Conor McGregor Really Won With Fiance Dee Devlin

Check out how Dee has both been a great mother and a wife-to-be

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Conor McGregor Really Won With Fiance Dee Devlin

Who is Dee Devlin? Conor McGregor?

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Are you a fan of UFC? If you are, then you definitely have heard about Conor McGregor, aka"The Notorious", right? And how about the woman behind him? Did you know about his long time girlfriend, Dee Devlin? If by chance you haven't heard about them, then here are some facts about the two of them and their love story.

Who is Dee Devlin? Dee was born in a suburb called Walkinstown in Dublin, Ireland in August of 1987. Dee has two sisters, Cathy and Sara. Sara has followed her sister's previous career and has become a professional model. She signed with an agency and all. Dee and Sara have been photographed constantly together, they seem to have a very similar fashion sense. Dee was not a fan of school, (she barely graduated from elementary school), and she actually dropped out of high school at the age of 15. As you can imagine, she had to take a lot of odd jobs to support herself. She did a lot of waitressing and she also took some modeling jobs. That went on during her teens and early twenties.

In 2008, her life changed drastically because that was the year she met the future father of her children and the love of her life, Conor McGregor. Conor McGregor was born Conor Anthony McGregor, July 14, 1988, in Crumlin, Dublin, Ireland. His parents, Tony and Mags, claimed he was born with his fists clenched. He's a professional mixed martial artist, he's a boxer, and as of June 2020 a former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight and lightweight champion. He is now a superstar in the fighting arena but he wasn't born into it, he had to work very hard to achieved all his success.

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In the history of UFC, there hasn't been a more dominant fighter than Conor McGregor. He has two things going for him, his astonishing knockout power and his "notorious" trash talk. Having Dee behind him, he was able to rise from a humble plumber to the king of combat sports. Along with his longtime coach John Kavanagh, he has had some very important wins and some very publicized losses. His first MMA fight was in 2008, where he defeated his opponent Gary Morris by TKO. That was the start of his winning steak that catapulted him internationally.

He made his UFC debut in 2013 against Marcus Brimage, he won by knockout in the first round. McGregor also made his debut in the boxing arena in a fight against Mayweather, but that didn't turn out good for him He lost by TKO in the 10th round. In January 2020, he defeated Donald Cerrone, and after that, he announced his retirement from UFC.

How Did She And Conor McGregor Meet?

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In an interview with The Late Late Night Show, Conor McGregor revealed how he and Dee met in 2008. He said that the two of them met at a friend's party back in Dublin. He said that after that meet, they continue the flirting via social media, with "a like here and there" or a message. When asked by the host of the show what social media he used for those communications, he said Bebo, which got a lot of laughs from the audience,

Actually, there's another version of where they met (both told by McGregor); he has also said that they met at a nightclub. Prior to that meeting, their social circles overlapped, so Conor said that he had seen Dee before, but that night was the first time they actually talked. He remembers that first encounter. "I asked her to come over and we just started talking. She seemed like a nice girl, and I like good girls."

Dee has also recalled their first encounter and said that the attraction was mutual, "I suppose it was! He's very funny - he always keeps me entertained and makes me laugh." Whatever the circumstances of their meeting, the truth is that once it happened they became an item. Dee became an integral part of his life from then on and they have been inseparable through the good and the bad.

What Jobs Did She Work Before Leaving Them To Support Her Fiance?

Dee was not a fan of school, so she didn't do well at all, that's why she dropped out of high school at the age of 15 and started working right away. This came in handy when she met Conor and they became a couple because once he started to train to become a fighter, things financially weren't great so she did a lot of waitressing to help support both of them She did this so he could pursue his dream of becoming a UFC Champion. She also did some modeling gigs to bring some extra cash. At one time she even agreed to move to Conor's parent's attic when they couldn't pay for rent anymore. 

She continued with the waitressing jobs until Conor's big win. All her hard work and support were worth it though because once the cash started coming in, Conor started spoiling her with all kinds of gifts and the life that she deserved for sticking with him and supporting him through the tough times, and helping him achieved his ultimate goal.

How Big Is Her Role In Conor's Career?

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Dee plays a big role in Conor's career nowadays. Once Conor's career started his way to the top, he hired Dee to take charge of his finances, and his training schedules, so now she is an integral part of his management and promotional teams. Conor owns a whiskey brand called Proper No, Twelve, and Dee is also involved in the management of the brand and the marketing efforts.

But the truth is that she is involved in more than just his management, her role goes beyond that into the personal realm She has said that she's always helping him all the time, it has become something natural, she does it without realizing it, especially around a fight because of the thought time it becomes to gain the right weight. Before a fight, the athletes have to cut weight and that could be tough, so she takes charge of everything around it, she cooks, she cleans, she packs his gym bags, and makes sure he's in top form.

When Did They Get Engaged? How Was It Received By People?

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Dee Devlin and Conor McGregor have been together since 2008. Once the conversation started back in that nightclub in Dublin, they have been inseparable. Dee has been Conor's #1 cheerleader and supporter from day one when he had nothing but a dream of becoming the greatest UFC Champion. She was the one he confided in and told about his dream. She drove him to the gym, listened to all he dreamed of doing. Conor has said repeatedly that he achieved all he set out to do because she supported him unconditionally.

When Conor started making money with his winnings as a fighter, Dee didn't have to work anymore because he started to spoil her, giving her all she deserved, and for that, he's very proud. They now have two kids, Conor Jack Jr. who was born in 2017, and one 1-year-old daughter Croia. But it wasn't until recently that Conor popped the big question and asked her to marry her. 
In August 2020, he announced via Instagram that he had proposed to Dee and that she had said yes! He captioned the photo "What a birthday, my future wife!". Dee is showing her sparkling engagement ring. Friends and colleges of Conor started congratulating them on the big news, wishing them the best and many blessings. Now that he has retired from UFC (maybe this time for good), he has more time to spend with his fiance and their two kids.

Are They Married Yet? When's The Plan To Get Married?

After they announced their engagement through social media, people have been asking them when's the big day. As of now, they haven't announced the date. But one thing is for sure, since Conor McGregor doesn't do things half measure, this wedding will definitely be lavish and one to remember. 

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Conor McGregor has said on many occasions that he would not be "The Notorious" if it wasn't for the support of his long-time girlfriend and now future wife, Dee Devlin She has stuck with him from the very beginning because she believed in him and new that he was capable of achieving greater things if he had someone alongside him to push him. She's also a great mother who enjoys spending time with her son and daughter.