25 Kinky Tricks To Make A Man Happy In Bed And Satisfied Sexually

Satisfy your man and make him happy in bed sexually

By Auntrone89
 25 Kinky Tricks To Make A Man Happy In Bed And Satisfied Sexually

Contrary to common belief, making a man happy especially in bed isn't as complicated as it is made to seem. Here are some tips women can try out:

How to make your man happy in bed like a pro

Whether you have a boyfriend or a husband, it is important to note that your sex life is important. It is the only thing that will hold you together for as long as possible. There are different ways in which you can carry yourself when it comes to sex that will always drive your man crazy, and some of them include the following:

1. Tell your boyfriend/man you love him often

Nothing makes your boyfriend happier than being told that you love him back. Make it a habit and you will make a happy lover. And as someone smart once said, a happy husband, a happy, satisfied wife/girlfriend. I know it’s supposed to be the other way around but you get the point.

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2. Taking your man hostage in bed will make him happy

Do you want to make him happy? Tie him up on the bed and tease him a little bit before making love to him. Doing so will not only drive him crazy but will leave him wanting more of you, which will always be to your advantage because you will sure as hell enjoy the lovemaking session. Make sure that you are always surprising him by not making it a norm.

3. Turn your man/boyfriend on in the shower

Nothing turns a man more than seeing the woman he loves naked with foam dripping down her goddess figure. That said, always invite your boyfriend to take showers with you and that will give him more than one reason to be happy. Just make sure that the temperatures are lowered because how you women survive bathing in boiling water still remains a mystery to us.

4. Make your man happy by sucking his fingers

While women are serial fantasists, men happen to be visual creatures. That means that we get aroused by what we see. That said if you want to make your man happy, get to suck his fingers slowly and seductively while staring him in the eyes. Doing this will not only make him happy but will also be a stepping stone for a very hot sexual encounter.

5. Dirty talk to your man to get him hard

I am sure you’ve heard the street dictum “I want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed”, right? Well, it so happens that Ludacris was speaking on behalf of all the men in the world. Dirty talking is one of the salient tips that can be effectively used to turn your boyfriend/man sexually and make him a beast in bed. The good thing is that you can learn how to do it. Just don’t proceed to insult your man and always know where to draw the line, which is nothing that good practice cannot fix.

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6. Moan for your boyfriend/man

Though your boyfriend will not come clean about it, all men love it when women moan during sex. That shows that he is doing such a fine job pleasuring you and that will make him even go harder while on top of you. Just make sure that you aren’t exaggerating it unless you want to turn your boyfriend off.

7. Make your relationship exciting by making your man wait

If you want to make your man crave for you, don’t give him the obvious because he will grow tired of you. Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can use to make him crave you over and over again. For instance, when you are making love to your man, make sure that you are going to his private parts and that should happen only after he had begged for it.

8. Choosing the right background music for sex

Contrary to popular belief, men also like it when women make an effort to set the mood. Try playing some soothing music in the background while you crawl on your fours towards your man and see your boyfriend falling in love with you a second time. If you aren’t sure about what music your boyfriend likes, just ask. Don’t go wasting money on hiring a private investigator to investigate your man.

9. Strip-tease your man and make him happy

Did your man stop going to the strip club because he met and fell in love with you? Good. But that doesn’t mean that he has to miss out all the fun he used to have when he was single. Make your man happy by strip teasing him from time to time. Don’t go welding a silicon stripper pole in the midst of your living room unless you want the visitors to never visit again. Just a little strip tease here and there will without a doubt make your man happy.

10. Get rid of everything distracting your man

You want to make your man happy and sexually turned on before hopping to bed, well one of the many tips you can use is by getting rid of all the distractions. You need to make yourself his only distraction. So how do you go about it? It’s simple. When it’s time to make love, switch off the TV, slide into something amazingly hot and switch off the phone because phones have a special gift of ruining moments when they ring.

11. Drink coffee with your man/boyfriend before sex

Apart from the caffeine boosting your man/boyfriend’s concentration while making love to you, coffee will also make you hornier. If you haven’t tried it, make sure that you try it out then send me a thankful note. And twenty dollars. Don’t ask me what it is for.

