12 Ways To Handle A Lazy And Good For Nothing Husband

Clever ways to get him motivated without thinking you are a nag

By Michele
12 Ways To Handle A Lazy And Good For Nothing Husband

Dealing with a lazy person can require a hell lot of patience and especially when you have a lazy husband; it could be very challenging for you. But in general, let’s be honest, most of the men are somewhat lazy. Do not worry; you will develop patience and start seeing things improve. It will sort of getting better for you with the passage of time. Here, I am going to share authentic 12 Ways To Handle A Lazy And Good For Nothing Husband. 

I really hope that these tips will help improve your relationship with your partner. Playing a blame game is not recommended at all. You need to understand that men can easily find various excuses for being lazy. In the end, women manage to do pending tasks or house chores, on their own. But men need to understand that this can easily lead to frustration and exhaustion. So just be a little cooperative? 

Does Laziness Indicate An Underlying Health Condition?

You will be amazed to know that laziness can be caused in men and women due to some sort of deficiency of vitamins and minerals. To be on the safe side, do get your hemoglobin, vitamin B12, and D checked on a regular basis through a blood test. According to medical research, deficiency of these essential vitamins and iron can easily cause depression and fatigue.  

You also need to know that vitamin B12 and D are responsible for boosting estrogen and testosterone levels in men and also women. The increase results in a better sex drive and hence more sexual satisfaction is achieved through intense orgasms. Once the level of these vitamins starts improving a man feels better and starts living a healthy lifestyle by exercising, taking a proper diet, and multivitamins and minerals. 

So, now you know that the cause of laziness can be due to a lack of these essential vitamins and minerals. Do not target and press your husband, just recommend him a few tests to get analyzed. You also need to play a proper role in setting up a routine. Wake up early, have dinner by 7 pm or 8 pm max. Your contribution means a lot to your husband. Show that you care and love, it will definitely make things better. 

12 Ways To Handle A Lazy And Good For Nothing Husband

Now let’s see what the 12 most effective tips are that help deal with a man, who is a couch potato or even worse. Don’t lose your cool, stay focused and things will improve! 

1. Be Affectionate and Respectful

Just consider that you are trying to tame a really withstand. And for that, you need to know what amount of scratching and stroking is required. Regardless of the nature of the task that you want to get completed, make sure that the elements of affection and respect never vanish. If you are suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder it does mean that your husband needs to clean the table or dishes right after using them. Don’t complicate simple things. 

2. Be Flexible

It is okay for you to have your own method of doing things, which I don’t say is wrong. If you give the same task to your husband and he is doing it fine, with another approach, there is no need to panic. Be flexible and let him do his job. A little understanding will take you a long way. Accept what he is doing and appreciate him. 

3. Be Kind

Okay, so there is another thing. Men are not that organized and neat. They might do some work, which you have assigned, in a rough manner. Just convey to your husband that the right method of drying clothes is to spread them on a clean washing line instead of forgetting them in the machine. This can be done in a kind way. 

4. Be the First

Always be the first to help and set an example forward for him to follow. Try to complete chores with him, make him get up, and do the simple things in the beginning. Like washing fruits and veggies or help with cutting them. During this time, you can have a meaningful conversation about how working together makes things easier and leads to a better overall experience. Project this as an opportunity for him to spend time with you. Do involve the aspect of emotional intimacy.  

5. Be Firm

There is no need to harshen your tone while being feisty.  Raising your voice would not help at all, as it will irritate the kids and your husband. See how a simple mistake can aggravate the matter in a peaceful home. So just remain calm and convey your message in a definite manner. So that your husband knows that a task needs to be completed on time. 

6. Be Peaceful

I know this one can be really difficult, especially when the kids and husband are challenging your patience at the same time. But you are the queen, composed and focused. Never ever resort to deadlines or threats if a chore is not finished on time. Show your husband that you are waiting and looking forward to getting the task completed by him. This will motivate him to complete it in a better manner. 

7. Be Appreciative

Trust me; appreciation can really lead to wonders. If you appreciate your husband in a genuine manner it can boost his confidence. Be genuine and leave a compliment where required. This will change the entire atmosphere of your home. Treat him well whenever a pending task is finished, with his favorite meal or any other treat. 

8. Be Realistic

In the beginning, it would be difficult to accept whatever is happening around you. You want a task to be completed and it is done in a haphazard manner. Now what you need to do is think about the possibilities. How can you instruct in a better manner in the future to get the work done nicely? There is no need to expect something unrealistic. Loads of patience and your husband will certainly get better. 

9. Be his Support

And this is only possible by letting him know how important he is and how only he can complete certain tasks for you. Always make him feel that he is needed where no one else can do anything. That will make him feel like a hero.  You must make him realize how much his help means to you and how much happiness it makes you and the kids. Once you tell him that he is the hero, he will make sure that he works hard to maintain that image. 

10. Be Reasonable

Okay things go wrong and delays happen, but there is no need to wreak havoc. If you both get angry there won’t be a way out to solve an issue. Have a logical conversation with your husband and keep it reasonable. Convey your issues and tell him that negligence can lead to harm as any unwanted incident can occur. So he must act responsibly. Make sure you convey your message in a reasonable manner. 

11. Be his Catalyst

Yes, you need to motivate men now and then so that they don’t find excuses or escape. You need to tell your man that he has equal responsibilities and he needs to make sure that everything is done at the proper time. There are a few things like paying bills and doctor checkups, which cannot be delayed. Buck him up always instead of nagging and complaining. 

12. Be a Pillar

A pillar always stays strong, prominent, and helpful. If your husband is going through some tough time due to work or financial issues, be his support. There is no need to demean him and make him feel inferior. This will damage your relationship forever and you certainly cannot afford that. To lend help where it is required.   

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I really hope that you found 12 Ways To Handle A Lazy And Good For Nothing Husband really helpful. You would have noticed, in the points shared above, is that I have recommended practicing a lot of patience, staying considerate, and being compassionate. There is nothing wrong with doing all that if your husband will just get better with time. 

So hang in there, things will get better and in your favor. Your relationship with your husband will also improve. I hope that all the discussion done above has helped you realize your importance when it comes to running a happy home. Time to kick it up!