8 Best Lip Primers you should own on your dressing table

2019 Best 8 Lip Primers from Drugstore and Luxury Brands

By Hana O.
8 Best Lip Primers you should own on your dressing table

How to use Lip Primers

Lip primers are the foundations of any lip makeup. We need a flawless base to layer on our beautifying products and the same applies to the lips. In order for any lip product to work amazingly to the best of its abilities, we need a lip primer.

They help in preparing and priming the lips so that whatever lip makeup is used, it will stick for longer periods of time. You get to enjoy your night out or your daily errands without the subconscious worry of “Are my lips ok? Do I need to do a retouch?”


The benefits of using a lip primer include a smoothening of the lips, providing a flawless base, increasing the lasting effect of your lip makeup, evening out of the lips and preventing a feathering out effect by bold lip colors.

A lip primer is usually clear and has a matte formulation that fills in the lines and creases of our lips which gives it a plumped up and smoothened look. It also helps your lipstick glide on over the lips so smoothly and the primer makes it last for at least 7-8 hours. A lip primer also hides all imperfections and unevenness for that perfect pout and it prevents your lipstick from smudging and creasing. How convenient is that?


Lip primers come in many forms such as being packaged in tubes, in twist-up lipstick casing, or pencils with each one working uniquely yet effectively. It’s best to exfoliate the lips before applying a lip primer. If you use a twist-up lip primer, you apply it just like a regular lipstick and if you have a pencil lip primer, then you only have to apply on the edges of your lips to avoid your lipstick from feathering or you can still go ahead and fill in the whole lips. Lastly, if you have a tube-like primer, you will want to only apply a thin layer, much like lip gloss, and wait for it to dry up completely before putting on your favorite lip color.

2019 Reviews of Best Lip Primer

Drugstore Lip Primers

1. NYX Lip Primer

Price: $3.67

NYX Lip Primer

NYX is known to offer quality cosmetic products at half the price of luxury ones. Plus, this brand can be found almost anywhere. This primer is a great alternative to the more expensive ones and it works just fine.


When applied, you’re left with a smooth finish and moisturized lips. It’s a bit more transparent than other primers but it still does the job. You don’t have to worry about your lipstick disappearing after eating or drinking.

I have NEVER been able to get lipstick to stay on long and I really hate having to re-apply makeup during the day, especially because I'm in classes and I teach (so I don't have much time to pay attention to how I look, and I don't want my students to be distracted by smudged lipstick). This makes my lipstick last forever! It's easy to apply and does the trick and I highly recommend it.

2. Elf Studio Lip Primer and Plumper

Price: $6.84

Elf Studio Lip Primer and Plumper

This amazing primer comes with two ends. One is for priming the lips while the other is for plumping. The plumper side is also infused with cinnamon which is a natural lip plumper. You are left with fuller lips that will maintain your lip color for hours.


I'm very happy to have both a plumper and a primer for that price. My lips are on the wrinkly side and I find the primer helpful in making my lipliner easier and smoother to apply. It is light and will lighten the color a bit, but not drastically. I layer a base of lipliner and then color and that returns it to normal. The plumper isn't drastic but it does something. For the price, it more than does the job.

3. Aquaphor Healing Ointment Tube

Price: $6.30

Aquaphor Healing Ointment Tube

While this may not look like the typical primer, this ointment tube has proven to work wonders for extremely dry or chapped lips. It is multipurpose and is effective on all problematic areas, yes, even dry skin, cuts, cracked heels, diaper rash, and more!


What’s more is that it goes perfectly with super matte lipsticks. With your lips well-hydrated, you don’t have to worry about parching your lips with matte products, hence it works like a primer.


Do remember to only apply a thin layer because it is ointment and can get sticky. It is odorless and transparent, some lip primer perks that many looks for.

Been battling braces for over a year now and this product saved my lips. Easy to use and you can use as many times during the day as you need. Once the braces come off, this will still be in my purse to use whenever I feel the need.

4. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lip Conditioning Balm

Price: $4.97

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lip Conditioning Balm

This particular product looks like a lipstick and can even be mistaken for one. But this particular stick is so much more.


With just a swipe of this, your lipstick will stay on for up to 8 hours. Go ahead and drink from a straw or eat some pasta, your lips will not lose its color, all thanks to the primer. Furthermore, this brand took it up a notch and added ingredients that help soothe the skin of the lips. It prevents chapping and cracking. Did I mention it is SPF15 for that needed protection from the sun!