12. Sexting makes a man happy

If you want your man happy as hell, make a habit of sexting him randomly. Don’t be ashamed to make him lose focus the last couple of minutes to five. If you do that, he will always come back home straight to work, because that is what a happy man in a happy relationship does.

13. Your confidence during sex will make your man happy

Confidence will make your man/boyfriend turned on because it shows you know what you are doing, even if you don’t. it all begins with being comfortable in your own skin and letting everything work out in your favor by doing your research. When you practice all of the lovemaking moves, your confidence will increase and that's how your relationship will flourish.

14. Introduce your boyfriend to Kamasutra

You cannot make your man happy if you don’t know a thing or two about Kamasutra. Surprise him with a 69 and make him eat you as you return the favor if you know what I mean. You can also make sure that you are doing the reverse cowgirl out of nowhere, catching him off guard.

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15. Make your man moan with an erotic massage

Among the many important tips, there are, never underestimate the power of a good, deep tissue massage especially when you both just got in bed. It will not only excite him sexually but will also make your relationship much more intimate.

16. Make him watch as you make love

Make sure that the lights are on when you make love to him. Men are visual creatures and would love to see that hot, naked body going that extra mile to make him feel amazing. If you keep on doing this, you can always be assured that it will make him fall in love with you even more.

17. Clean up for your man

Trust me when I say that your boyfriend will be enchanted every time you are around him if you know how to clean up. If you want more cuddles that will almost always end up in some mind-blowing sex, then learn a thing or two about grooming yourself. It will go a long way in making both of you very happy.

18. Make a point of knowing his sensitive sexual points

If you want to make him hooked to you and become a very satisfied man, then you need to know his sensitive spots. But even though you know them, always make sure that you are going there last. It will always make him crave you more if you save the best for last. You should always take this as well as other tips with a pinch of salt and make your sex life even better.

19. Give the bed a break

If you want to keep an amazing, sexually exciting relationship, then you need to change the scenery once in a while. For instance, if you had sex in the bedroom today, try making out on the dining table the following day and then the shower the day that follows. After that, you can proceed to the kennel… or maybe not. But you get my drift. Just make sure that you are as creative as possible and you will enjoy it for sure.

20. Make sure you are taking things slow

If you make haste when making love, it will turn him off. So always make sure that you are taking time when doing everything. Have you ever wondered why everything looks good in slow motion? Well, the same case scenario applies when it comes to sex. From the kissing, touching all the way to the sucking, always take time with your man and he will love you forever.

21. Make him happy by roleplaying

Regular sex can make your man tired really quick. So, the best thing for you to do will be coming up with different case scenarios and making sure that you are playing them out. It will always get you all the excitement in the world and make him always look forward to being with you. If you are running out of ideas, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to carry out a little bit of research. 

22. Be his dream girl

Don’t be afraid to ask your boyfriend all about his fantasies and trying to act on them. As long as you are comfortable when it comes to talking about sex which should be the case, he will blow your mind with what he has to say. Don’t judge him and just do it, unless he wants you to become a unicorn.

23. Let him dominate you or vice versa

Men are very different, which is why you need to ask them what they want. If your man loves it when you are the dominant one during sex, be the dominant one. If he likes it vice versa, also do it. At the end of the day, doing this for him will make him love you even more.

24. Try out different “cuisine” in your menu

Always push your comfort zone and make sure that he is playing the part with you. If you are tired of the missionary position, suggest you try out doggy style and what not. Doing so will prevent you from getting into a sexual rut because without creativity, getting there is a little easier than most think.

Does not have to be on bed?

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25. Try out some mild taboo sex

Yes, most men might not really be comfortable to say it but they are into some pretty taboo stuff. Don’t shy away from asking him what they want and if they want to do something taboo, try it out as long as you are comfortable with it.


For the umpteenth time, it isn’t as hard as many people think when it comes to making a man happy. As long as you keep trying new thing and stay confident in whatever you are doing. Not forgetting to stroke his ego once in a while, you can never go wrong with it. It is also important to note that lovemaking is all about teamwork. That means that for it to happen, both you and your husband need to work together, as a team.

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