8 Dry Lips Remedy to Prevent and Cure Chapped Lips

Homemade and natural dry lips remedy that are worth a shot

By Fred S.
8 Dry Lips Remedy to Prevent and Cure Chapped Lips

Do you often find yourself thinking about chapped lips sometimes? Do you wish to understand why it happens, and how to fix it? If your answers to these questions are yes, then the first thing you need to realize is that the key to any successful beauty routine is to stay well hydrated. If you don’t drink enough water, no matter how many remedies you try – your lips would remain dry. 

While store-bought lip balms might help, the results are usually temporary, so if you want long lasting results here are some natural and homemade remedies for dry lips that you could try: 

  1. Coconut oil 

  1. Honey and Vaseline 

  1. Rose Petals 

  1. Green Tea Bags 

  1. Cocoa Butter 

  1. Lemon Juice 

  1. Sugar Method 

  1. Aloe Vera  

The meaning of dry lips

Do you keep asking yourself why your lips are dry, considering that you use the sufficient amount of lip balms? The truth is, there is no one reason for why your lips are chapped. Your dry lips could be indicating that you aren’t receiving enough moisturization or you are not hydrated enough. Sometimes, you don’t realize that you are not consuming enough water, your dry lips could be communicating that you need to consume more water. 

Your lip is the only part of your skin that does not have oil producing glands, and therefore can often result in chapped dryness. What could further worsen your problem is that some people are habitual of licking their lips, these people take away what little moisture your lips acquire. It is very important to keep your lips hydrated, you could do it through store brought lip balms, but our research shows that natural and homemade remedies are more effective in terms of healing your lips. 

The causes of dry lips

You still don’t have a concrete answer to why your lips turn dry, do you? In this section we’ll list down the reasons because of which your lips could turn dry and give you a ridiculously uncomfortable time! Your lips could be dehydrated from the lack of moisturizers or the number of glasses of water you drink in a day. Some areas are more hot & humid than the others, and this worsens your hydrations conditions.  

Here are some of the reasons what causes your lips to dry:

  1. Excessively licking your lips, stripping them away of natural moisture.  

  1. When you have an outdoor job, the sun is going to cause some damage. 

  1. Excessive smoking and drinking 

  1. The ingredients used in your toothpaste could be a reason. 

  1. Allergies 

  1. Some people are exposed to this problem because they go through some medical procedures, or medications that cause your lips to dry, such as chemotherapy.  

Natural and homemade Care for Dry Lips

1. Coconut Oil:

When using coconut oil, you will need to add some essential oil such as tea tree oil. You will need to add one to two drops of the essential oils into the coconut oil, and apply this mixture to your lips and leave it on. You could keep it in a small bottle, or container that is pocket size so you could at least apply it twice or thrice during the day. 

2. Honey and Vaseline:

The only two ingredients you need for this mixture is raw honey and some Vaseline. While it is a magical combination for your dry lips, you don’t necessarily have to mix it into a blend, but instead you could put a layer of raw honey on your lips and cover it with a layer of Vaseline and leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes. To remove it, just damp a cloth and slowly wipe it off your lips. 

3. Rose Petals:

Take around 5 to 6 rose petals, with a quarter glass of raw milk, soak the petals in the milk for at least 3 hours. After 3 hours, crush the petals in the milk to create a paste that you will apply on your lips and keep it applied for at least 20 minutes. You could rinse it off cold water, and use this remedy as much as a week or even more for effective results. 

Rose petals have proven very nourishing for skin related problems. It contains vitamin E. Rose petals will give you an enhanced natural color of your lips, with this remedy you not only get healed lips, but more color to your face.

4. Aloe Vera:

For this remedy you will need to get an aloe vera leaf, cut it sideways and scrape out all gel into a container. You need to apply this gel overnight, which means you could apply it and keep it overnight. The good thing about this remedy is that you could store the remaining amount in a container in the fridge, and use it for at least 15 days. This remedy could be done regularly for more effective results.  

Aloe Vera has soothing components, which is why Aloe Vera is often used as a medication for small burns, or scratches. The Aloe Vera paste will soothe the chapped lips, and give you healed up lips instead. 

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5. Green Tea Bags for Chapped Lips:

You will need a green tea bag and a cup of hot water. You can dip the green tea bag into hot water for some time, and directly place the teabag on your lips and hold it there for a few minutes. You could repeat this once daily. Green tea has beneficial antioxidants and tannins that work as healing agents for dry and dehydrated skin. In colder weather you may also be subjected to a burning sensation on your lips due to the chapped lips.

Green Tea bags help reduce the burning and help heal and regenerate new skin on your lips. This is a remedy that is very approachable for anyone anywhere, all you need is some water and a green tea bag. 

6. Cocoa Butter:

Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com

You could use either Organic cocoa butter, or shea butter, or buttermilk. If you’re opting for cocoa butter you can apply it on your lips and leave it overnight. You can use shea butter, or buttermilk pretty much the same way. Apply it on your lips and leave it overnight. You must do this almost everyday to get effective results easily. 

7. Lemon Juice:

You will need three ingredients for this remedy which include 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon honey, and half a tablespoon of castor oil. You will need to mix all these ingredients to create a paste-like consistency, and then apply it onto your lips as if applying a mask. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse it with cold water. You must repeat this process daily once for 7 to 10 days. 

If your lips are dark and chapped, lemon juice is the best way to go about it since it acts as a natural bleach, while honey is used for nourishing the skin and provide the skin with healing compounds.  

8. Sugar Method:

The essentials to this method are: one tablespoon of brown sugar, olive oil, half a teaspoon honey. You will need to mix the sugar with a few drops of olive oil and the honey. Do not let the sugar completely dissolve in the mixture, therefore just slightly mix it. Use this scrub on your lips, while applying, do it in circular motions and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. Afterward, wash it off with slightly warm water.  

You don’t have to use it daily, instead, if you use it on alternative days, it will suffice. When your lips are dry, you need to moisturize, exfoliate, and get rid of the flaky skin. Using this scrub is the answer to all your worries. 


In this article, we discussed what chapped and dry lips could mean, and what could be the causes behind this. We understand that chapped lips often make it very difficult for you to feel confident about yourself – we also understand that the market products might sometimes cost too much. This is why we have listed a few home remedies for you to choose from, that you could easily do without too much expense or work!

These remedies use ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen cabinets, they take a maximum of five to ten minutes to make and apply. Most of these remedies will make you feel better about yourself, with the end result being fresh and beautiful lips!  

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