Understanding Women and How to Connect With Them

A Guide to Understanding How to Connect With Women

By AcaciaJ
Understanding Women and How to Connect With Them

It's said that women are among the most complicated creatures to understand and honestly, this is somewhat true. Women are unique and certainly embody an array of several emotions, thoughts and ideals. Despite this, it doesn't make it impossible to understand what women are truly about. Men typically think women are complex, overreactive and overemotional when this is not true. Actually, the same could be said for men as well better yet, for people as a whole. Which brings us to the next point: Women are people too.  


It's imperative to remember this when it comes to dating and relationships. It's also important to keep in mind that each woman is different. Each has their own thoughts, beliefs and life journeys...WE ALL DO. This alone should help you realize while yes women are a different sex, this does not mean they don't have feelings or won't want what you want. 

As a woman I can honestly say, women are not hard to understand at all. It's important to remember we are people too. We may have more feelings and emotions (lots of them) but we still bleed red and want love and happiness all the same. 

Ways to Connect With Women and Understanding Their Needs

For men, dating can be quite a scary thing to do, especially if you haven't had the best luck in the past with women. But it's not too late to grasp an understanding so you can better connect with them, build your dating life and possibly find the love you deserve. Here are a few tips to help you better connect and understand women's needs. 

1. See Things From Their Perspective

More often than not, women have to be protective of themselves for countless reasons. Keeping up a guard goes for every aspect especially and in their romantic life. It's no secret that having your heart broken in past relationships can affect anyone, but since women are naturally emotional creatures they can certainly feel it in a deeper way. This alone can cause a woman to be protective of herself and push just about any and every guy away who approaches her.

It's vital to understand where she's coming from with this and more importantly, to respect it. No one wants to get hurt and especially twice. It takes time for anyone to get past pain and for women this is true even more so. 

2. Recognize Their Differences

How one woman behaves and thinks does not go for every single woman. Although there could be hundreds that act and think the same way, it still doesn't mean the other million do. Some women are insecure and afraid while others are confident and fearless. Get to know every woman for whom she is apart from the last. This is key when it comes to dating and can be the difference between how you behave towards them and where that can lead. 

Often men and women compare others to whom they know has hurt them in the past. This sort of negative mindset of generalizations can only lead to someone further getting hurt OR not giving the right person a chance leaving you out of love once more. 

3. Women Protection and Security

In every sense, women want to feel protected and secure. It has been this way since cavemen have walked this earth and will remain until we are gone. This is because it's simply the way nature has it in place, men are the providers and protectors. Now, don't get me wrong, countless women can protect and secure themselves in every way, including financially. In fact, I think it's safe to say women are more independent these days than they ever have been due to social changes. 

In short, women simply want someone who's going to be there. A man who will support her when she's down and help her to pick up the pieces if anything gets broken. Someone who will withstand the storms with her and help her see her way through when situations get dark. There's nothing better than a strong man who will help his lady and always be there for her. 

Understanding Women Emotions

Perhaps one of the most complex aspects of a woman, understanding how a woman's emotions work can save you a lot of time and headaches (and arguments smiley )

Understanding Women Emotional Needs

It's no secret women yearn to be supported emotionally. That's not to say it's needed 24/7 but certainly in times of need. Paying attention to how she feels is a huge part of understand a woman and her way of thinking. Fulfilling those needs are just as if not, more important. Here are some ways you can better understand a women by way of her emotional needs. 

1. Support her in the Moment

Listening plays a key role in effectively communicating. It's not uncommon for guys to want to be a woman's hero, especially in a relationship. However, women don't want to be saved always. Often a woman simply wants someone to listen to them when they need it. So support her if she's feeling down and simply be her ear and or, shoulder to cry on.

Being there for someone generally speaking is one of the most amazing things a person can do for someone. So, just listen this can work wonders for your partner, especially when she's really in need of it. 

2. Don't Solve Problems for Her

As previously mentioned, yes women love a guy to be there for her but only when she really needs him to be. A woman does not always need or want someone to swoop in and save her. Rather someone who will be there if or when she really needs it but otherwise allows her to figure things out on her. Maybe she's going through a situation that's extremely frustrating and frequently vents to you. Don't automatically tell her what she needs to do, offer to help instead. 

Even if she's working towards a goal and expresses fear about it to you. Don't negatively react and heighten her fear or place even more fears into the situation. Also, fight any urge to give her a solution and solve it for her. Allow her to vent and figure it out and if she's not able to, she will ask for your help. 

3. Keep a Strong Connection

This is a vital part of any successful relationship and when it comes to dating in general. If you're into her keep connections strong. This doesn't mean text and call a million times a day, but simply let her know you're thinking of her. This gesture is very endearing and she will feel special from you doing so(which us women love). 

