you're not scratching the surface of a much bigger problem.

If he is being lazy or has suddenly become bored, communicate with him in a way that he can understand without making him feel like he's being cornered. And if you use these tips we gave you here, it will definitely guide you to the first step towards a better relationship!