Read the 101 Guide on Eyebrows Extensions Before Doing It

Learn about eyebrows extensions before you plunge into it!

By Adina Mazilu
Read the 101 Guide on Eyebrows Extensions Before Doing It

First and foremost, before diving into what eyebrow extensions really are and look like, we must assure you that the image of regular eyelash extensions glued a bit higher on your face is absolutely ridiculous and wrong! The reality is, despite how funny that previous image might look like, those eyebrow extensions are actually meant to fill in any empty spots that you might have and make you have fuller-looking brows.

Your brows will, therefore, become more defined, prettier, and will have that nice shape that you have always wanted to achieve. However, this doesn’t mean that this fairly new procedure is not surrounded by numerous questions. People are still unsure of how it works, how long these extensions last, and just what is the big fuss about them. In this article, we will provide you with answers and we will talk about everything surrounding eyebrow extensions. We hope that you will find this information useful in case of any future attempts.

What are eyebrow extensions

But let’s start at the beginning. What are these eyebrow extensions and what is the big deal with them? They are actually tiny fibers of synthetic hairs of mink that are professionally attached to either your skin or your natural brow hairs. The entire process lasts for 1 to 2 hours and can involve about 200 hairs for each brow.

The professional will first clean and exfoliate your brows in order to get rid of any dead skin and hair. Then, they will use a brow pencil to outline exactly how your new brows will look. It’s like making a draft for your new face (now really, but it’s a figure of speech). Now, you should know that there is a variety of shades that these extensions come in, so everyone can do this procedure. Those hairs are then glued to either your existing hairs or to the empty spots, directly on the skin using surgical glue.

There is also a special maintenance process that needs to be followed closely in order for the new brow extensions to look the way they should be and to last. After the procedure, you should avoid touching, combing, or powdering them. Immediately after, you will have to use a special cleanser recommended by your professional to clean your brows gently. Also, do not sleep on them! You should also know that eyebrow extensions cost between $50 and $250, so you would better be careful about how you treat them!

Permanent Eyebrow Extensions Vs Fake Extensions

Another important thing that you should know is that eyebrow extensions, no matter what anyone tells you, are not permanent! They can last for a few weeks if taken good care of, but do not believe any “expert” when they tell you that they will be permanent. Some can use poor quality extensions that will look fake and fall off in a few days, while some professionals will use very high-quality materials and therefore, make your extensions last for a while longer. So, don’t believe anyone who tells you that some brow extensions are fake while others are permanent. That’s not true!

Where can I buy eyebrow extensions?

When it comes to actually buy an eyebrow extension that a professional can then glue to your natural brows, they are fairly easy to find. Most online stores (like Amazon, Aliexpress, or eBay) have them. However, always be wary of scams or poor-quality extensions that will fall off immediately or look fake. Your professional should definitely advise you before you decide to buy some on your own concerning their quality, price, effectiveness, and duration.

Still, the best idea would be to avoid buying them yourself and put your faith into the person who will do the procedure on you. Salons usually have high-quality extensions that professionals will use on clients for the best results possible for the price that you’re paying. So, be careful of this and only go for this procedure when you know you will benefit from the best quality service and extensions.

How long do they last?

Usually, as we have previously mentioned, professional eyebrow extensions can last up to three weeks if taken good care of them. However, this period depends on your habits and the quality of the extensions applied. You should know that extensions that have been applied directly to your natural hairs will fall will those hairs, somewhere between 6 and 16 days. Still, this is supposing that you do not rub your eyes and brows frequently, comb them or are careless while cleaning them.

On the other hand, the extensions that have been applied directly to your skin can fall out quicker than that, in a few days. The reason for this is that surgical glue is gentler with the skin, it doesn’t trigger allergic reactions or skin breakouts, so professionals use it to avoid all of these issues. The downside? They fall out very quickly. The best idea would be to go for skin-applied extensions only for special occasions that last for a night or so, like your wedding. So, keep this in mind when you decide to go for brow extensions at a salon so that you won’t be disappointed afterward.

Still, there are some ways to get the best of your brow extensions. Here are some of them:

  • Avoid water for about 48 hours after having them applied;
  • Avoid anything that contains oil, like cleaners, makeup removers, or moisturizers;
  • Avoid exfoliating your face and rubbing your eyes;
  • Avoid touching them with your clothes when changing and when sleeping. Do not rest your face on the pillow or they will fall out.

Eyebrow extensions specialists near me

In order to find the best technician for this job, you should do some research in our area and look at some pictures and reviews of those professionals. Never go to someone who doesn’t have pictures in their portfolio! You want to look your best, right? Pay attention to people’s reactions and the longevity of their brow extensions. This will offer you a clear clue as to how good that person is.

Here is a useful list for our UK readers of some of the best eyebrow bars that you can get in touch with and maybe go for eyebrow extensions. Famous names in USA include Nadia AfanasevaRavishBrows, Queen of Brows, LittleLashBoutique. Still, maybe you want to look out for good technicians in your area so that it will be easier to come back to them if you love the whole process and the results. It’s definitely up to you!

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All in all, probably the best way to summarize the whole process of getting eyebrows extensions would be to go for it if you have commitment issues and a lack of time to always do your brows every time you do your makeup. Also, it’s the best option if you have a very special event and want to look the best for a short period of time without much effort. Finally, this is the perfect choice for someone who has almost no brows, or very large bald spots that do not look good at all.

However, keep in mind that the results are not permanent and do not expect your extensions to last for a very long time. Even if you take good care of them, they will eventually fall off, so be prepared for that. To wrap it all up, we really hope that this 101 guide on eyebrow extensions and how they work helped you get a better understanding of this process. It is a luxury one that many celebrities go for regularly and a very trendy one. Still, if you are familiar with getting your eyebrows done every time you apply makeup on, maybe it would be best to stick to that routine. It is not very affordable and you might end up disappointed. It’s all up to you, your preferences, needs, and finally, money.