12 Good and Natural Organic Makeup for the Eyes Only

Get your pretty eyes the best organic makeup it deserves

By Sophia R
12 Good and Natural Organic Makeup for the Eyes Only

The eyes are one of the most sensitive and important parts of our body. They control one of the most important functions of our body, which is seeing, and we know for a fact that it is one that nobody wants to lose or harm in any way.

Why should we be so careful with the eyes? Because they are extremely sensitive and most of the time can have weird reactions to different products; many people suffer from eye allergies, redness, itchiness, and it is our duty to recommend products to you that are eye safe to put it that way. 

You might be asking yourself: what do you mean by saying " eye safe" beauty products. Well, we are talking about organic eye makeup products. For some time now, organic makeup has been a huge hit when it comes to a healthy natural alternative to looking pretty, substituting some harmful chemical products that filled our makeup bags before.

The best part: it isn't only safe and good for your eyes, but it also gives you the best eye look you could possibly wish for. Of course, this will be if you choose the best organic makeup for the eyes out there. Don't worry, we know there is so much to choose from, but, we have got you covered: we will give tell you the 12 best organic makeup for the eyes only in this post. Stay tuned!

Best organic makeup eye primers

We hope you do know that primer is a hugely important step in your eye makeup routine. If you don't, let me teach you: it will basically transform your eyeshadow from meh to wow, and from staying put for 3 hours to 10 hours. It sounds amazing, right? Yes, it is. Now, organic primers offer the same effect but with natural healthy ingredients that will protect and enhance your eyes. The best organic makeup eye primers? Here they are, just for you: 

1. Magic Vegan Eye shadow Primer

Magic Vegan Eyeshadow Primer - The All Natural Face

This primer isn't only amazing, but it also has an amazing value for being organic, natural, and great. For just $7 you will get a natural primer that controls oily lids, makes your eyeshadow stay put for hours, and brings out the color of any eyeshadow you use. There is no way you are not going to love this!

2. Gabriel Cosmetic’s Natural Eye Primer

Gluten-free eye primer

This eye primer is made from all natural ingredients, so it can't really get any healthier than this. It is incredibly good for oily eyelids, and it will make your eye shadow stay put for hours, and it will enhance its looks by far. Dare to try it and see the improvement for yourself!

Best Organic Makeup Eye Removers

Makeup removing is a step on our routines that many of us dread and hate. It might get really hard to remove some eye makeup, and we almost always end up tugging and pulling at our eyelashes and eyes when we do so, which is actually awful for you. Are you tired of ruining your eyes and spending too much time removing your eye makeup? Well, we have the solution for you: 3 amazing organic eye makeup removers that won't only leave your eyes makeup-less but will keep them healthy, too. 

3. Sante Eye Makeup Remover

Sante Eye Make-Up Remover

This blend of natural oils and ingredients like bio-jojoba oil, bio-almond oil, bio-pomegranate essence, and bio-aloe vera essence makes the perfect best organic eye makeup remover out there. It dissolves waterproof eye makeup like a dream; no more tugging and struggling whilst taking it off! 

4. Inika Certified Organic Makeup Remover

Certified Organic Makeup Remover

This makeup remover also has the best ingredients one would want for removing eye makeup. With Sunflower Seed Oil, which contains Vitamins A, C & D, and E, Jojoba Seed Oil, that will plump up and hydrate your skin, Rosehip Oil, which has great anti-aging properties that will reduce fine lines, scars, and wrinkles. You are basically cleaning your eyes whilst enhancing their appearance and health. Lovely, isn't it? 

5. Simple As That Makeup Remover

{SIMPLE as that} Makeup Remover

This eye makeup remover is packed with vitamins, omegas, and fatty acids that won't only remove your eye makeup completely, but make your skin better and healthier. You will no longer dread eye makeup removing after having this in your hands! Delivery is within Australia but it does international delivery at a fee with tracking details.

