15 Obvious Signs to Tell If Your Crush Likes You Back

Ever wondered if your crush likes you back? Here are 15 signs which they might be giving out to you intentionally or unintentionally.

By Vasudha
15 Obvious Signs to Tell If Your Crush Likes You Back

The Best Way To Tell If Your Crush Likes You

Wouldn't it be nice if you come to know that the person you like, likes you back too? They might be dropping hints here and there, but you may not have noticed them. To make sure of his/her feelings, you can keep an eye out for signs. Notice the subtle changes in their body language and pay attention to the way they talk. Here are some of the few signs that strongly indicate that your crush likes you back.

1. How Your Crush Looks At You

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There might a lot of random instances when you turn around and catch him or her staring at you with a smile on his or her face. Upon eye contact, your crush gets embarrassed. How do you make sure they are interested? If relationship experts are to be believed, eye contact is one of the most important things during communication and should be used as often as possible. One can find out whether their crush likes them or not depending on how long one holds the eye contact with you. The longer he gazes into your eyes, higher are the chances that he is interested in you.

2. They Sigh When They Look At You

Whenever your crush looks at you, they subconsciously take a deep breath. This is how you can be sure about their feelings for you. Many guys often take a subtle deep breath on seeing a girl they like. The reason behind it is that it helps them widen their shoulders, sit up straight, and come across as more attractive. Very often a guy will try doing this while he is looking at you, and he will put in efforts to keep his body language perfect in front of you. This effort from his part implies he likes you and he is trying to get your attention. A girl who likes you might, however, swoon and sigh when you pass by.

3. How Your Crush Smiles

It is quite natural for guys to smile whenever they catch a glimpse of their crush. On the off chance that he smiles at you a lot, it could be another positive signal towards his liking for you. One also has to closely observe the kind of smile on his face. It might just be a casual smile or a smile that is suggestive of his fondness of you. A smile on his face is perhaps one of the most clear and evident signs that he is into you. In the event you spot him smiling at you, take it as a good sign and there is a decent possibility that he might be thinking about approaching you.

4. How Your Crush Behaves

If your crush likes you back, he will act in a different way when you are around. With their body language, they will try to build an impression on you that they seek to approach you as well. How do you ascertain this signal? Take special note and observe them, especially when they crack a joke or act funny in a group to make everyone laugh. If you catch them looking at you first to observe your reaction, take it as a good indication and be sure that they like you. They look at you first just to make sure if you noticed and laughed too. This can tell you how much they like and adore you.

5. Your Crush Remembers Details About You

Most people know and remember almost every detail about their crush. If you’re wondering whether your crush knows about you in detail too, be alert and keep a check out on their attention to details. Notice how intrigued they are about you. In case your crush likes you back, they will probably remember intricate things such as things you have said earlier or things that interest you. When your crush asks you questions, it is definitely a good sign, but if they remember everything you said, they surely like you a lot. Your crush can show a genuine interest in you by asking questions. You'll get further confirmation of how they feel if they remember the tiniest stuff you tell them, like the name of your first pet, your favorite color, or so on.

6. They Ask You For Your Number

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If your crush likes you back, they do everything to get your number. Also, if he or she likes you, they will incessantly find reasons to keep in touch with you. If they asked you for your number, it’s a strong tell-tale move from their side and can signal that he or she likes you and wants to get close to you. Your crush might be interested in knowing how you feel about them and will find excuses to message or call you.

7. Friends Tease Them About You

Usually, we tell our friends if we like someone or have a crush on them. If the friends of your crush are aware that he or she likes you, they will continuously keep on teasing them in front of you. Also, friends of your crush would keep a close watch on how you react, to affirm that the given person likes them back too. Even you can tell a lot by observing how he reacts. Notice how their body language changes when friends are teasing him or her. You will be able to tell if your crush likes you if they blush or smile a lot.

