Incorporating blue lipstick to your daily makeup look

101 on how to wear blue lipstick and create a trend for 2019

By Hana O.
Incorporating blue lipstick to your daily makeup look

Blue lipstick trend in 2019

Whether for reasons that you’re shy or conservative or you don’t want to look like you have a severe case of hypothermia, it is understandable why blue lipstick isn’t something that’s enticing to try. Or maybe you’ve just never given it proper thought before.


Blue is one lip color that is bold and for those who want to take risks and try something new. It will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

2019 is all about the fab and glam with the bright hues of red and blue and a splash of shimmer and glimmer. Not to mention the unicorn craze that is currently taking the world by storm with its charming blend of blue, pink and purple shades.


It’s time to make a statement with blue lips.

How to wear blue lipstick

Before heading to your nearest cosmetic store, lets first take a look at how to properly wear blue lipstick to avoid a blotched look. Blue lipstick, if applied incorrectly, can look harsh on the skin. It is also a color that needs synchronization with the rest of your face and outfit.


The nice thing about this particular color? It will work for all skin tones. The general rule of thumb is to keep the rest of your face quite neutral. Apply your foundation, go for a little eye shadow and eyeliner, use some mascara then leave the rest to your lips.

Blue lipstick for light skin tones

If you have a light skin complexion, you must keep things simple by using only a hint of bronzer on top of your regular foundation. Light skin tones have the tendency of looking like a clown when there are too many bold colors playing on the face. Feel free to still use light eye makeup like liner and mascara.

1. Ciaté London Glitter Flip, Iconic

Price: $19.00

Glitter Flip - Ciaté London | Sephora

Women who don’t usually wear blue lipstick, or bold colors, in particular, did not regret trying this one out. It starts out matte then begins to sparkle as you press your lips together. It dries quickly as well, so you aren’t stuck in that awkward pose with your lips apart.

2. L’Oréal Infallible Lip Paints, Navy Spy

Price: $4.19 : L'Oréal Paris Infallible PAINTS/LIPS, Navy Spy, 0.27 fl. oz. : Beauty

It looks like lip balm in a tube but don’t be fooled by the high-impact liquid color stored in the bottle. The designer applicator lets you apply the lippie in one stroke which leaves you with vibrant lips that last.

Blue lipstick for olive or medium skin tones

For olive skin tones who want to incorporate blue lipstick into a look, going nude with the rest of your face is the way to go. Nude shades onto your eyes and cheeks.


For warmer or more medium skin types, you can try bronze eye shadow with your blue lipstick as these two complements each other well for this complexion.

3. Sephora Collection #Lipstories Lipstick, City Beat

Price: $8.00


Aside from the affordable price and even more adorable packaging, this lipstick is meant to be your everyday best friend. It aims to be there for the best moments of your life, just as how makeup gives you lots of beautiful memories. The lipstick also comes in three finishes: matte, cream and metal.

4. Tom Ford Boys & Girls Lip Color, Cardi

Price: $36.00

Boys & Girls Lip Color - TOM FORD | Sephora

This is one luxurious blue lipstick that is worth the purchase. It provides high shine finish made especially for those who do not like the drying out effect of matte lipsticks. The product is formulated with soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter, and chamomilla flower oil, so you’re sure that only the best touches your skin.

Blue lipstick for dark skin tones

Women with dark skin tones have the luxury to play with more color along with blue lippies. Rich jewel shades like gold and silver eyeshadow or some glittery blush would look stunning against dark skin donning blue lips.

5. Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick, Squid Ink

Price: $26.00

Amuse Bouche Lipstick - Bite Beauty | Sephora

The name might be a little unconventional but the color divine. It’s like you get the gorgeous deep navy with black that real squid ink provides without the squid. Instead, you get a product carefully formulated with nutrients, vitamins, and omega oils that will moisturize your lips while making them look fabulous.

6. Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color, Sapphire Siren

Price: $7.49

Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick - Lip Makeup - Maybelline

This creamy lip color provides highly-pigmented and opaque coverage on your lips. Infused with honey nectar, you can smack your lips in adoration. Dermatologists have tested it, and it is hypoallergenic.

Lip preparation and application

Blue lipstick is a color that brings much contrast to your skin so the main thing to look out for when using this shade is the lines and imperfections it magnifies. You want your lips to look perfect, so the right application technique is crucial.


The first step is to exfoliate. Use a lip scrub to remove dead skin cells waiting to destroy your look when you apply lipstick.


When the lips are thoroughly exfoliated, use a lip primer to ensure your foundation is stable and smooth. Primers also help in making sure your lipstick stays on your lips and not on the glass or food that you eat. a

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The next step is to line your lips with a clear lip liner so that the blue will not go outside your lip line. Clear lip liners also act as a barrier that prevents your lips from bleeding or feathering and it fills in the unwanted lines.


Now that your lips are prepped and primed, it’s time to paint them blue! Outline with a liner of the same shade and fill them in. We’ve given a few suggestions above of blue lipsticks according to skin tone above.

Lips maintenance

When your amazing day or night-out is over, do not forget to remove the makeup to ensure your skin retains its healthy state. It is never recommended to sleep with makeup on.


Blue lipstick is relatively harder to remove, but because of its bold color, you will know when there is some residue left. You can opt to double cleanse and exfoliate or use makeup-removers and micellar water.

Where to get blue lipstick in drugstore

Since you’re new to the whole idea of blue lipsticks, it’s completely understandable that you wouldn’t want to spend over $30 on your first one. You want to dip your foot into the pool before diving in right? So, we’ve got you covered. We went on ahead and looked for the best drugstore brands that offer value for the buck when it comes to blue lipsticks.

7. Revlon Ultra Hd Lip Mousse Hyper Matte Lipstick, Blue Oasis

Price: $5.63 Revlon Ultra Hd Lip Mousse Hyper Matte, Liquid Lipstick, Blue Oasis, 0.02 Fluid Ounce: Beauty

Imagine a matte lipstick but with creamy texture so it won’t dry out. This lip mousse is precisely that. You get long-lasting coverage while your lips remain nourished and conditioned.

8. Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Lip Color, Explorer

Price: $7.99

Maybelline New York Superstay Matte Ink City Edition Liquid Lipstick Makeup, Explorer, 0.17 Fluid Ounce: Beauty

This ultra-matte lipstick comes with a unique arrow applicator so that you can apply the product precisely without mishaps. It is highly pigmented and has long-lasting power.

A matter-of-fact attitude from celebrities with blue lipstick

Kylie Jenner

Source: @kyliecosmetics/ Instagram

When it comes to lips, we know that Kylie is a guru to look up to. She raised the standards high with her perfect pout. We also realized that teal lips go well with olive skin tones.


Source: @badgirlriri/ Instagram

Riri must be in every list that concerns bold lips and bold attitudes. It’s also kind of unfair that no matter what color she wears on her lips, it looks fantastic. Her confidence plays a huge part in making a statement.


Source: @iamhalsey/ Instagram

Halsey, who has a naturally light skin complexion, looks adorable with her turquoise lips. Also, she took it up a notch by matching her hair with her lips. She kept the rest of her face simple and light making the whole do stunning.


Source: @beyonce/ Instagram

Queen B looks like the boss with her navy blue lips and sunglasses. Her outfit looks like something you would wear every day, hence convincing everyone that blue lips are not so crazy after all.


Witch-look, high-fashion, or a total badass, regardless of your goal, blue lipsticks are definitely worth a try. We’ve seen celebrities looking awesome in them; we have a handful of actual products available with a click of a button, we even know about the proper blue lipstick preparation and maintenance techniques, therefore, what’s left is to take the plunge and include at least one blue lippie in our makeup bags.

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