Not Just a Friend: 10 Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

Spending more time with you might mean he wants something more!

By Madiha A.
Not Just a Friend: 10 Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

What Are The Characteristics Of A Cancer Man?

When getting into a relationship, we hardly ever take into consideration the zodiac sign of the other person. However, what star sign a person has can greatly influence the relationship. Peculiar habits, personality traits, moods, and behaviors can have positive and negative effects. 
People born between June 22 and July 22 have the zodiac sign called Cancer. It is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac and its symbol is crab. Here are some positive and negative characteristics that are obvious in a cancer man:

Positive Characteristics

•    Cancer men are excited and passionate. He is emotionally strong and vulnerable at the same time which makes him utterly sexual and attractive.
•    Cancer men are loving and caring and empathic towards their loved ones.
•    Just like a crab, the Cancer man is soft, loving, and gentle on the inside.
•    Cancer men are highly intuitive and have strong psychic powers.   
•    Cancer men are loyal and devoted to relationships.
•    Cancer men are very creative with a wild imagination.

Negative Characteristics

•    Cancer men are very moody and might turn into a totally different person within minutes. 
•    Cancer man can hold a grudge if you say something that he does not like. He might forgive you but will never forget.
•    Cancer men are possessive. 
•    Cancer men are extremely sensitive.
•    Cancer men can be insecure and manipulative. 

What Catches Their Interest?

Men are not very expressive and it is very difficult to find out the things they like or dislike. To get into a relationship with a Cancer man, you need to know everything about them; especially the things that catch their interest. The first thing you can do to get his attention is being nice to his loved ones. Anyone who is affectionate towards their close friends and family is welcomed into their circle of trust. If you are empathic towards the Cancer man and able to connect on an emotional level, he will surely notice you. For a Cancer man to notice you, you need to be very understanding. Cancer men love to offer a helping hand so if you want to get their attention, be vulnerable. If you are an organized person, this is another reason for him to get attracted to you as cancer men are mostly orderly and neat people.

How Do They Usually Act When In Love? When In A Relationship?

All the qualities you look for in a lover, Cancer man has most of them. When in love, cancer men are loyal and devoted. For a woman who wants to be loved like a princess, the cancer man is the answer to her prayers. Cancer men believe in fairytale kind of love and will go to any extent to make it a reality for their partners. However, you need to beware of the possessive and jealous side of their nature. They expect the same love and devotion from their partner and will settle for nothing less. Cancer men are very loyal and devoted to their relationships and exhibit an extreme level of commitment. Cancer men are highly sensitive when it comes to their partner’s emotional needs and well-being. They will try to connect at a deeper level and provide comfort to the partner. They even try to keep the family problems hidden from their partners. In conflicting situations, cancer men often stay calm and keep quiet to avoid drama.    

10 Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

Where women are emotionally and physically vocal and expressive, men give hints and signs of their love and involvement. These signs can either be crystal clear or can be vague and ambiguous. If you’ve been seeing a cancer man for a while or have been friends with a Cancer man and if he is interested in you, here are the ten signs you should expect:

1. He is caring

It is in the nature of a Cancer man to care. Most Cancer men are extremely caring towards their loved ones and their love and care shows in their actions. If your Cancer acquaintance is showing concern and has been asking about your problems and wants to share your troubles, it is a sign that he likes you. 

2. He is possessive

A cancer man in love is very possessive. If your cancer friend has been behaving weirdly when you talk to someone else or doesn’t like anyone else around you; he surely likes you and wants to take the relationship to the next level. 

3. He is shy

Unlike most men, a Cancer man in love becomes nervous and shy around the person he likes. He will try to keep his feelings to himself and will take the time to share his thoughts and emotions. Even if he is expressing his love, he will feel awkward and if he is behaving in a peculiar manner, it is a sign he likes you and finding it difficult to open up his heart.

4. He acts like a teenager

Cancer man believes in a fairytale kind of love, the kind of love most teenagers believe in. A cancer man in love will go to any limits to make a certain event special for you. If the cancer acquaintance of yours is too good to be true and everything he says is like dialogue from a romantic movie; get ready because he is really into you.

5. He talks about future

One of the biggest signs that a Cancer man likes you is his subtle conversations about the future. If he talks to you about his future it only means one thing; he sees you in his future. 

6. He introduces you to his family

As discussed earlier, Cancer men are very close to their family and can go to any limits for the love of their loved ones. If a Cancer man has introduced you or is planning for you to meet his family, it is a sign that he now sees you as his own and wants you to get acquainted with his family. He will do so when is 100% sure that you are the right one and he can trust you.

7. He is OK with PDA

One of the signs that a cancer man has feelings for you is his public display of affections. Most men find it convenient to kiss and hug in public but a Cancer man will not do so until he is sure. Cancer men are shy and find it difficult to express their feelings openly and if he has been wearing his heart on the sleeve lately, voila! He is ready to take the next step.

8. He shares his feelings

Cancer men keep their feelings to themselves because of their timid nature. If the cancer man has started opening up with you it is a clear sign that he likes you. Sharing feelings is a way to bond with the partner. When a person shares his doubts, apprehensions, goals, and plans, it is a sign that he wants your involvement in his personal matters and that is the next level in a relationship.

9. He wants to know everything about you

When a person plans a future with you, he will like to know everything about you. If the cancer man in your life is asking questions about your likes and dislikes and every other aspect of life, he surely likes you. Getting to know each other means spending more time in each other’s company and that only happens if you think the relationship is heading in the right direction.

10. You smell jealousy

Cancer men are very possessive and if you smell jealousy from him if he sees you talking to someone else, man, he is definitely into you. A mere thought of you with someone else will make him uncomfortable and it will show in his behavior. 

How Do Cancer Men Feel/Want To Be Loved?    

Cancer men are passionate lovers and they expect the same level of emotional exuberance expect from their partners. For cancer men, a true relationship means honesty, loyalty, and happiness. Since cancer men are mostly shy, they will expect you to be more expressive in terms of emotions and feelings. He wants to be pampered and taken care of. He wants his partner to be understanding and empathic. Cancer men are very tactile, therefore, in a relationship; they love to be touched even if it is in a casual way. Tapping on shoulders, hugs, shake hands and other sensual touches turn him on. When in love, the cancer man wants sex to be simple. He does not believe in experiments and will do what he likes in the comfort of his own home.      

What Are Ways To Keep The Relationship Strong?  

Every relationship sees ups and downs but there are a few things that keep the partners together. In the case of a partner who has Cancer as his zodiac sign, you can bond by keeping in mind the following things:
•    Keep his family close and mother closer
•    Stay loyal and honest
•    Take care of him
•    Be empathic
•    Love passionately
•    Make him your priority
•    Live with him a simple life full of pleasures

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It doesn’t take a long time for a platonic love to turn into a hot, steaming, and full of emotions love. The cancer friend of yours may have started liking you in a special way but due to lack of courage, he can’t express it yet. Look for subtle signs here and there and respond accordingly to give this friendship a new name.