Vicki Carolin Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Hans Zimmer's Ex Wife

Vicki Carolin is most famous for her career as a model. She also has some fame for being the ex wife of Hans Zimmer. Learn more about her here!

By Hannah Jaehnig
Vicki Carolin Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Hans Zimmer's Ex Wife

Who is Vicki Carolin?

Not much is known about Vicki Carolin. Since her divorce from the composer Hans Zimmer, she has lived much of her life away from the watchful eye of the public. We know that she is an American woman whose age is around 60, but what else is there to Vicki Carolin other than bland facts? Since not many people know much about Hans Zimmer's ex wife or have even heard of her, you can be sure to learn something new about her by reading this article.

1. Vicki Carolin Used to be a Model


Back in the 1980's, Vicki Carolin spent a few years working as a model. She was featured in several magazines, including "Woman's Day." During the course of her short modeling career, she worked for Models1 Elite and Laraine Ashton, which are both modeling agencies based in London, England. While she no longer models, she has passed on her good looks to her daughter, Zoe. Zoe currently works as a model for various modeling agencies.

2. Vicki Carolin is Hans Zimmer's ex wife

Vicki Carolin married Hans Zimmer in 1982. This couple was happy at first, but their relationship eventually ran its course; the couple divorced in 1992, after about ten years of marriage. Currently, Hans Zimmer is now married to a woman named Suzanne Zimmer. It is unknown (but also unlikely) that Vicki Carolin has since remarried. Many people know Hans Zimmer from his film score compositions. He is most famous for working on films like "The Lion King," and "Dunkirk." Currently, he is nominated for an Oscar 2018 award for his work on "Dunkirk" The winner of this award will be announced in a few weeks at the Oscar 2018 ceremony, which takes place on March 4, 2018.

3. Vicki Carolin has a daughter with Hans Zimmer

Over the course of their decade-long marriage, Vicki Carolin and Hans Zimmer had one daughter together: Zoe Zimmer. Zoe Zimmer shares many of her parents' personality traits. She even looks a bit like her mother did when she was her age. This could explain Zoe's current modeling career. She also shows off her good looks, and pictures of her with her parents (like the one below) on her Instagram page.

Slightly unusual parents. ❤️🎉

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4. Vicki Carolin has a Low Net Worth

Even though Vicki Carolin used to be married to a man with a high net worth, she is now on her own and must create her own net worth. While looking into her net worth, we discovered that it is surprisingly low. According to, Vicki Carolin's net worth is only about $10,200, whereas Hans Zimmer's net worth is about $9 million.

5. Vicki Carolin is not very active on social media

Like most older adults, Vicki Carolin is not highly active on any social media sites, like Instagram or Facebook. However, if fans of Vicki Carolin or the Zimmer family want to see photos of her, then stopping an endless Facebook search and turning to her daughter's Instagram account may be the way to go. Zoe Zimmer posts the occasional picture of her mother, father, siblings, and more. A link to her Instagram page is posted below. However, it is unknown if Zoe Zimmer has an open Facebook page or not.

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