12 Ways to Get Over Your Crush and Not Look Awkward

How to move on after she made it clear that she isn't into you

By Aey
12 Ways to Get Over Your Crush and Not Look Awkward

We have all crushed over someone at some point in our lives. That could be a colleague at work, a distant friend, a friend's friend or even a teacher. You can have a crush on someone's looks, personality, voice, or any other trait. Having a crush on someone does not mean that you are in love with them but the road to love initially starts from a minor crush. However, when your crush friend zones you or does not reciprocate your feelings in the same way, you do get a little heartbroken. Even though your feelings were not too strong yet, the hurt is still real and it will take time for you to get over it.

We will discuss possible ways of how to move on from a crush when she (can be he) made it clear she is not into you.

When Love Don't Reciprocate: 12 Ways to Get Over Your Crush Without Looking Awkward

Crush on your best friend

Having a crush on your best friend can be exciting when the other person feels the same way for you but it is extremely awkward if you are the only one who has a crush because the only solution you have is to move on. Here are a number of ways that can help you move on if you have a crush on your best friend.

1. Spend time with your other friends

One of the most awkward situations is when you are crushing on your best friend but she only thinks of you as a friend. It will be hard seeing her with someone else but eventually, you will get over it. To move on, you should start hanging out more with your other friends and start spending less time with her. As they say, when they are out of sight they will eventually get out of mind. Start spending more time with other friends you are close to and keep yourself busy and distracted to keep you away from thinking about your best friend.

2. Exercise

Hitting the gym is a healthy way to move on from a crush. It will get your mind off from your crush for a while. Try to focus on yourself and exercise is a great way to do that. However, exercising doesn't only mean going to the gym, you can join a dance class or go out for a jog every morning and see enjoy its benefits. The fresh air is the breather you have been looking for! Exercise will also release endorphin hormones that are known to make you feel content.  

3. Try to make yourself feel sexy

Feeling confident is the key that will eventually help you get over your crush. Maybe get a new hair cut or dye your hair. Just focus on the things that will make you feel better about yourself physically as well as emotionally. Another important thing you should focus on is that believe that the right person will eventually come along. For everything we do not get, it gets replaced by something better.

4. Put the friendship first

You can never move on from someone if your mind is still stuck with their memories. Live and let them live as well. Be open to the idea of dating someone new and realize that your friendship with this person is more important and you cannot ruin that friendship only because they are not romantically involved with you. This person is your best friend and you have so many memories with them. Both of you need each other however you need to know that you only need them as a friend and nothing more.

Crush at work

5. Try keeping it professional

Having a crush on someone and seeing that person every day is one of the hardest things to do as you will constantly have to pretend to be normal around them. If you have a crush on a colleague or even your boss, try keeping your interaction strictly professional. Avoid hanging out with them post-work hours and even at work try making your own circle of friends that does not include your crush in it.

6. Stop stalking them at and after work

We are all guilty of doing stupid things around our crush. If you want to move on from a crush, you should start by avoiding them and stop stalking them. Do not waste time standing around the coffee machine waiting for them to come and make small talk with you. Also, stop stalking them on social media. You do not need to know who they hung out with after work.

7. You are allowed to dream but be realistic

If you are developing a crush on a coworker but deep down you know things won't work out, go ahead and allow yourself to dream how things would be if it does work out, but then bring yourself back to reality. Keep in mind the pros and cons of dating a coworker. Just remember that if it doesn't work out and you eventually break up with them, your work will also get affected.

8. Focus on why you are at work

One of the most effective ways of getting over a crush at work is to focus on why are you at work in the first place. Focus on your aims, ambitions, and career. Your job and ambitions are a lot more important than these temporary feelings that will eventually fade away with time. Think long term and do not let anything get in way of your dreams.

Crush you see every day

9. Keep yourself as composed as possible

Seeing someone you have a crush on every day is pretty hard as you will constantly know what they are up to. However, try as hard as possible to stay composed and do not let your expressions show them that you still care. Acting indifferent is the key if you want to move on. Even if it affects you, show them that you don't care. When you become a pro in acting, you will eventually feel yourself getting detached from them. As it has been said, fake it till you make it. This trick actually helps.

10. Find a new crush you don't have to see every day

It has been said that you don't need anyone to get over someone. Theoretically, it is true but practically, a rebound can really help. It gets a lot easier when you have someone who gives you the time and attention that you deserve. Start talking to someone on the internet if it helps you move on. At first, it will feel that it is hard to impossible to get over someone but trust time. There is something better in store for you, just hang in there.

11. Get a hobby

The day you realize that your entire life does not revolve around one human, many things will get better on its own. Prioritizing your own self is so important. We often overlook the things that make us happy and these things are all we need to get over someone. Learn to paint or go swimming with your friends. When you see your crush every day, you will feel like you will never get over them but when you focus on empowering yourself, you will eventually get better.

12. Keep yourself busy

You might see your crush every day at work or you might be together at the gym; whatever it is, there are always possible ways of keeping yourself busy. Make new friends, go out for coffee with them and just stay firm in your decision that you have to move on. No matter what happens, promise yourself that you cannot go back down that lane.

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Having a crush on someone is normal and completely harmless but when it starts getting serious knowing that things cannot work out, that is where the trouble begins. When we like someone too much, we are willing to do anything for them knowing that they might not even do half as much for us and that is when they start taking us for granted. However, we must remember that we deserve better than being taken granted for. Do not allow yourself to get attached to someone too much when you know they don't feel the same way for you. Keep yourself busy and distracted from their thoughts. Prioritize yourself and wait for your turn. The person who is meant for you will find his way towards you eventually.