9 Ways to Be the Perfect Girlfriend in Today's World

What exactly is the formula for being a perfect girlfriend?

By Fred S.
9 Ways to Be the Perfect Girlfriend in Today's World

Life is short, at least that's what the people say. Thought, it only seems to flash by quickly when we're happy, healthy, and satisfied with how things are going. But, bedridden patients wouldn't say that life is too short, would they? In undesirable situations, like being paired with the wrong partner, life can feel painfully long. It's important to pursue a partner who's always by your side, and can work through the hardest storms life has to offer – all as a team!

Naturally, you'll attract people that are similar to you in character, class, and habits. So, to find someone that meets a high standard, we must be the best version of ourselves in the first place. Even if you're already in a relationship, taking positive steps to improve ourselves can inspire the same desirable changes in your partner too! If you're looking to tick all the boxes on the perfect girlfriend checklist, this article is the one for you!

Is There Even a Perfect Girlfriend?

Before chasing the goal of being the perfect girlfriend, it's important to know if that's even realistic.

Generally, no human can be 'perfect' in anything, ever. There will always be inherent limitations that'll come in the way, and that's fine. Remember that if you choose to take the path of improving yourself, you're doing it on your terms, and not to fulfill anybody's unrealistic expectations. The will to become the best version of yourself should come from within you, and that's all you should try to achieve.

Out of love for your' allegedly perfect man' though, it's sweet to try and be the best girlfriend for him. Put this energy towards removing the habits you know are bad or toxic, and replacing them with positive ones! Not only will you end up becoming a much better girlfriend, but also a more positive human to be around. Look at this as a road to self-development, and the finish line will become even more beautiful.

So, let's look at a few traits you can aspire to achieve and improve to become an amazing girlfriend! Let's dive in.

A Perfect Girlfriend: From a Guy's Perspective

1. Respect

This one has the highest importance, and it's not just for guys. Every human inherently demands respect, and any good girlfriend and boyfriend should share it mutually. Take each other's needs and wants into consideration and see them as your own. After all, you're partners, and should help one another feel honored!

2. Approval

Criticism is important to let a partner know when they're behaving unacceptably, but approval towards positive behavior is just as important. Often, we're quick to snap at our partner's mistakes, but forget to appreciate them when they're at their best behavior genuinely. If you withdraw your approval too often, it can be frustrating, and he may feel his efforts are useless. Be generous with your positive reinforcement when he goes out of the way to do something kind and romantic for you.

3. You're considerate

Often, all we need from a partner is empathy and compassion in our daily lives. It's enough for you to understand what he's going through if he's having a bad day. Make sure you're considerate of his feelings and emotions because you'd demand the same. If he's going through a challenging task, give him space. If he's had a rough evening, delay your complaints about the next day. Just minor adjustments for the sake of his happiness can go a long way!

A perfect girlfriend: from the social media's perspective

4. Spend quality time together

The online world thinks and comments on what it sees, and it expects a happy couple to spend quality time with each other. It's still a pretty realistic goal to enjoy each other's company regularly genuinely. A wholesome selfie or two would be enough to let people know online that you're really into each other! They see a perfect girlfriend and boyfriend be loving and caring towards each other, and a picture with a nice background and genuine smiles should be enough to portray that!

5. Take Your Affection Outside

A majority of boys want their girls to express their love out in public! Even though shyness is fine, men want a woman who is proud to have them and isn't afraid to show it. This applies online too! Make sure you drop comments that aren't afraid of judgment and tell him how handsome he is to you when he posts a picture. People online on your socials will see that as a wholesome couple being adorable, as usual.

Speaking of that, take it outside too! A smoldering gaze at a family dinner across the table, grabbing his hand in public, or just looking at him in a certain way can be enough to get him excited! By no means does this tell you to suck each other's face in a public spot, because many people aren't into that. You could always achieve this while still being subtle!

6. Give him space

We've seen way too many girlfriend memes about girls being way too possessive about their men. It's hard enough for them to get a few hours in playing games with the squad, but when it comes to going out with them, they'll sometimes even make work-related excuses for the boys. This shouldn't happen! On the quest to become the perfect girlfriend in your man's and social media's eyes, you'll need to learn to give him space. Let him do what he loves now and then, and you get some alone time as a bonus!

A Perfect Girlfriend: From His Friends' POV

7. Hang out with his buddies

From the perspective of your guy's friends, the most important thing is to be able to have fun with his group. Yes, spending time alone, chilling, and being with your man is all you may want, but that doesn't work too well for his buddies. To make it so that no one's stealing the guy from you or his friends both, you'll have to share him with his friends sometimes. Make them feel that you're chill and easy-going, and love being a part of his group hangouts. Who knows, you might end up loving it too!

8. Buy him tickets to a game

Guys are generally sports freaks, and an easy way to make them happy is to surprise em' with some game tickets. You can get a pair of tickets, or add another one for his best friend. It's a great gesture to communicate with him and his friend that you truly care about him!

9. Openness

Men are naturally into women who openly make them feel more confident and better about themselves. To achieve that, you'll have to be more communicative about how you feel for him. Maintain a positive body language, and provide him with the words of appreciation that you think he deserves. Appreciate him sometimes with his friends as well, and you'll be the perfect girlfriend even in their eyes!

Perfect Girlfriend Quotes

1. "I will spend an eternity loving you, caring for you, respecting you, showing you every day that I hold you as high as the stars." – Steve Maraboli

2. "You don't want a girlfriend. You want a therapist whom you can be intimate with."

3. "A Girl can Love you in Ways you can Never Imagine. Know her Worth! She can make you the man you are, She can also Break you into Pieces, By drawing a distance, one cannot even chase. Love her for her. Else she will be gone like the wind, If beyond herself, she's hurt." ― Somya Kedia

4. "Men fall in love with a woman's body, but it is her soul that they will live with." ― Matshona Dhliwayo

5. "A relationship is likely to last way longer if each partner convinces or has convinced themselves that they do not deserve their partner, even if that is not true." ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana


Hopefully, this article has provided you with sufficient tips and suggestions to direct you well on a journey to become the best girlfriend. While that may be the goal in your mind, you'll be pursuing to become the best version of yourself in your romantic life, with the directions in this perfect girlfriend checklist. Remember that any healthy relationship includes a consistent effort from both parties to address each other's needs and preferences. Your positive energies to bring reforms for the better won't just be better for your partner, but for the whole relationship, you share. Good luck!