Moreover, in a situation where you are not able to make plans with her this weekend ensure you let her know. Keeping communication is essential because it keeps everyone on the same page. It also allows for her to see how much you actually are interested in taking things to a next step, or in the case of a relationship, you're serious about keeping things good and growing with her. 

Understanding Women And Their Mind Games

It is true, there is no denying that women play mind games. While women can be pleasant, unfortunately there are those who aren't underneath it all. Actually, countless women play mind games BUT this does not define all women. If you feel a woman is playing mind games then you are probably right. In general, it's not hard to tell if someone is playing with your head and of course you should stay away. No one deserves that and who wants to waste time? Here are a few clues on whether your lady has been messing with your mind. 

1. She Ruins Your Good Time

You're out with your pals who you haven't had a chance to see in months. You guys are finally able to catch up and are heading to a bar to relax and chat over a few beers. Suddenly you get a text saying you two need to talk. She then proceeds to tell you that you guys don't spend enough time and she wants some time to herself. This is a manipulative move to get you to leave your buddies and give her all your attention instead. 

2. She Often Pulls the "Victim" Card

Some women like to play the blame game to put it simply. Usually there is no other reason for this apart from manipulating a situation in order to get what they want from you. This is not to say when a woman says they are hurt or they cry, to automatically assume what they are saying is not true. 

However, logically speaking if a situation has occurred where she is clearly in the wrong yet she's crying, upset and continues to blame you without taking any self accountability or admitting her wrongs then it's clear she is playing victim. Beware of these type of mindsets in women, it never ends well with any woman who continually exhibits lying and deceiving behaviors. 

3. You're Always Expected to Pay

Among the most dangerous is a woman who constantly expects you to always pull out your wallet. Obviously, this is an issue and can be perceived as someone who only wants you for your money. A woman who only thinks about what you can do for her and never wants to do anything for you in return isn't the one for you. Apart from this, it's extremely selfish if she's expecting you to pay for her during dates but doesn't want to do the same.

This signifies lack of compassion and unfairness regarding your feelings. Ideally, someone who is okay with paying and treating a relationship or dating you fairly could make you much happier in the long run. 

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Understanding Women And Their Body Language

Body language is important to understand especially in the world of dating. It's a silent indicator of the way someone is feeling and can help you gauge what to make or think of certain situations. 

This is the first sign a woman is interested in you or at least on her way to being interested in you. Body language that indicates she's throwing flirtatious vibes include:

  • Twisting or twirling her hair

  • Eye contact

  • Touching you in certain areas(chest, hair, etc.)
  • Constantly laughing or smiling
  • Batting her eyes
  • Biting her lip

These are all signs she is flirting but again, don't mean for certain she is interested in you. They are definitely signs that her interest is growing so if you notice these signs, she's definitely flirting with you!

Engaging Body Language

Signs a woman is fully engaged will help you understand whether she's interested in what you're saying or not. This is also known as positive body language and it's a clear sign that you just may have a shot at a second date;) Signs of engaging body language include:

  • Leaning in as you talk

  • Unbroken eye contact

  • Frames her face with her hands while looking at you

  • She constantly giggles
  • She mirrors your behavior

Protective Body Language

Protective body language is also known as 'barriers." A woman putting up a protective barrier will show signs in several ways. Once a woman begins gaining comfort with you these barriers will typically be removed, or replaced with a positive body language. Here are some signs she is exhibiting protective body language:

  • Crossed arms

  • Legs crossed away from you

  • Objects between you

  • Object against her(such as her purse)

  • Pulling away from you

  • If she hides her hands from you

Books on Understanding Women

1. What Women Want When They Test Men

What Women Want When They Test Men: How To Decode Female Behavior, Pass A Woman's Tests, And Attract Women Through Authenticity

Learn how to become the man a woman truly wants: someone who isn't afraid of her and who is his own man. Most women want a guy who is bold and commands her respect. If you're having trouble exuding these qualities, this book will show you how to develop the characteristics to draw in the kind of woman you want the most and make her yours. 

2. What Women Want in a Man

What Women Want In A Man: How To Become The Alpha Male Women Respect, Desire, And Want To Submit To:

What Women Want in a Man teaches readers how to earn respect and trust from women. With these two qualities alone, you can attract and keep the woman you desire. Learn how to capture the loyal and loving relationship of your dreams for once and for all. 

3. How to Text a Girl: A Girls Chase Guide

How to Text a Girl: A Girls Chase Guide (Girls Chase Guides)

How to Text a Girl: A Girls Chase Guide helps men learn to perfect the art of romance through the number one communication channel today: text messaging. Learn exactly what to say and how to say it to get and keep the woman of your dreams. 


The ability to understand a woman is a gift that should be used in the right way. It's never as tough as it seems to understand another person, especially since we're all on this journey in life together. So, use what you have learned today and simply take action. No matter who you are, everyone deserves a chance of love and being happy. 

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