50 Cute & Trendy Short Hairstyle For Asian Girls To Try Out

When it comes to the most popular, trendy, cute styles, Asian girls are the gurus. So let's explore some fun short hair styles for these stylish divas to try.

By MJ Faublas
50 Cute & Trendy Short Hairstyle For Asian Girls To Try Out

Cute, Trendy, Style of Asian Girls

When it comes to being stylish, the Asian girls seem to have all the fun. They wear the best colors to suit their desired trendy fashionable looks, they wear the most creative cosplay outfits, and have the most fun with their hair. Most Asian girls are seen wearing long traditional jet black hair the hangs way below their waist.
However, now and then, there comes an Asian girl who sports the most stylish short hairstyle and makes us wish we could be Asian - even if for only one day. Below, we will explore 50 different fabulous short hairstyles worn by many Asian girls and which you could try yourself at home and look like you walked off of a manga.

50 Short Hair Styles for Asian Girls

Asian girls have some of the best facial features around the world. However, it is not common to find them sporting a short hairstyle. Only the most adventurous of Asian girls dare to sport a short hairstyle that will bring the attention to her face.
Though they are some of the most desired women on the Earth, Asian girls rarely bring the attention to their faces, and with summer coming soon, this is the best time to explore your inner vixen and cut that hair into a short style that will have all the boys wanting your number.

Asian Girl with Short Hair in Black

When it comes to cutting your beautiful lock of hair, nothing says commitment like a pixie cut. So, if you're up for it go full throttle this summer, and let your inner daredevil loose.

1. Traditional Pixie

It's the pixie cut seen on modern women around the world, you've always wanted to try it and so why not this summer.
With this short hairstyle, you'll have everyone in your circle wondering what new and exciting experience you're having and how can they get some.
Any Asian girl braving a short hairstyle should start with this traditional pixie and enjoy more short hairstyles as your hair grows out.

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2. Heavy Bang'd Pixie

Of course, there are many ways to wear the pixie, and since you're not letting your bangs go this summer; why not look cute and yet trendy by incorporating a pixie to your beautiful bangs. No one can work this short style like you and make it look popular and trendy at the same time. So, go out there and conquer.

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3. Sleeked Short Hair

Still want to look traditional and yet cultured, well this sleek short hair style is just what the fashionista order for you.

4. Business Woman Pixie

Heading into that boardroom this summer and still want to look stylish. Well, here's a new take on the pixie that will have everyone taking you more serious during those presentations.

6. Layered Pixie

Nothing says "I'm important" like a layered pixie. This style shows off your amazing cheekbones while letting the world known that you're a trendy girl. Have fun with this style.


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7. Wicked Pixie

Rebel is your middle name, and you want everyone to know it this summer.

8. Tipped Pixie

Keep the excitement only in the tip of your hair this summer with this pixie cut.

9. Shaved Pixie

Sophisticated? Yes! Business minded? Why not!

This short pixie hairstyle is the go-to for those days of excitement and fearlessness.

10. Blonde Pixie

Pixie was the plan, but blonde caught your attention. Why not mix the two and make this one of the most memorable summers ever!

Asian Girl with Short Hair in Blonde

Well, they did say blondes have all the fun. So, let them know that Asian blonde girls have even more fun this summer.

11. Wavy Short Hair in Platinum Blonde

Nothing says I got this like an Asian girl in short hair that is blasted in blonde. She send a warning to the world stating "look out", while saying the weary with a gentle statement of "We all got this."
An Asian girl is not complete until she dares to wear her short hair in platinum blonde, casting off fears, and giving into the unexpected.

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12. Radically Short & Blonde

Yep, raging against the machine is all that's in the plans this summer, and you've found the perfect short hairstyle to show just how serious you are.

13. Smooth Blonde Bob

The most popular way to wear the bob is in black hair, but you're not a traditional girl, so . . . be daring and do something no one would expect.

14. Two-tone Blonde Pixie

You don't care that they know you're not blonde, your plans this summer is to have fun and enjoy your life.

15. Balayage

Not to change the mood much, but make a statement!

16. Just Because

You've worn your hair sleek, black, red, but blonde??? Yes, this summer. Just because - you can!

17. Braided Blonde

Heading to the park with friends, well try out this pretty braid in your newly blonde short hair.

18. Super Cool Blonde

What? This. . . just something you felt like trying . . . nothing too serious.


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19. Blonde Ponied

Pull that short blonde hair into a ponytail and go out there and have some fun.

20. Blonde Pixie Bob

Fun is all this summer's about with this trendy style.

Asian Girl with Short Hair in Ombre

You know what, just let your inner mermaid or unicorn loose this summer and have fun. 

21. Blue Ombre Spiked

It's one thing to dedicate a summer to a short hair, but it's a different story to ombre your hair in your favorite color. The color blue always brings out serenity in all who witness its glory, why not add some serenity to your hair this summer with this blue ombre short hairstyle.

