Cristiano Ronaldo and Wife, Georgina Rodriguez' Love Story

Meet Georgina Rodriguez, ex-Real Madrid star Ronaldo's wife!

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Wife, Georgina Rodriguez' Love Story

Who is Georgina Rodriguez?

Georgina Rodriguez is a Spanish model from the northeastern city of Jaca, Spain. It’s a small city with a population of just 13,000 people. The city is located near the French border and is over 400 km away from the city of Madrid. Her mother was Spanish while her dad was an Argentinian. Her mother has lived a regular life but her father, on the other hand, did not. Her father was Jorge Rodriguez, a 69-year old cocaine trafficker who was imprisoned for over ten years. Rodriguez had a poor relationship with her parents. Her father was living in Argentina at age 70 when he died from complications of a stroke, which he suffered a few years before his death. She never announced her father’s death or even acknowledged his death. She quietly took a trip to Argentina and announced that it was a life that brought her to the country. Her mother, Ana Maria Hernandez lived in Italy. And, even during Rodriguez’s pregnancy with Ronaldo’s child, neither of her parents got involved.

Her life after meeting Ronaldo has been nothing less of a roller-coaster, the dream life for women all over the world. Her life and everything about it changed drastically as she met Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus’ forward and the very best footballer in the world today.

What Does She Do For A Living?

Georgina Rodriguez, before meeting Ronaldo, worked a lot of basic jobs in her hometown. She started as a waitress when she was a teenager. A few years later, she changed professions and go from small-town waitress to an au pair for a family in Bristol, England. After serving at her job wonderfully for some time, she then moved on to Madrid to look for new opportunities. This was the start of what completely changed the girl’s life.

She took a job as a shop assistant at the local Gucci store in Madrid. She met Ronaldo at this job and they instantly wound up together. As stated by Ronaldo on several different occasions, Georgina is absolutely stunning and due to her newfound fame, she used her looks to start a career in modeling. During her career, she has worked for Grazia, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Glamorous, and Yamamay. She’s also an influencer and worked with PrettyLittleThings to sign a pretty hefty five-figure Instagram deal. She joined the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Molly-Mae Hague who also served in the same position as an ambassador for PLT.

Georgina is also known to do some dancing on the side and is a practitioner of Salsa.

How Did She Meet Cristiano Ronaldo?

Rodriguez meeting Ronaldo was a miracle. She met him during her time at the Gucci store in Madrid. She saw him there and it was love at first sight. “His height, his body, his beauty caught my attention. I was trembling in front of him, but a spark ignited,” she said. Rodriguez has always been open about how she’s very shy but all that went out the window instantly after she saw Ronaldo. Ronaldo is known to be a very good husband to her. She never felt intimidated by Ronaldo and he also cared for her to keep her shyness at bay. It's obviously very easy for a person like Ronaldo, with the fan following he has, to overwhelm Rodriguez. But call it her guts or his protection, Rodriguez has never had a strand of trouble during their relationship. She said this about the time they met up.

"Our first meeting was at Gucci, where I worked as a sales assistant. Days later, we saw each other again at another brand's event. It was then that we could talk in a relaxed atmosphere, outside my work environment. It was love at first sight for both.”

For Ronaldo, things were more of the same. This was the first serious relationship he had been in for a long time. After breaking up with his Russian girlfriend Irina, Ronaldo was in a series of small relationships. His sister explained their breakup as a “death in their family”. He was also never in a committed relationship until he met Rodriguez. To say that it was life-changing for both individuals would be a huge understatement.

How Is Their Life As A Couple?

They’ve had a wonderful time as a couple throughout their relationship. They never really announced their relationship publicly on the internet. Their Instagram was completely dry until they were snapped by paparazzi in 2016. That same year, Ronaldo took a trip to Disneyland Paris with Rodriguez under the disguise of a wig and sunglasses. An honorable attempt, but he was immediately recognized by the public.

The fact that their relationship is serious was further solidified by the fact that they have an amazing relationship with Cristiano Jr., who was Ronaldo’s first child. Who was the mother? That fact is still widely unknown. The mother signed over full custody and preferred to keep her identity confidential.

During their relationship, Ronaldo had twins Mateo and Eva Maria with surrogacy. They had another child in 2017, Alana Martina. A name that the parents chose mutually. The ‘Alana’ in the name was chosen by Ronaldo while Rodriguez chose Martina.

That might not be all. Ronaldo currently has 6 children, and he has reportedly been heard saying that he’s always wanted, 7 children. Will we see another? Maybe, maybe not.

What Did She Do Before Meeting Ronaldo?

Georgina always longed to be a ballet dancer. For that purpose, she studied classical dance from the school of Susana Ara, which lead to her becoming a part of the Young Ballet of the Pyrenees. But because her parents couldn’t afford to send her to dance school, Georgina set her aims on a career in fashion retail instead.

Georgina grew up and spent most of her life in Jaca, Spain, where she worked as a waitress in the early years of her life. Besides her regular £250 a week job, she lived in a cramped shared house. She also worked as an au pair, while continuing her studies in England. Her studies comprised of various formats of dancing and English. Her next job was as a shop assistant in a Gucci store in Madrid. Later, her career transformed from a regular job-person to an amateur model. She worked at the Dolce & Gabbana boutique in Madrid, and then in a boutique Prada, also in Madrid. During her modeling days, she worked with Grazia, Men's Health, Women's Health, Glamour, Yamamay, and others.

How Is Their Family Now?


Cristiano Jr. was born at a time when Ronaldo was dating model Irina Shayk and once, he was born, news surfaced that Ronaldo would like to keep the identity of his mother private. This was a pretty weird decision for that time. But regardless, Ronaldo is raising the boy well. He has said that people will always be speculating about who he had the child with. While they can have their fun at guessing. Ronaldo promises that he will never disclose that information.

The weird decision continued as Ronaldo decided to have his next child through surrogacy. The procedure costs around $100,000 and is even illegal in Australia. But, the fact that Ronaldo doesn’t live in Australia and has a net worth in the millions, he was able to get it pretty easily. He still didn’t explain why he did it and continues to keep that info private.

Just a month after the twins were born, Ronaldo announced that Rodriguez was pregnant with his fourth child.

Even though not all the children are hers, Rodriguez and the rest of the Ronaldo family are living happily in their lives. The family is absolutely unbreakable as we see time to time on Ronaldo and Rodriguez’s Instagram feed. Its been an amazing journey for Ronaldo. It might not be conventional or how most people would want their kids to be born. But, Ronaldo and Rodriguez are both extremely happy and grateful. So… Who are we to say any different?

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To say that Ronaldo’s life was magical is an understatement. They’re a happy family, and even with their unusual situation, everyone gets together as they’re supposed to. They’re blood after all and they take each other in as their own. Ronaldo and Rodriguez just stumbled onto one another randomly on a random day. They’re the perfect example of “made for each other”.