5 Ways To Have The Most Amazing Sex Even During Period

5 ways for amazing no-mess sex even when it is your first day!

By Madiha
5 Ways To Have The Most Amazing Sex Even During Period

Can You Have Sex During Period?

One of the basic necessities and the apex of intimacy; sex is the most primitive of all human activities. Men find women attractive and women dream of their prince charming and it all comes down to satisfying one need; sex. 
Whether you can have sex during a period or not can have different answers depending on which religious group, ethnicity, society or culture you are coming from. Being considered unclean and an element of embarrassment in certain cultures, it is forbidden to have sex during periods while in some African societies period has nothing to do with uncleanliness or negativity. There is a misconception of health issues involved in having sex while a woman is menstruating but let me tell you that it is completely safe to have sex during periods from the health point of view, in fact, menstrual cramps can be relieved with the orgasm.  
There is no hard and fast rule for when and how to have sex. Taboo or no taboo, to have sex or not during a period is a matter of preference. If your partner has no issue having sex while you are menstruating, it is perfectly fine to enjoy sexual intimacy and mentioned below are 5 ways to have amazing sex during periods with no mess involved.    

5 Ways To Have An Amazing No-Mess Sex During Period?

Just like love, sex is wild and likes no boundaries but having sex during periods is something that many couples would consider doable and many would not. 
Most women, during periods, feel cranky and exhausted. The hormones affect the emotions accompanied by physical cramps make it difficult for a woman to carry out daily activities. Sex is a physical exercise besides a pleasure thing and it needs the person to be fresh and active to enjoy and have fun. If you don’t feel much squeamish, there is no need to waiting for a week. If you are worried about the mess, here are some no-mess ways to have sex during periods.

1. Have Sex in the Shower

The biggest concern while having sex during periods is the mess and cleaning that mess afterward. Stained clothes, dirty sheets, and spotty carpet may restrain you from enjoying sex during periods but there is a very simple and easy solution; have sex in the shower. If the sight of blood does not make your partner uncomfortable, he will surely enjoy having sex in the shower during periods than waiting for another couple of days. Having sex in the shower is the most romantic and arousing of all. While you will be enjoying the physical intimacy, the mess will go down the drain with the running water of the shower.

2. Virtual Sex

If you haven’t tried virtual sex yet, this is the time. While periods restrict many couples from having sex, one can always improvise new methods to enjoy each other’s company and have sex during periods. There is no need for you or your partner to move apart since you can always try it from two different rooms of the house. You can do it through text messages or video calls. Send sexually explicit messages to your partner asking him to touch his body and probe his parts and do whatever he asks you to do the way he wants you to do it. This newly found method will surely be enjoyable for you and your partner to make the most out of “period” days.

3. Sexual Stimulation

Any kind of touching that leads to and maintains arousal is called sexual stimulation. During menstruation, the hormones are overcharged and it is easier to get aroused even with touch. So mere stroking, teasing, and touching can help get an orgasm without getting into messy physical sex during periods. Emily Morse, the host of the “Sex with Emily” podcast says, “Foreplay can be even hotter during this time of the month. When you have your period your hormones are in overdrive, which means you might find it even easier to orgasm from touch or penetration”.   
Prolong the foreplay with sexual stimulation to achieve the result that no other kind of sex offers. 

4. Try New Positions

If you are not the “experiment new position” type, this is the time to give it a go. Since this is not one of your regular day’s sex, you need a position that is not only comfortable but also helps you get maximum pleasure. Spooning position is not only a great cuddling technique; it’s a perfect posture to have sex during menstruation. Although it is one of the basic four sex positions and not everyone knows that it gives a perfect angle for having sex during periods. It allows remaining intimate as well as comfortable when most women experience pelvic congestion and heaviness. 
Being on top and having reins in your hand is fun but for you to have sex during periods, it is better to try the opposite to avoid the mess. To avoid leakage, it’s better to lie down on your back during sex and opt for positions that go against the gravitational flow.   

5. Try Oral Sex

When pleasure is desired, you can get creative with several positions and techniques to have sex during periods. There is no need to delay sex if what you love is oral sex. You can have oral sex with a tampon or menstrual cup to avoid blood leakage. Your partner can avoid blood by keeping the focus on the clit. 

Preparation: How To Set Up To Avoid Mess Or Have An Easy Clean Up

One of many reasons to avoid sex during periods is the mess. Soiled sheets, stains on clothes and the smell can turn off the sex mode. Mentioned above are few ways to have sex during periods and bypass the mess for an amazing experience. Here are a few methods for setting up a no-mess and easy cleanup sex during periods. These simple techniques take no time but come in very handy for instant no-mess sex during periods.

1.    Having sex in the shower is not just romantic; it comes with its own set of benefits. There is no need to prepare a whole set up and the cleanup is the most convenient. No dirty sheets, no worries about stains and simple no-mess. You can elevate the mood by putting fragrant candles and flower petals in the washroom and wearing sexy lingerie.  

2.    Most people avoid having sex during periods because of the hectic after cleaning ritual. One way to have awesome sex without worrying about stains is by using special bed covers. Rubber sheets, sheet protectors and dark-colored towels can be used to cover the mattress and avoid tough period stains. Simply throw the sheets in the washer and save your mattress from stains and spots after having awesome sex.   

3.    Using tampons or menstrual cups during periods can help save the day while having sex. There is no setup or after sex cleaning required and you can enjoy the utmost intimacy even during your monthly cycle. 

4.    Since periods are all about cramps, hormone fluctuation, and blood making its way out of your body, you surely feel down. Sex is a great way to uplift your mood and enjoy the company of your partner even during your monthly cycle. If you are a heavy bleeder, you can always wait for a day or two till your flow is reduced to avoid a mess during sex. It may sound frustrating but if you have tried sex during heavy bleeding days, you might understand how messed up and dirty it gets and the cleaning is even harder. 

5.    The room set up can play an important role while having sex during periods. Dim the lights, put on dark-colored sheets and add scented candles; voila. Having sex during the period only looks difficult because of blood. If you don’t see it, it almost doesn’t exist. So enjoy sex in your bed without worrying about mess or cleanup.  

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Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today; the notion goes perfectly well with the situation of putting off sex to another day just because you are having periods. Although many cultures and religions forbid having sex during menstruation and there was a misconception of health hazards which are true to some extent but completely denting yourself and your partner from sex during these days isn’t necessary. Although you are more prone to STIs during periods, if done correctly, you can have fun without worrying about diseases and mess. Whether it is the first day of periods or the last, with techniques mentioned above, you can have sex on any given day and it will be all fun. Turn this time of the month into a surprise treat for yourself and your loved one with these amazing techniques.    


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