12 Natural Around The World Herbs For Hair Growth

All over the world natural herbs for hair growth naturally

12 Natural Around The World Herbs For Hair Growth

Natural Herbs For Hair Growth

Be it men, women, teens or adults at some point or another, all of us get worried about our hair. Because all that matters is hair. Beautiful, lustrous and long hair act as a crown and everybody should be wearing this crown proudly. Each one of us wants to have the best hair; we opt for several products and remedies to achieve them. Very few of them work so Mother Nature comes to the rescue, as it provides solutions to all hair related worries with the herbs that are found in different parts of the world. Below we are discussing different herbs that are found in different parts of the world.

Indian Herbs for Hair Growth

India has a history of using natural products for curing diseases and getting unlimited benefits from nature’s bestowments. Hair being the most visible feature needs extra attention and care. Mentioned below are some widely used herbs for hair growth and strengthening in India.

1. Brahmi

Brahmi is an Indian herb known for centuries for the benefits it offers for strong hair growth. It prevents hair damage and cures split ends. It can be used by massaging into hair after mixing it with different potent oils.  It provides nourishment to the hair through the scalp. It strengthens blood vessels and accelerates hair growth by thickening the roots. 

2. Sage

Sage is a very potent herb that is used for the treatment of alopecia and thinning of hair because of different reasons. Sage is rich in antioxidants which means it prevents graying of hair. The natural oil present in sage leaves strengthens the roots and hence promotes new hair growth. When mixed with carrier oils like olive and coconut, sage leaves work like magic on hair. It can be used to darken grey hair if you want to avoid chemical hair dyes.

3. Henna

Henna is normally used in the form of powder and mixed with different oils to improve its nourishing qualities. It promotes follicle health, reduces hair fall and stops thinning of hair. When combined with ingredients like eggs it works as a conditioner for treating rough and dry hair. Henna also removes gunk and dandruff from your scalp and prevents them from coming back.

Chinese Herbs for Hair Growth 

Chinese herbs have been used for hundreds of years for one reason or another. Chinese have been known for using unorthodox treatment methods and products. Mentioned below are some Chinese herbs for hair growth.

4. Fo-ti

It is a naturally found herb in different parts of China. It has been used in China for centuries to help people with hair related problems. It improves hair growth by nourishing kidneys and liver and stimulating blood circulation towards the scalp. It wards off aging by reinstating natural pigmentation of hair. It is brewed into different teas and made into pills, ointments, and shampoos. After consistently using it for three to four months you will be able to see a visible difference in your hair growth and gray hair. It is also known as He Shou Wu. 

5. Nu Zhen Zi

Nu Zhen Zi is a powerful Chinese herb. It removes toxins from the body and improves blood circulation to the scalp. It also works as a tonic for the kidneys and liver and strengthens the immune system to the core. It improves the skin quality of the scalp and makes sure that common scalp problems like dermatitis and psoriasis never occur. It is also known as glossy privet fruit. It is black in color and shaped like kidneys. It is known all over the world for treating bald patches. It also becomes helpful in improving vision.

6. Wu Wei Zin

Wu Wei Zin is also known as Schizandra fruit or five flavored berries. It is popularly known for the treatment of bald patches and it has been proved that this Chinese herb can treat worst cases of baldness. It stimulates blood flow in the microvessels of the scalp which then encourages new hair growth. It can be used in the form of tea, powder, liquid extract, and supplements. It gives soft and silky hair when used regularly. It also acts as a blood purifier. It can regularly be used as a home remedy without causing any harm. 

African Herbs for Hair Growth

Several herbs native to Africa have medicinal benefits. The way Africans style their hair needs the hair to be strong and healthy. African herbs for hair growth are mentioned below.

7. Lavender

Lavender is an herb native to northern Africa. It boosts hair growth and reduces baldness. It has powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-microbial properties. It helps in balancing the natural oil production of the scalp and stimulates blood flow in the scalp. Lavender oil promotes new hair growth and strengthens the roots. It tames down all the infections and heals irritations like dandruff and flaky scalp due to its anti-bacterial properties. If used regularly lavender oil prevents hair loss and creates a shield on the scalp against all sorts of bacteria. 

8. African Rosemary

Like the regular rosemary, the one that is found in African regions is known as African Rosemary. It is slightly different from the conventional one that is why it is called African Rosemary. Both can be used in similar ways and for the treatment of the same problems. African Rosemary is known for years for the treatment of hair loss. A combination of rosemary and olive oil acts as a dandruff repellent when applied on a regular basis. A relaxing massage with a combination of rosemary and some other oil will soothe down your bustling nerves and eventually result in the promotion of new hair growth. 

9. Nettle

Nettle is a species of a flowering plant called Urticaceae. It is also known as forest nettle and Maasai stinging nettle. It can be found in different regions of Africa including Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. It is known for its remedial properties for preventing hair loss and improving blood circulation in the scalp. It is available in the form of pills or it can also be used by turning it into a paste with olive oil after grinding the herb. Nettle leaves are rich in sulfur and silica so they make the hair healthy and glossy.  

Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair Growth 

Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of healing. Ayurvedic medicine has several benefits and health properties. Everything used in Ayurveda makes up a healthy lifestyle and offers holistic growth. Hair strengthening and growth being an essential part of overall health can be achieved through ayurvedic herbs mentioned below. 

10. Amla

Amla is the most potent ingredient used in hair remedies. Its ability to transform and fix hair from roots to tips if used regularly makes it the best among other herbs. It promotes new hair growth and the vitamin C present in it stops premature graying of hair. It also provides relief to the itchy scalp by treating dandruff. For reduction in hair fall, you can mix amla powder or paste with lime juice and apply the paste to your hair for an hour. Leave it there with a shower cap on and then rinse with warm water. 

11. Shikakai

Shikakai is a natural alternative to shampoo with all its antioxidant properties. It is rich in vitamins A, K, C, and D which keep the hair nourished and strong. Shikakai promises new hair growth by cleansing the scalp and strengthening the roots. It can be used by drying out its pods in sunlight and then grinding them and mixing 2tbsp of this powder in coconut oil. Then store the jar in a cool dark place for good fifteen days and its ready to use. It should be used twice a week to achieve the best results. 

12. Bhringraj

Bhringraj is being prescribed by all the doctors these days for the treatment of hair loss and the promotion of hair growth. It is an herb that grows best in moist areas. If you massage your hair regularly with Bhringraj oil it will encourage faster hair growth. You can find Bhringraj oil easily at an herbal store or you can also make some yourself by taking a few leaves of Bhringraj and drying them in the sun for a few days. Put the leaves in a jar full of coconut oil and then leave it in sunlight for another 2 days. The oil will change its color to light green. Oil is ready, now you should massage it regularly and keep it overnight to achieve the best results.

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All of the above-mentioned herbs can be found easily at an herbal store or pharmacy. If you can’t find one, you can go for another one because all of them assure best results if used regularly. Nothing can be achieved in a jiffy, so if you wish to get flawless, shiny and long hair make sure that you use these herbs regularly and give them time to work which means you should use them for a long period of time if you expect great results. The best part about herbal treatments is that they are completely chemical-free so they would cause zero harm to your precious possession; your hair. If you don’t achieve the results even after using these herbs regularly and for a long period of time then make sure that the place you are getting your herbs from is selling genuine products.



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