Women have even used this as is before going to bed and woke up with amazingly plush and hydrated lips.

I read the reviews and since it was cheap I thought I would give it a try. I’m very picky about any lip stuff because I can't stand goop or matte and I found the perfect balance for my pickiness! It’s like putting on your favorite facial cream it is thin enough to wear under your lip color or alone just to give the perfect soft lip. I highly recommend!! Plus the price is unbeatable!

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Luxury Brand Lip Primers

5. Guerlain Liplift Lip Primer

Price: $37.00

Guerlain Liplift Lip Primer

Look at that gorgeous gold lipstick casing that this primer comes in. Talk about luxury. The nice thing about this particular product? A layer of lip primer without the cakey feel. It comes enhanced with microbeads that add moisture and nourishment to the lips and it plumps them to perfection.


Countless reviews rave about how their lipstick stayed on for hours after using this primer, regardless of the activity, while others use it alone without lipstick for a nude matte look! Definitely worth the spend.


For those who love wearing bold lip colors like blood red, using this primer will eliminate feathering and smudging.

So I just bought this yesterday, but I had to write my review already because I was pretty taken aback by this product. I moisturized my lips, wiped off the excess, then I applied the lip primer and let it set/dry. Once it was dry, I applied a liquid lipstick and let that dry. I ate, drank, and did normal things without even considering my lips, and my lipstick lasted for HOURS. I had to scrub with my favorite makeup remover for it to finally come off of my lips. I would most definitely recommend this product. It works great!

6. MAC Prep + Prime Lip

Price: $28.87

MAC Prep + Prime Lip

It looks like a lip balm stick and it even works like one, but it is still a primer at heart.


MAC has done it again when it comes to creating cosmetics that create such an allure to women not just because of the brand name but because their products are great.


This cult-favorite primer has no color and it is filled with the right amount of moisture to hydrate your lips especially for those who love wearing matte lipstick. With this MAC lip primer, you prep your lips with nourishment then prime it for the best application of lipstick after.

Without a doubt, the best lip primer ever!!!! I have tried the nars, bobbi brown and anni sui before. This one is the best for the dry lips!

7. Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil

Price: $18.00

Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil

This lip primer might be three times more expensive than drugstore brands but it is definitely worth the buy.


This all-in-one primer features a thick-barreled pencil design. It’s like one big Crayola which you can use and have fun with by outlining and filling in your lips. It is clear, creamy and long-lasting.


This primer pencil works to hide blemishes, prevents lipstick feathering, and fill in lines with one smooth swipe. Did you accidentally go over your lips and smudged some lipstick where it’s not supposed to? This primer also corrects mistakes without having to redo anything.


It is infused with jojoba oil that deeply nourishes the skin leaving you with hydrated plump lips. It can even be used as an eye primer!

I wanted to wear lipstick to a party where I was drinking and eating and so I bought this to try and keep my lipstick on and it worked like a dream. I had dark red lipstick on all night! Kissing my boyfriend, kissing people on the cheeks, eating and drinking didn't move my lipstick! AMAZING

8. Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer

Price: $20.00

Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer

Have your lips felt so dry after applying lipstick that it cracked and bled? The pain is annoying painful. Luckily, there’s Too Faced’s Lip Insurance Lip Primer to give you the assurance that your lips will stay conditioned no matter how matte your lipstick may be or how harsh the weather conditions are.


This primer is enriched with vitamin E to keep your lips nourished and moisturized. It is paraben, sulfates and synthetic dye-free. It also doesn’t come with damaging ingredients so you can rest assured that your lips are in safe hands.

This is definitely holy grail status for me. I've been looking for a lip primer to wear with my creamiest of lipsticks and nothing (before this product!) has helped from feathering and long wear. This is a must have and has saved my looks from looking like hot messes!


Perhaps by now, you’re convinced that you must add a lip primer to your routine or switch to a better one based on the reviews above. Either way, the encompassing goal of this writeup was to give everyone a look into lip primers and see just what kind of changes for the better they can do for our lipstick game.


There are many of us who rely only on lipstick for an instant pick-me-up and now, we can be sure that we can constantly look our best with just some lip color on because that color does not fade or end up on our chins when we take a bite off a sandwich or burger.


Depending on your preference, you can go for the tried and tested primer that is more pocket-friendly yet effective or the more luxurious ones for that added inherent value.

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