22. Red Ombre

Red, the color of fire, and excitement. And now, the color of your short hair this summer. Have fun with yourself this summer and show the world that you're not taking anything too serious this round. Enjoy the fun and attention you'll get with this daring red short hair Asian girl.

23. Sandy Ombre

It's not quite blonde, but close enough. This sandy blonde ombre short hairstyle will allow you to have all the fun.

24. Orange Ombre Bob

Youth is for anyone who can see and feel young. So, while you're feeling adventurous, try out a color you'd normally not.

25. Purple Ombre

The bob hairstyle was ok, but you needed to show whom you are. Well, purple is the color, and your head is the destination.
Have fun this summer with this fun, trendy, cute, ombre purple bob.

26. Full Ombre Short Hair Style

You've never been one to half any job, and so with your short summer hairstyle, you had to go full throttle. Yes, you'll look spontaneous and yet trendy. Filled with shock and yet popular.
So, go for it!

27. Ombre Asian

Bob short hair? Yes! Ombre color? Please!

You've always wanted to and why not explore your fun side this summer.

28. Ombre Streaks

This summer streak it out. Let your style show through your choice of ombre. Guaranteed fun and memorable summer days up ahead.

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29. Ombre Waves

You've always wanted to look like 'Storm' from X-men. This summer with all the traveling or parties, the 'Storm' in you is about to be introduced to your circle.

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30. Mermaid Ombre

Yep, you've always felt it. You're a mermaid, and it's time to let the world know your truth. This short hairstyle will have them understanding just how important being a mermaid is to you. And they will love it!

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The Many Ways to Wear a Bob Style

Okay, okay, you're not that adventurous, but fear not, there's a short hairstyle for all Asian girls.

31. Wavy Bob

Wavy short hair fits a face that enjoys smiles and hellos. Any Asian girl wearing this short hairstyle will be the center of attention this entire summer. So get ready to write down his number and have yourself a summer fling like never before.

32. Classic Bob

It seems we only see this Asian girl in the movies. She wears a classic bob with a bang and never lets her guards down. In any film, she is the Asian girl that solves the town's problems, fights off the town's mafia, or simply the Asian girl next door that seduces all with her soft, but risky eyes. Be that girl this summer wearing this classic bob.

33.Side Part Relaxed Bob

It's a style that works for all life's events. You can wash and go with this style, and still look oh so sexy while wearing it.

34. Layered Bob

Let's say you're the innocent type who wants the boys to know that you too have a frisky side. This layered bob will be the perfect look for you Asian girl. You'll have all their jaws hitting the floor when you make your grand entrance.

35. Mature Woman's Bob

Tired of the bun, well let the world know that you're adventurous and still mature with this stylish bob.

36. Rounded Bob

Take your cute as a button look to the next level with this rounded bob.

37. Red-head Bob

Always wanted to be a redhead, but never had the guts to try. Well, here's a traditional style that will have your hair glowing under this summer's sun.

38. Shoulder Length Bob

Ok, so you're not a risk taker, but still want to try a semi-short style. This shoulder-length bob is perfect for you, and after the summer, your hair should be back to its normal length right in time for autumn.

39. Pretty & Bob'd

What another way to show off that pretty face then with this style. This bob is not too short or long but will get the attention on you pretty Asian girl.

40. Straight Bob'd

Sleek, chic, trendy, that's how they'll describe you this summer with this look.

All Styles for Asian Girl with Short Hair

41. Wavy Layered

Poolside or beachfront, you'll be ready with this fun, wavy, trendy, style that will keep you in the popular circle all summer.

42. Summer Short Hair Don't Care

Nothing says, "I'm popular and trendy," like a short hairstyle that gives you an edgy look while telling the world "I simply don't care what you think." Try this on for size.

43. Asian Girl with Attitude

This is not the summer for others to bother you, let them know with this stylish, trendy, short hairstyle filled with attitude.

44. One Sided Story

At all the summer parties, the guys will want to, but fear shall take over them all. Your 'one-sided short hair' style will keep them wondering.

45. Boy Meets Girl

Boy meets world, and now boy meets girl in this stylish boyish trendy short hairstyle, you'll be the talk of the summer.

46. Freestyle Short Hair

Couldn't commit to the bob or super short look? Well, here's a bridge between the two styles. Freestyle this summer and feel wonderful.

47. Sharp Short Hair

Looking sharp is essential to you, and you'd like to incorporate it into your hairstyle. Well, you're welcome!

48. Embodied Bob

What to do with that thick hair of yours? Well, embody your thick hair into a bob and look fabulous this summer.

49. Curly Short Hair

Curl up that short hairstyle and enjoy yourself.

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50. Sophisticated Lady

Simplicity always wins, so keep it simple and enjoy your life this summer.

Now Have Some Fun!

By the time the summer is over, you will have gained a new perspective on the desirability of the short hair. You'll get to love your face and the short hair and want to keep the styles going throughout the seasons.
So, go out there and sport your short hair like the foxy vixen that you are!