Kissing Your Girlfriend On Her Belly Button And Downwards

How to get her all wet and panting for you with these tricks

By Evelyn
Kissing Your Girlfriend On Her Belly Button And Downwards

Where Should You Kiss Her To Rock Her World?

Have you wondered what you can do to please your girl (sexually)? Good for you! and for her! wink You're both in for a treat because if you master this the reward will be worth it. Pleasing a woman is kind of an art form, so to really master it you have to always be working on it so you can grow and evolve. We get that you have some good moves and they do the trick, they even stand out sometimes but the thing is that when they become a routine, they don't do the trick anymore, and you definitely don't want that when it comes to your sex life.

Don't despair if you're getting to this point because the good news is that there are many hotspots in your woman's body that you haven't stimulated to its full potential. Did you know that there are more erogenous zones in your girl's body than the ones you're already kissing and touching? Do you know what is an erogenous zone? An erogenous zone is that part of her body that when touch or stimulated gets her all arouse and ready for an orgasm. When you touch her on those parts, you make her body feel really good. Sounds like something worth exploring, right?

Guys, you're probably familiar with the obvious erogenous zones, like her clitoris and her nipples, but there are more hot zones in her body you can touch and kiss to get her excited. Here are some of the top erogenous zones you can explore to rock her world.

Her ears

The ears have several nerves that feel extra good when they're stimulated through sound and touch. That's why it feels so good when you whisper something to her, bet it gives her goosebumps. Take it a little further and breathe very gently over the side of her neck and ears, then circle your tongue around the edges. You'll get her all worked up and ready for what's to come.

Her feet

You may have heard about this erogenous zone because for some it's kind of a fetish. However, don't discount it before trying it (if she's into it). It can be a very erotic experience for both of you. Women's toes are very sensitive and when suckled or lightly pinched can stimulate the vagina potentially causing an orgasm. So, after giving her a foot massage, ask if you can lick and suck her toes, all in the name of pleasure. This is not for everyone but if you're both OK with it, it can enhance your sexual experience. 

Her inner thighs

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This part of her body is a hotspot by proxy. It's very close to her clit so touching and kissing her inner thighs is a very good place to start rocking her world. Start by rubbing her inner and outer thighs, your touch needs to be firm and in circular stroking motions. Run your fingers from the groin alongside the inner thigh to the knee, then return on the outer side of the thigh to the hip. Alternate between thighs or do them both at the same time.

Her neck

The neck is an extremely erogenous spot, you can really blow her mind if you touch her there in the right way. Don't go for aggressive here, a light touch is what you're aiming for. You can use both your hands or your lips. Use a combination of light breathing, kissing, and gentle lip grazing. You'll give her goosebumps and then she can do the same to you.  

Her lower back

Have you Tango or Salsa with your lady? Where do you put your hands during these dances? Yes, in her lower back and that's because the lower back has plenty of nerves that go all the way to the butt cheeks. These nerves, like the sacral, have a direct line to her genitals and when touched they can trigger great pleasure. You can start with light feathery touches and then build up to grabbing and even slapping. Pay attention to that part of her body, you'll make her feel amazing.

Her clitoris

This is the obvious erogenous zone but to really rock her world you need to touch and kiss it the right way. There's science behind how the clitoris works, it communicates directly with the brain via the pudendal nerve which serves only one function: pleasure. The clitoris has more than 8,000 nerve fibers and that's why when touched, it feels great. Make sure her clit is plumped up and ready for stimulation so she gets pleasure from your touch. Once there, stroked it don't poke it. Use both your hands and your mouth.

Her navel or belly button

You can really blow her mind and her world if you touch and kiss her belly button. According to recent findings, the belly button and the clitoris actually grew from the same tissue and are neurologically linked. So by touching and kissing her belly button you can make her feel it all the way to her clit. You can use your tongue to stimulate the area around it to reap to the max the benefits, then slide your tongue in it and suck gently with your lips against her tummy. Get her lower abdomen involved too by rubbing it slowly in a clockwise motion.

There's much you can do to get your woman wet and panting by kissing and touching her belly button and below. Here are some sexy tricks you can use.

9 Sexy Tricks You Can Do To Her Belly Button

From the suggested erogenous zones above, how many have you mastered yet? Have you rocked your girlfriend's world hitting all the hotspots? There is one erogenous zone that deserves your full attention, and it's not the obvious one. Here are some sexy tricks you can pull on her belly button that can really change and enhance your time with her in bed.

1. A gentle massage

Since the area from her belly button to her inner thigh is a hotspot, you can get her primed by giving her a gentle massage in the area while putting your finger inside her belly button. You can choose to use oil and make it more sensual.

2. Tease her

Start a kissing journey down her body like you're going to get down on her but once you reach her belly button stay for a while there. Keep licking and kissing her there while at the same time touching her breast and above. Stay there until she can't take it anymore and then go for the kill.

3. Use her belly button as a bullseye

The belly button is a great pit stop between her breast and her core and the best way to approach it (to make her crazy), is by making large circles that will converge in her belly button, making it the bullseye. You can choose to use your tongue, or light touch, or even a sex toy.

4. Use both of your hands and multitask

Let one hand wander all the way down and insert one or two fingers into her vagina. Here, using a "come hither" motion, stimulate her G-spot. Use your other hand to rub her tummy and then press your thumb into her belly button. Adjust the pressure of your thumb according to her preference. She may not like too much pressure on it. This is a powerful combination.

5. Rub her tummy

A gentle rub around the belly button like you're massaging her abdomen can work wonders for her. The thing is that when a woman's abdomen is lightly or gently stimulated her abdominal walls contract; since the abdominal muscles have a direct connection to her vagina the contractions can make her feel aroused or she can even orgasm. Yeah!

6. Swirl your tongue

While you're in her tummy area, relax your lips and then swirl your tongue around her belly button. Get her all worked up and then dip the tip of your tongue and give her belly button a poke. Do it gently.

7. Tickle her

But first, fool her a little by softly kissing her lips, do it softly almost like you're not touching them... then use your hands to tickle (softly) the skin from her pelvis up to her belly button. Those two moves are bound to make her crazy.

8. Ice her

Put some ice cubes in her belly button and then lick the water overflowing to her tummy. Thanks to all the nerve endings in this area, the combination of the cold of the ice and the heat from your breath will really turn her on.

9. Use some whipped cream

Dab some whipped cream or maybe some ice cream into her belly button and let the licking commence. She then can reciprocate, it'll be a little messy but so worth it!

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Knowing all the erogenous zones waiting to be explored and master in your girl's body can really make you her hero. Follow the roadmap of the hotspots and pay special attention to her belly button. Once you've got her all wet and panting continue downward and finished rocking her world.



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