How To Convert That Friend Crush Into A Real Relationship

How to escape from the friend zone and make your crush love you

By Evelyn
How To Convert That Friend Crush Into A Real Relationship

What Are The Differences And Meaning Of Friendly Crush Vs Romantic Crush

Have you had a crush on someone? Do you have a crush on someone right now? It's absolute bliss and also the worse! (especially is he's clueless about you). But have had or are now "squishing" on someone? Do you know what that means? Basically, it means that yes, you have a crush, but it goes in the friend category. Let us explain.

A romantic crush (psychologically speaking) happens when a person, of any age, projects their ideas and values onto another person. They believe this person possess certain attributes and they want to be associated with him or her. The person who has the crush attaches all kinds of strong positive feelings to this image he or she has created.

A romantic crush is a powerful combination of idealization and infatuation. All the chemicals in your brain involved or associated with crushes (like dopamine) make you feel total bliss or they can wreak havoc on your life. Sounds familiar?

A friendly crush or squish has nothing to do with romantic feelings. You have a friendly crush when you want to be around a certain person but not in a sexual kind of way. Our nature, as human beings, is to want to be connected to other people and through our life, we encounter tons of people that we form some kind of connection with but, once in a while, we encounter someone we are drawn too and it has nothing to do with romantic love. 

We can experience different kinds of attractions towards someone, a friend crush means you have feelings of love about this other person, but again, it has nothing to do with sex, you just love everything about them. You want to be near this person so you can be besties.

So the main difference between a romantic crush and a friendly crush is that although, both involve some kind of attraction, in the first one you want him to take you in his arms and kiss you until you're breathless (and much more), with a friendly crush there's nothing sexual about it. You just want to be with this person that makes you laugh and with whom you have lots in common.

How To Get Over A Crush That Friendzoned You?

Are you right now in the mysterious case of the friend zone? How are you liking it? It's absolute torture, right? You met this amazing guy and you became friends, but somewhere along the way your feelings for him started to change and he now is your crush, but unfortunately for you, he only sees you as his friend.

You live in fear that if you tell him how you feel he'll reject you (did that already happen?) but also you refuse to get away from him because you love to be around him and because deep down you hope that things will change and he miraculously will change his feelings toward you.

Being stuck in the friend zone causes more heartbreak than actual breakups, Is that how you feel? You can't understand why you two can't be together since you seem to get along just fine. You "get" each other, you trust each other, there's love between you two, you absolutely love spending time with each other. Why he just want to be friends?

There could be many reasons, one being that he's not really into you (sorry, but that happens) and no matter what you do, that's not going to change. The other reason could be because you're not approaching the situation right. If you haven't told him how you feel, then don't it, that could turn him off immediately. Why?

First, there'll be no challenge for him. Since he knows you so well, if you acknowledge how you feel about him he'll assume he can be with you anytime without him doing anything to deserve it. Second, you're kind of putting pressure on him, you're making him uncomfortable (guys don't handle that well). And lastly, you'll make him feel awkward, he sees you as a trusted friend.

What can you do to change that scenario? The best way to get over that crush that friend zoned you is by finding ways to get into the girlfriend zone. Here's how you can pull it off.

1. Do something to show him a different side of you

Show him your womanly side, you know, dress differently when you meet up with him, change perfume, wear makeup, dress sexily. You can even try some seductive gestures like crossing your legs slowly, rolling your eyes coyly, playing with your hair. Some flirting "touches". If he notices you and starts to wonder, play it a little further and see what happens (don't admit to anything yet) or say you're practicing your charming ways with him.wink

2. Start building some emotional intimacy

We're sure as friends you talk about many things, but how many of those talks have been about personal stuff? You need to have serious talks with him, talks where you can build an emotional bond because that's a great way to get him closer to you and make him see you differently. So in a playful and teasing way ask him questions like "What for you is the most important quality in a woman?" "Do you have a precious memory from your past that you want to share with me?" "How do you know a relationship is working?"

3. Become a little mysterious

Men love a little mystery too. It's alluring and it forces him to search the meaning of what's hidden. So spice it up a little by becoming a little mysterious, he'll become more interested that way. Start by treating him differently (all of a sudden), he's your friend and he likes you, right? You'll have him wondering why the change.

4. Hang out with other men

Start hanging with other men, not the group of your common friends. That'll give him a clue not to see you only as his buddy, and be sure to tell him about all the fun you had with these other men. The objective here is to make him jealous or at least having a reaction, but if none of that happens... 

5. Ignore him

Nobody knows what he has until it's gone. Strange but true, so show him what it will be like if you are not around him anymore, it might be just the thing to get him to treasure you as more than just a friend.

5 Useful Steps On How to Approach And Attract Your Crush

You have a crush on some guy that you met some weeks ago and are wondering how you can approach him so he'll return your feelings. Somehow you have to get out of your misery, so there's got to be a way to tell him or to let him know how you feel. The easiest way would be to march up to him and just tell him but unfortunately for you, that doesn't always work. There's the danger of alienating him instead of attracting him to you.

You need to have a plan, you have to build a foundation, take it step-by-step until you get to his heart. Follow these 5 steps.

1. Get his attention

The first step you need to take is getting him to notice you. Get his attention in a positive light, make him see you're a very interesting woman, that you have a life and that you enjoy it. You have some very good qualities, show them to him, be kind not just to him but to everyone. Be a happy person.

2. Work on being yourself

Resist the temptation of misrepresenting yourself just to get him to like you. Nobody likes deception and that facade will fade immediately once you start hanging out, Be totally yourself, you have managed to get him to notice you so don't ruin your chances of him asking you on a date by presenting a phony you.

3. Work on building the chemistry

Now you need to build some chemistry between you two. There are little things you can do like staring discreetly at your crush for like a second and then looking away once you catch his eye. Just smile to yourself and keep doing what you were doing. Get information on him so you'll know what works to impress him. When you walk near him brush him up accidentally on his shoulder. 

A great way to build chemistry and arouse his curiosity is by making yourself seem approachable but before he can do anything about it, walking away. For example, walk past him, saying something like "excuse me" look him straight in the eye and smile (just a bit), then keep walking. He may be tempted to follow you. wink

4. Engage him in a conversation

The steps above have paved the way to this one. He has noticed you, you are charming and have sparked his curiosity, now's the time to give him the chance of getting to know you better. So next time you see him, strike up a conversation with him. He'll be very interested, you'll see.

5. Avoid entering the friend zone

It is true that a relationship should start with the foundation of a friendship, but be careful there not to stay too long on the friend zone. You want him to ask you on a date right? So you need to find a balance so he'll see you as a woman too, not just one of his friends.

Inspirational Quotes On How To Escape The Friendzone

Since the last thing you want is to be stuck in the friend zone with your crush, here are some inspirational quotes so you can find extra motivation to escape it.

"Even now I'll see her looking at him, her eyes milky yet full of longing and all he ever gives her is a gentle absent nod. Perhaps this is the nature of true deprivation a lifetime of love, tenderly spurned." -Jane Avrich

"The heart may think it knows better; the senses know that absence blots people out. We really have no absent friends. The friend becomes a traitor by breaking, however unwillingly or sadly, out of our zone: a hard judgment is passed on him, for all the pleas of the heart." -Elizabeth Bowen

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Making your crush fall in love with you without entering the friend zone requires you to have a plan. Don't get frustrated because he's not falling into your hands, follow the steps carefully and to a tee and then you'll see he'll be falling in love with you, he will even think that you were his crush.wink