Dreaming About Your Crush: What Does It Really Mean

Dreams and their interpretation.. When it is all about your crush

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Dreaming About Your Crush: What Does It Really Mean

Most of us have experienced a dream about the person we are romantically interested in at one point or the other. But these dreams can often lead to feelings of confusion if they are negative and an increase in our desire for that particular person if they are positive. Dreams have been widely studied and interpreted but to this day no one knows for sure why we have them. They occur in the deepest part of our sleep, that is, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Here are some common dream scenarios that you may have experienced and the meaning behind them.

12 Dreams about Crush and their Interpretation

1. The Rejection Dream

This kind of dream can result in feeling disheartened, scared, and unworthy. Dreaming about the person you want to be with turning down your proposal of a romantic relationship is not the best feeling. It indicates that you have been considering approaching them and confessing your desire but have been hesitant in doing so. This could be your brain’s way of warning/protecting you from rejection. But at other times it can be a form of temporary closure as now the scenario has played out in your head so you can finally stop dwelling on it and take action. After all, plenty of fish in the sea right?

2. The Romantic Dream

Had a dream about you and your crush on the top of a Ferris wheel with some electrifying eye contact and engaging conversation? This type of romantic date dream can just be interpreted as your subconscious mind tuning in to your conscious self’s infatuation with this specific person. If you were thinking about your crush before falling asleep or imagining what it would be like to date them, it is not surprising that you had this dream. But remember your crush in your dream is just an image of what they’re like in your head. So don’t be disappointed if the actual date doesn’t play out with the same vigor.

3. The Ex-Crush Dream

Sometimes you may find yourself dreaming about someone who you crushed on previously but are no longer interested in. This dream leads to confusion because usually you have moved on and it sends you down a path of doubting your own feelings. But it does not mean that you are still emotionally invested in this person or that you should pursue them again. There are two cases, either you didn’t confess your feelings and are thinking about all the “what ifs” or you were rejected and this dream represents your resentment towards the rejection. It’s best to just ignore this dream and move forward.

4. The Intimate Dream

Ever woken up from a steamy dream in desperate need of a shower? Believe me, we’ve all been there. Having a dream about hooking up with or sometimes simply sharing a passionate kiss with your romantic interest can leave you all hot and bothered early in the morning. Dreams of intimacy are most likely just a manifestation of your inner desire and longing for this person’s attention and affection. They can in fact even result in an increase in your desire to be physically closer to them. In this case, you could drop them a flirty text letting them know they’ve managed to travel into your dreams.

5. The Apocalypse/Danger Dream

Yet another category of dreams that are strange yet only makes you more interested in your crush are ‘the dangerous scenario dreams’. These may be you and your crush being chased or hunted by a monster or maybe it’s the zombie apocalypse and you're stuck with your crush! Any situation in which both of you are together and in jeopardy signifies that this person is more than just a superficial short-lived crush to you. They mean a lot to you and you genuinely care for them. You wish to be a part of their life in a long-term way and to take care of them when the difficult time comes.

6. The Random Friendly Dream

If your dream was you spending time with your crush is just a friendly way, this symbolizes that you yearn to get to know them more. You have probably seen them around school or work and want to spend time with them out of the usual context. Your subconscious is telling you to hang out with them because you’ve just developed this crush from afar. You need to find a way to hang out with them and do a fun activity, alone or in a group. These dreams usually happen in the early stages of a crush.

7. The Unintentional Confession Dream

If you dreamt about your crush finding out you have feelings for them, it is likely that you have been thinking about confessing your desire for them a lot recently. You’ve replayed the situation and all its possible outcomes in your head so many times that your dreams have decided to incorporate this. This dream is a sign that you should overcome your fear and hesitation and tell this special person how you truly feel about them. Everyone is scared of rejection but it is a part of life.  Dreaming about this is your brain telling you to just shoot your shot already!

8. The Fighting Dream

So all you think about is falling in love with your crush but in your dreams, you’re fighting and arguing? Dreaming of negative situations like your crush being mad at you or the two of you hurting each other in some way is not uncommon. Fighting dreams are generally indicative of your need for this person’s approval and validation. You may think they are superior in some way or feel intimidated by their attractiveness or charm. These dreams mean you lack self-confidence and are used to putting your crushes on a pedestal. You seek their approval too much and should create some boundaries in your mind.

9. The Crush Inducing Dream

A very common phenomenon is dreaming about someone you had no previous attraction to in a romantic way. Maybe you’ve been spending time with a close friend and suddenly dream about kissing them. This can make you feel anxious if your relationship with this person was completely platonic before this dream. It may cause you to start acting awkward and strange around said person. But these dreams are often just a result of our brains mixing and matching our memories with our current emotions. In another case, we might be ignoring our attraction to this person consciously but our subconscious is aware of our inner desire to be with this person.

10. The Celebrity Crush Dream

Did Megan Fox just show up in your dream last night? Maybe Ryan Gosling? Having a dream about someone famous you cannot practically be in a relationship or romantic scenario with is your brain’s way of creating a metaphor. It is likely that you are chasing something or trying to accomplish a seemingly impossible task in your waking hours. This feeling of something being out of reach induces such dreams. The celebrity symbolizes your goals or the task at hand that you have not been able to accomplish yet. Take a relaxing walk. Focus on yourself. You’ll get there.

11. The Stranger Crush Dream

If you have had a dream about being romantically involved with someone who you have never met or is a complete stranger to you, it can be interpreted as a lack of fulfillment in your love life. You may not have a crush on someone in real life but still, desire and feel the need for a romantic relationship. You feel like you’re missing out on something and crave some emotional and romantic support. I suggest you open a dating app and go out to meet someone. It is unlikely you will find who you are looking for but it can temporarily get rid of the loneliness.

12. The Years Ago Crush Dream

So it’s been years since you have thought about this person and yet you are having dreams about them? This person is probably someone from your childhood or teenage years. First crushes and relationships are different from all the ones that follow. Since these usually form your opinions on romance and your love life. This dream signifies the fulfillment of an old desire that may have not been satiated. It does not mean you still have feelings for your childhood crush or that you are unhappy if you are already in a relationship. It just means you haven’t been feeling very lucky and could use a break.

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In conclusion, it is completely normal to dream about your crush from time to time. If this special someone has been on your mind so much, push all your doubts and hesitations aside and just drop them a cute little text. Everyone wants to know if you’ve dreamt about them. Their curiosity will force them to text you back. Dreams can be great conversation starters and even act as ice breakers. You don’t need to tell them the awkward details of what you dreamt. Just simply knowing someone had a dream about you makes you think about them. So go out there and get your boo, tiger!



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