7 Tell-tale Signs That A Cancer Man Misses You

You must get ready to see notifications from everywhere.

By Kimmy
7 Tell-tale Signs That A Cancer Man Misses You

What Are Cancer Men Like In General?

Cancer men are probably one of the most complicated men in the world. They can be the Prince Charming you have ever dreamt of, at the same time, if you wrong them, they will leave without turning back. Cancer men are loving, caring, passionate about their partner, and loyal.

Being sensitive and too caring can be a weakness for cancer men. They are too much and it's easy for them to be hurt. They are sensitive to people around them and want to make sure people are pleased around them. This can cause a lot of stress.

Is It Obvious When Men Miss Someone?

YES. Cancer men are like an open book in front of those they like. No matter how hard they try to hide it, it's still very obvious that they miss someone. Cancer men aren't the type to hide their emotions. They are very bad at lying and when they think about someone, they just go for it and make it as clear as day how they feel.

People say Cancer men are one of the most sensitive and at the same time the easiest to figure out. They always have their intentions written on their forehead. They are a bad liar. You don't have to wonder if a Cancer man misses you. If he does, signs will be clear. However, you should know the difference between someone missing you and someone using you or trying to control you. Read on to find out typical signs when Cancer men miss someone and if that relates to you!

How Do Cancer Guys Act When They Like Someone?

They got really mad and dedicated to make sure you know you are being missed. By doing so, it's not that they expect something from you in return, but simply that they want you to know you are precious and someone, somewhere is thinking about you.

You will see them constantly checking up on you, making sure you are okay. They will let you know how special you are to cheer you up. Basically, there's really nothing a Cancer man won't try to make you happy.

7 Tell-tale Signs A Cancer Man Misses You

1. He talks to you all the time

You are the first person he talks to when he wakes up and the last person he talks to before he goes to bed. A Cancer man will put you as his priority when he misses you. He can't think of anything else but you. You are all over his mind. When he is working, it's almost as if he can't function well without you. He wants to know how you are 24/7, not because he is controlling, but because he misses you so much that he can't bear the thought of not talking to you.

The key difference between a Cancer guy and a controlling guy is that a controlling guy wants to know your whereabouts so he can manipulate you. It's all for his agenda. He wants to control your movement so he can say no to it anytime he wants.

A Cancer guy wants to know what you are up to not because he is nosy but because he wants to hear from you. He is happy even if you just simply reply. He won't get upset because you do "things he doesn't approve". Don't mistake something being controlling as "just being himself".

2. He is very active on your social media platforms

Whenever you post something new, you will see him commenting and liking your posts. He constantly interacts with you and makes you feel like the queen of social media. The moment a funny meme comes up, he will tag you and wait for your response. You don't necessarily have to write back to him. He is not the type to get upset. He is simply happy that he is able to connect with you.

When you are busy working, your Cancer man will go over your old photos on your social media because simply looking at you makes him happy. He will save your old photos and maybe send them back to you to tell you he likes this hairstyle etc. 

3. He pictures your future

Cancer men are incredibly creative. Whenever they miss someone and can't physically be with them, they choose to leave it to their imagination about what could happen in the future. What kind of future you could have, how to make this relationship work etc. Cancer men have it all covered.

He enjoys fantasizing about your future in a loving way. There can never be too much planning or dreaming with a Cancer guy. Don't be surprised if he comes up to you and presents a cute getaway trip to Bora Bora! He is not joking. It's been happening in his head for a long time.

4. He makes you little surprises

Suddenly showing up at your workplace to pick you up, getting you flowers and unexpected little gifts, Cancer men are full of surprises in their own ways. They are always planning to fill you up with joy and new ways to keep you happy. He has always got something up his sleeves.

Be prepared to see someone showing up unannounced at your doorsteps taking you to a fancy restaurant for dinner. That's a typical Cancer way of telling you the misses you.

5. He brings up old memories a lot

Every moment with you deserves to be framed up. A Cancer man is always reminiscing in the old joy that puts a smile on his face. You see him posting on social media from time to time an old memory, probably a trip that involves you. Things that make him smile. Cancer men are simple and that's what so precious about them. They are not materialistic and they don't ask for much from you, just for your love back.

He probably has a collection of photos of you two and how he wishes to go back in time so he could relive those moments. Cancer men are sweetheart that you won't find in others.

6. He knows when to cheer you up

Cancer men are wonderful empaths. They can sense negative emotions from you even if you are not physically next to you. By the way, your text or by the way you are not texting back, a Cancer man can tell precisely if something is wrong and what they should do to cheer you up.

His sensitivity gives him an edge and you can tell how much he cares about you because he will literally stay awake and exhaust himself until he can make sure you are okay. All the late-night calls, all the midnight walks in the parks, as long as you are upset, he will be there for you.

A good thing about a Cancer man is that he always magically knows what you like on your plate. Not a hint needs to be dropped. He can tell if you want a text, ice cream delivery, or a Netflix watch party. He understands you well. It's not because he is smart. But because he is attentive. He pays attention to you and knows what you need and wants.

7. He becomes very comfortable and totally relaxed when he sees you

Cancer men's sensitivity can lead them to feel stressed because of the separation. They are constantly thinking about you but maybe you are both busy or you don't live in the same city so you can't see often. It stresses him out and he wants you to remain crazy about him so he will try to do anything he can. When he finally sees you, you can see this pressure of clouds lifted off him. That's how you know he has been missing you so much.

Even something as small as watching a movie on the sofa, you can see just how happy and relaxed he is to be sitting next to you. He is content and you will even see him happily crack up different jokes as if nothing can make him upset. It's true, nothing can make him upset when you are next to you.

It doesn't take a lot to notice how much a Cancer man misses you. They usually tend to make this very obvious in case you missed any signs. They are a different person when they are talking to you. They feel that they can be themselves and they won't try to be someone else they are not. You probably can't find someone as sincere as a Cancer man.

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Cancer men can be the kindest gentlemen if you treat them right. They have long memories and will give you all their love if you love them back. Do know that if you treat a Cancer man wrong, they are not the type to seek revenge but he will for sure leave and never look back.

Now it should be pretty clear if your Cancer man is missing you or not. Time to text him and take this to the next level!