How to Achieve a Happy Marriage with These 15 Tips

Follow these top 15 Tips to achieve and maintain a happy marriage

By Chelsea Lane
How to Achieve a Happy Marriage with These 15 Tips

As we all know, a marriage is a lifelong and a long-term journey with your special someone. It is a path ridden with obstacles and challenges. Most couples enter this journey with the intent of having a long and happy marriage. Of course, the definition of a happy marriage varies for each couple, but it lies on the foundation of being in love, trusting each other and faithfulness.


Married life is not a bed of roses. You’re bound to experience some form of difficulty over the span of your marriage. An important thing to remember in order to overcome these difficulties or to maintain a happy marriage is for you to give some effort that would coincide with the essential elements of a happy marriage.

Elements of a Happy Marriage

Marriage often has these essential elements that successfully married couples swear by. If you plan to get married or are already married, you set these essential elements in mind as your goal. People do not like an unhappy, dull and painful marriage life. As much as possible, they would use these elements to have a happy marriage come into fruition.

1. Connection

The first and foremost element that is important to any marriage is having a connection. A meaningful connection with a spouse often leads to a meaningful relationship. Also, this connection is the very foundation where other elements are built onto.

2. Commitment

Second is commitment. The basis of any marriage is looking for a lifelong partner. Someone who could endure the ups and downs with you. Committing to someone means that you want to love someone unconditionally and plan to be with them for a long period of time.

3. Trust

Thirdly, trust. Trust is key to a happy and stress-free marriage. Without trust, problems would arise which might lead to a dissolving relationship. These problems include constant suspicion, jealousness, and conflict. Trusting your spouse wholeheartedly means that you would be able to live your own lives without the nagging thought that your spouse isn’t being unfaithful.

Many elements would factor in a happy marriage and the aforementioned above doesn’t necessarily have to be in that order. It depends on married couples how they prioritize the essential elements.

Tips On How to Achieve a Happy Marriage Life

1. Establish open communication throughout your marriage

Communication is the biggest channel in which married couples express their feelings to each other. Take note that communicating with your spouse doesn’t merely resort to verbal interaction. Non-verbal interactions are equally as important as verbal communication. This is where the element of trust comes in.

2. Keep your attitude in check

Don't merely rely on the fact that your spouse married you for who you are and you can still keep having a bad attitude. People have limits, and too much of something is not always good. Bad attitude often leads to bad feelings and actions. I’m not telling you to change yourself but just keep your attitude in check.

3. Show your appreciation or say “Thank you” for the little things

The words ‘thank you’ can go a very long way. By saying these two simple words, you’re letting your spouse know that you appreciate him. Appreciation through gratitude is a great motivation for people to keep doing what they do. But don’t think that being grateful is only a driving force to keep your spouse in making effort. It is also an expression of love which can be good at maintaining a happy marriage.

4. Practice being a good listener

Hearing and listening are two very similar yet different words. Hearing is the perception of sound while listening is what you consciously do. It is a selective activity because it requires concentration. Just by listening to your spouse retell his day to you is a great step in having open communication. 

5. Do not casually mention divorce in the middle of an argument

Throwing in the plan of a divorce when things get too heated is a big no-no. Your spouse might think that you can easily give up your marriage. Even if you don’t actually mean it, it’s still not right.

6. You can be vulnerable to each other

The mere fact that you can open yourself to your spouse creates a deeper connection. Showing your flaws and tender spots is not weakness. It establishes trust and produces genuine intimacy in your relationship.

7. Master the art of acceptance

This trait is often lacking in the majority of women who see the habits of their spouse slowly unravel over time. If you accepted him then, you can accept him now. Surely, it takes some time, but remember to accept your partner’s flaws as he accepted yours.

8. Don’t take each other for granted

Pay compliments to the little things. Start by acknowledging your partner’s positive deeds or attributes. Don’t forget to be sincere. If you cannot be sincere, then do not force yourself to compliment your partner. Insincerity can sometimes be viewed on how you talk or act. 

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 People tell you that you should feel as in love with your husband/wife as the first day you fell in love, that's how you know the love is real.

10. Avoid controlling each other

Individuals often control their spouse in order to shape them to their liking. It may be done unconsciously when expectations rise. If you sense you are being controlled or you are the one being controlling, share your thoughts and doubts to your partner. Remember, establishing open communication is a great tool in marriage or in any kind of relationship.

11. Relinquish the fantasies

Most of us grew up reading or watching fairytales, and even as adults, we are molded to find the perfect ending. It is important to realize that while marriage is an extraordinary and lovely occurrence, it is not a bed of roses nor will it ever be flawless. Be realistic and keep timely expectations or goals. If these fairytale fantasies don’t happen, they may result in disappointments.

12. Show some romance

Romantic acts can vary from showering your partner with flowers and love notes to watching the sunset together. These things, however big or small they may be, can strengthen your marriage.

13. Take responsibility for your actions

Don’t always find someone to blame your actions on. Take responsibility for everything you do and say.

14. Do exciting or fun things often

Sharing new experiences with your loved one can be ten times greater than just doing them alone. 

15. Learn how to collaborate

Compromise often leads to partially unfulfilled needs. By learning how to collaborate, you’re sharing the weight with your partner and finding a solution together.

Top 5 Happy Marriage Quotes to Live By

Now I’ll be sharing five happy marriage quotes that may be worth remembering. These quotes may be beneficial in creating a happier marriage.


1. You cannot sit back and hope for a happy marriage, you have to create one


2. Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny movements that create your love story - Jennifer Smith


3. A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person - Mignon McLaughlin


4. The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time - Julia Child


5.  You can’t have a happy family if you don’t have a happy marriage - Jeremy Sisto



A happy marriage is what most people aspire to have. Despite the long winding road ahead, it is important that we stay true to ourselves and to our partners. A happy marriage is not built on love alone but on a series of other factors. These include faithfulness, commitment, respect, trust, connection and so many more. Marriage doesn’t always require you to change yourself but to improve yourself as a person and as a partner. Improving yourself benefits not only your spouse but also your whole family. Stay strong and take the winding road together. Avoid becoming a toxic partner to your spouse. Remember that these tips should not only apply to one but to both in a marriage.

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