8. Your Crush Calls You Frequently

In this age of text messaging and chatting, if your crush calls you more than often, take it as a positive sign that he or she likes you. Your crush probably likes to hear your voice and makes excuses to call you. Notice how often they initiate a call. Also, observe their interest level and note how they try to keep the conversation going on. This indicates that he or she likes talking to you and can’t get enough of you. Their tone of speaking will conclusively reveal if he or she wants to casually chat with you or wants to have a deep conversation. The way how they speak can also reveal whether it is just a friendly call or or something more.

9. Your Crush Likes To Be Well-Groomed For You

People take extra measures to stand out if they are around their crush. They would probably go leaps and bounds to look more groomed than before so that their crush likes them back too. You might notice how they start dressing, cleaning up, shaving, styling their hair and even wearing perfume. If you notice your crush making these extra efforts especially in front of you, be sure that they are concerned how they looks around you. This is a strong hint that he or she really likes you and wants to draw attention.

10. He Or She Likes Spending Time With You

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If your crush likes spending time with you alone and every now and continuously plans on meeting you, then he or she definitely likes you. If they are dropping hints that they would enjoy going on a date with you and does so in a slow manner, they look at you as a prospective girlfriend or boyfriend. They will tread slowly and carefully before making any serious moves if he or she really likes you. This shows he or she likes you deeply and sees you as a possible partner. They do not want to mess things up by rushing you.

11. Your Crush Likes To Impress You

He or she likes to portray a masculine or feminine image respectively through their body language so as to stand out in the crowd around you. If your crush likes you, he or she will overdo it in order to impress you. In an effort to make you fall for them, they will try every trick in the book to come across as an interesting person. They put in, out of the way efforts to impress you, because he or she likes you a lot and is nervous to get their feelings reciprocated. Sometimes, they might even make a special gesture exclusively for you to try and amaze you. Observe to how much extend your crush goes in their actions to impress you.

12. They Flirt With Other People And Watch You

If you see your crush flirting with other people in front of you, don’t get disappointed. They might be doing so just to observe how you react so as to make sure if you too have fallen for them. Notice how they get jealous when you talk to other people as well. It’s a sure shot sign indicating your crush likes you and has a soft corner for you. When you talk to other people, you can make out whether they are evidently jealous. They might pretend how happy they are for you, but on the other hand, he or she will be keeping a check on you. If he or she likes you, then your crush will notice if the other person can make you laugh and giggle. If other people start hitting on you, they will fall short of words, get anxious and avoid letting their feelings show in front of you.

13. They Copy Your Mannerisms

If a person likes you, they mirror your actions. Most often people do it without even realizing it. It is almost natural for anyone to replicate the body language of his or her loved one. If your crush laughs when you laugh, it shows he or she likes you immensely and is observing you closely. One proven way to assert this observation is by yawning in front of them. If they yawn too, then your crush likes you and is definitely checking you out.

14. Chatting With You For Long Hours

As soon as you go online, you get a message from your crush. If this happens more than frequently, they might be into you. Moreover, if they initiate a flirty conversation with you, there can’t be a more concrete indication that he or she likes you. They will try to tell you about their personality and will try to know more about you as a person. If you notice them struggling to bid goodbyes at the end of the conversation, it means that your crush likes you and holds you close in their heart. Even if you would be talking about useless things all night long, it would turn out to be one of the best conversations you ever had.

15. Your Crush Likes To Talk About Their Plans

If a person sees a future with you, then they will delve into their life plans while talking to you. If you notice your crush talking deeply about their goals and ambitions, take it seriously. Most people indulge into serious talks only if they see a person as a potential partner. This is their way of letting you know what they expect to accomplish in their lives. Also, they might be checking if both of you are going down the same path in life. Everyone look out for partners who are steady and are supportive of their career goals, especially guys. This is a sure sign that they have started taking things seriously and is looking forward to building a relationship with you.

Final Words

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Love can be tricky and decoding these signals might be even trickier. If you notice your crush exhibiting some or most of the above signs, then they have surely fallen for you. These signs can vary from person to person and from guys to girls since nobody is the same. However, do not easily give up and keep on looking out for them. Your crush might be showing most of the above signs and making you wonder why they are not asking you out still. But fret not. Maybe they want you to take the initial steps.

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