Best Organic Makeup Eye Kits

As with any type of makeup, choosing and buying the best products can get really hard. It can get overwhelming as there is so much to choose from without knowing what will work best for you. If this is an issue you go through when makeup shopping, organic eye makeup kits are the perfect solution for you; you will get to try different products in just one purchase for a usual value price. Here we have the best organic eye makeup kits you have to try:

6. NVEY Eye Palettes

Eyeshadow Palette

Eye palettes are the best way to try eyeshadow on one occasion. These palettes by NVEY come in 7 different shades that offer 5 different eyeshadows each. They are formulated with the best organic ingredients that give you rich pigmentation, deep colors, and long-wearing, high-performing formulas whilst taking care of your eyes. Dare to do a smokey glam look with any of these and look like a  bomb!

7. INIKA Organic Day to Night

Limited Edition Day to Night Eyeshadow Palette

I mean, look at the shades in this palette and tell me if they are not to die for? With the softest yet strong plum and neutral colors for both day and night, the Day to Night Palette by INIKA becomes a must in your organic makeup collection. Say hello to stunning eyeshadow without harming your sensitive eyes!

Best organic makeup eye shadows

Who doesn't love to play with eyeshadow and transform their looks with it? I know we all do, but like any other makeup product, it can be filled with artificial colors, chemicals, and toxic ingredients that are harmful to our eye's health. It is always good to find organic and natural alternatives of our favorite products that work just as wonderful, and that is why we will give you the best organic eye shadows in the market for you to get your hands on: 

8. Sally B’s Skin Yummies B Smudged

B Smudged - Organic Cream Eye Color -

These individual eyeshadows by Sally B are the ones you need to try ASAP. They come in 4 different shades, and they are 95% made out of organic ingredients, which means it really can't get any more natural than this. It is a cream eyeshadow, so its application is as easy as swiping it on the lid and voila! Beautiful eye makeup in no time!

9. Daisy Blue Loose Mineral Eye Shadows

Citrine Eyeshadow

This brand has a wide range of loose mineral eye shadow shades for you to choose from. From gold and earthy tones to violets and blues, you can certainly create beautiful looks with this organic eyeshadows. It also has a lot of organic natural ingredients that make these eyeshadows one of the best for you. Don't miss out on them!

10. Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow

Kjaer Weis

These Italian vegan eyeshadows are as luxurious and best quality as it can get. Made with bamboo extract, and some of the shades are 100%  made with natural vegan ingredients, the Kjaer Weis shadows perform like a dream. Seriously, their pigmentation is out of this world. It comes in a wide range of shades; from simple and neutral to darker and colorful. You are going to love them!

Best organic makeup eye wipes

Eye makeup removing wipes are the quickest and easiest way to remove eye makeup after a long night or when you are on a rush. So many people use this product, and of course, some of them can get really irritating and harmful to the eye area, as they might not be gentle enough for such a sensitive part of the body. If this is your case, we will recommend you the best organic eye makeup removing wipes that your eyes will thank you for using, as they will be so gentle to your skin as well as successful in removing every single spot of eyeshadow, mascara or liner. 

11. Pacifica Cactus Water Makeup Removing Wipes

Pacifica Beauty Cactus Water Makeup Removing Wipes

These wipes are incredibly gentle as they contain the best ingredients like coconut milk, jojoba and aloe vera oil, and cactus water. All of these in combination offer the softest, easiest, and best way to remove eye makeup in a natural, safe and healthy way for your eyes. Don't say we didn't tell you!

12. Acure Coconut & Argan Cleansing Towelettes

Acure Brightening Coconut Towelettes

Who doesn't love a brightening effect mixed in with a coconut fragrance after taking your eye makeup off? That is exactly what this product offers for everyone that uses it. With 100% vegan ingredients, these makeup wipes will be the most gentle you can ever find for your eyes. You will fall in love with them!

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After reading this post and following our recommendations, we assure you that you will have the best eye zone in your neighborhood, town, or city.  Heck, you might be even able to compete for the best eye skin in the country, if not of the world! Yes, your skin will improve that much! We dare you to see the changes for yourself when it comes to using natural organic makeup for your eyes. We hope it works as good for you as it does with so many others, us included.