10 Famous Celebrities and their beauty product lines

Which famous moms celebrities start out beauty product lines

By Gabriela Petit
10 Famous Celebrities and their beauty product lines

Don’t we all love celebrity gossips? We love their look, we love their clothes, we love their make-up and we love their shoes. We just love everything about them. Now, here is the thing, our celebrities are going into beauty product lines and if just having a product from their line make you feel a little closer to them, then read up girls!

While there are many reasons why celebrities go into beauty products line all we want is just to have a little feel of them. With so many fans and the advent of the internet, it’s so easy to like and follow all your favorite stars beauty product lines. Without much ado, let’s just dive into the ten famous Celebrity-owned beauty product brands.

Celebrity-owned beauty product brands

1. FLOWER Beauty by Drew Barrymore

Source: @drewbarrymore / Instagram

Flower Beauty is owned by the famous Drew Barrymore. It started a few years back with the idea of empowering women all over the world and to make you feel beautiful and comfortable being you. Flower brand is a Walmart brand that offers several beauty products which includes lip glosses; makeup brushes, highlighter, fragrance and accessories.


Being regarded as high-quality products, Drew's flower beauty products come at such an affordable price. Her Glisten up highlighter chubby stick products won an award sometimes in 2015.

2. Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba

Source: @jessicaalba / Instagram

Jessica Alba started “honest beauty” back in 2015 and after three years of success, she decided to re-launch it cutting the number of products by 50%. Today her beauty product line environmental friendly which has made a lot of sales across various beauty stores in the United States.


Her child's birth influenced her beauty product line as she didn't want to make use of chemically composed products which can be toxic and very expensive and her products are not too pricey.

Read more about the Honest Company.

3. Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner

Source: @kyliejenner / Instagram

This is Kylie Jenner’s beauty line. As a reality TV star on “Keeping up with the Kardashian” Kylie cosmetics started a few years back in 2015 and has made a lot of waves recently. Her lip kit was actually the brand that brought her product into the limelight.


Ever since then, Kylie Jenner has grown her beauty products line and has an empire now that provides you with makeup kits that not just come at an affordable price but have high quality and perfect. A trial will definitely convince you.

Read more about Kylie Cosmetics

4. KKW Beauty by Kim Kardashian

Source: @kimkardashian / Instagram

KKW Beauty was founded by the famous reality TV host Kim Kardashian. Her makeup collection is also in collaboration with her sister Kylie cosmetics. Her makeup products include contours, a couple of illuminators and flashlight powders of all shades among others

5. Circa by Eva Mendes

Source: @evamendes / Instagram

With Circa as her beauty product line, Eva Mendes has attained and carved out a definition of beauty not provided by any other beauty line. This good-looking damsel with a charming gaze and attractive face no doubt crafted her beauty product line, in line with the perfect image of herself one she beholds when she looks at a mirror.


Her cosmetic line circa has been exclusively handled by Walgreens. Of the many beauty products offered by Eva Mendes line, you have the color focus eye-shadow palette, the dual focus volumizing mascara and top coat which is the best for your lashes. These products of Eva Mendes are highly qualitative, you can definitely afford them.

6. Nuance by Salma Hayek

Source: @salmahayek / Instagram

Salma Hayek is one celebrity who doesn't just make use of her influence as a celebrity to sell her products alone. She also makes sure to provide quality beauty products that will probably still sell at the pace they do if she weren’t a celebrity. Salma Hayek Nuance- based product line offers both hair and makeup products. 

Among her many products, includes her Mammy fruit texture and enhancing spray which is well known for its volumizing ability. Her hair and makeup products are not known to be sticky or heavy instead; they are light and can last all day on your hair. 

This has been demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt by the many reviews of individual fans about Hayek's CVS based hair and makeup products.

7. Kat Von D Beauty by Katherine von Drachenberg

Source:@thekatvond / Instagram

Owned by the multi-talented person, Katherine von Drachenberg who is known to some as Kat Von D, the Slash designer and pianist. She started Kat Von D Beauty as her personal makeup line sometime in 2008. 


This beauty line was able to rise up the ranks so quick due to Kat Von D's tough girl bold makeup front that has mainly intrigued her audience for so long a time. 


Her beauty product line includes among others studded kiss lipsticks and felt tip tattoo liner which has both been recognized by Allure editors as top beauty products recommend to every one of you who wants to remain awesome for so long a time. She believes that makeup is supposed to bring out the artist in you.

8. Iman beauty line by Iman

Source: @the_real_iman / Instagram

Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid, also known as Iman is a fashion model, actress and entrepreneur who started his own beauty product line after trying to find colors that match her shade. She started mixing several brands of foundations and started Iman cosmetics 24 years ago.


Iman Cosmetics is a skin care and makeup beauty line which makes provision for all types of skin color and tone. They provide creamy foundations in different shades. These luxury moisturizing lipstick just won an excellent in 2014. Also, it’s still being used and appreciated by many women globally.

9. Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr

Source: @mirandakerr / Instagram

Miranda Kerr is a lover of green products, and at several points, she wasn't finding the quality green products that she needed, so she set out to create them. She started her own beauty line, Kora Organics with complete organic no chemical products.


Products of her beauty line include the Kora organic daily hand cream and olive oil both of which have been recommended by Allure.


Miranda's products have been created with the best natural ingredient that aid detoxification and recharge your skin without causing any harm to it.

10. Victoria Beckham

Source: @victoriabeckham / Instagram

When you hear Victoria Beckham, the first thing you think of is the famous and globally recognized footballer - David Beckham right? Yes, Victoria happens to be his wife, and that's enough to make her a celebrity.


She used to be a one-time posh spice girl and is very much known among other things for her expressive happiness that she continually wears by a smile.


Victoria has a beauty product line that makes capsule collections on a timely basis. Asides this,  she also runs a channel that teaches people on a timely basis about the basics of makeup application through the practical display of the septic by step procedure required to achieve that perfect look. Victoria Beckham also offers many beauty products for sale.


As more and more celebrities continue to rise to the limelight, we certainly expect more of these celebrities to commence their beauty product lines as well.

Some products are still available in Amazon

Must-haves items from famous celebrity brands

If you are a really big fan of any of your celebrities, then there is no harm at all in having any of their beauty line added to your dresser. Let’s take a look into some of our top 10 listed celebrity must-have products:


  1. For Drew Barrymore: I definitely love her Glisten up highlighter chubby stick
  2. For Jessica Alba: I just loved the eye-shadow palette, go for it.
  3. For Kylie Jenner: Go for her lip kit with matching lip liners.
  4. For Kim Kardashian: Her lip liners are the best must have.
  5. For Eva Mendes: You will love to have the dual focus volumizing mascara.
  6. For Salma Hayek: I definitely recommend you to try her flawless finish liquid foundation
  7. For Kat von D: I really love you to try out her 10 Year Anniversary Everlasting Glimmer Veil Lipstick
  8. For Iman: I recommend her oil-free moisture complex
  9. Miranda Kerr’s: Noni organic glow facial oil is definitely a yes for me and you can also try it out.
  10. And for Victoria Beckham: Just try out her makeup tips.


Sometimes, we never really get to ever see our celebrities physically and if getting one of their beauty lines among our collections makes us feel close enough to them then so be it girl! You can have as much as you want.