Learn More about the Flash Star, Jessica Parker Kennedy

Is She Really Related To The Kennedys? Who Is Jessica Kennedy?

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Learn More about the Flash Star, Jessica Parker Kennedy

Who Is Jessica Parker Kennedy?

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Jessica Parker Kennedy is a Canadian actress, born in Calgary, Alberta. The star was born on October 3rd, 1984, and her height is 154 centimeters. Jessica is said to have a net worth of 1.1 million. Not much is known about her private life since Jessica prefers to keep her life private; however, she has mentioned that she has never been married but wants to get married someday to someone who would make her laugh and someone who would not take themselves too seriously.

The star is also an advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement; being biracial and experiencing racism herself as the actress is said to be mistreated by the CW. It was rumored that the CW sidelined the POC actresses including Jessica and did not care about her and treated the mixed-raced actress’ character as a “token character”; while characters of her white cast members like Shelley Hennig and Britt Robertson were given better treatment as compared to Jessica, who was poorly treated by the network.

Other than that, Jessica continuously raises her voice for the discrimination against Pit Bulls in Calgary, Alberta.

Is She Related To JFK?

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Jessica Parker Kennedy often gets confused as a family member of the Kennedys as the actress shares the same last name as the 35th President of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy; however, the assassinated president and the Flash star are not in any way related and do not share any DNA.

The star is also often confused with Sarah Jessica Parker, who is an ex-partner of John F. Kennedy Jr.

What Is Jessica Parker Kennedy Famous For?

Jessica started acting when she was very young and participated in theatre productions ever since she turned 7. In her junior year of high school, Jessica found out that acting was her dream job. After that, the actress landed her first-ever role as Lucy the Elf in 2006’s movie Santa Baby. Other than that, the actress is also classically trained in singing and has been a part of her church choir in the past. She is mostly known for her role in The Flash, in which she plays the character of Iris and Barry's daughter from the future, Nora Allen West; in the comics, however, Nora is not the daughter of Iris and is actually the daughter of Barry that he had with Jessica in an alternate timeline.

What Projects Did She Work On Aside From The Flash Series?

1. Santa Baby (2006 and 2009)

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Jessica Kennedy made her acting debut with a TV movie called “Santa Baby” in 2006. In the movie, she played the character of “Lucy the Elf”. The movie was filmed in her home-town, Calgary, Alberta. Jessica also appeared in Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe, again as Lucy the Elf.

2. Kaya (2007)

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Jessica secured the role of “Natalee” in 2007 on MTV’s TV drama show Kaya. Even though the series was canceled after the first season, Jessica received a lot of recognition for her role.

3. Another Cinderella Story (2008)

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Another Cinderella Story was a hit and is still iconic to this date. The movie featured 16-year-old Selena Gomez and 26-year-old Drew Seeley. If you’re having trouble remembering where you know Drew Seeley from; he is the same person who sang Troy Bolton’s songs in High School Musical (yes, Zac Efron was lip-synching!). Jessica Parker Kennedy played the role of Mary (Selena Gomez)’s best friend Tammy. With iconic and relatable dialogues in the movie like “Embrace your awesomeness!”, “Do you think my leather goes with my tutu?” and “Hot guys always dance the best”, Tammy became everyone’s spirit animal. The actress played the role of a great friend to Mary in Another Cinderella Story and was truly ahead of her time!

4. Smallville (2008-10)

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From 2008-10, Jessica played the role of Bette Sans Souci, also known as Plastique in 3 episodes of Smallville, an American superhero TV series. The TV series was based on the DC comics. Jessica’s character Plastique was a person with superpowers. In the series, Bette is taken captive at the age of 12; she is then hired by Tess Mercer to be a part of her special team. Plastique along with another character named Parasite turn on Tess after she is accused of killing a few members of her team.

5. Valemont (2009)

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Jessica secured the role of Beatrice in 2009’s mini supernatural TV series named Valemount.

6. The Secret Circle (2011-12)

Jessica became a part of the main cast in the CW’s TV series The Secret Circle. Jessica’s character in The Secret Circle is quite like herself since her character was also mostly quiet and liked keeping things to herself.

7. Gemini (2017)

The film Gemini was directed by Aaron Katz. The movie featured famous singer Zoe Kravitz. Jessica Parker Kennedy played the role of an awkward fan named Sierra in the movie.

8. 90210 (2012-13)

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Jessica starred in a total of 6 episodes from 2012-13 in the American teen drama, 90210. Jessica played the powerful role of Megan Rose; the daughter of a truck driver who was involved in an accident that injured a character named Dixon.

9. Black Sails (2014-17)

Jessica was a part of the main cast in the TV show Black Sails and played the role of Max. Jessica gained a lot of recognition for her role as Max by playing the powerful role of has a queer pirate prostitute.

10. Colony (2017)

Jessica Parker Kennedy appeared in a total of 5 episodes of the science fiction TV series Colony. In the show, Jessica played the character of a prisoner named Maya. Maya later befriends a character named Bram at the labor camp.

11. I Love Bekka and Lucy (2017- )

Jessica played the character of Bekka in 2017’s funny, wholesome and heartwarming series I Love Bekka and Lucy. The show revolves around the lives of two best friends living together in Los Angeles. The TV series was previously a web series named “I Love Lucy and Bekka” starring Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez and Kristen Lloyd. Season 2 of the show has not been announced as of yet.

Jessica Kennedy has also played several small roles in movies such as The Perfect Guy, Deep Murder, and 50/50.

What Is She Working On Right Now?

The new season of The Flash was supposed to be released in January 2021; however, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the production got delayed. But the good thing is that the showrunner Eric Wallace is taking things in a positive manner, saying that season 7 will be better than expected due to the delay. It is unsure whether Jessica will come back for season 7. Rumors have been speculating that the actress is unlikely to be a part of The Flash season 7; however, fans are hopeful.

Jessica recently also took part in a short movie called “Self-Tape”, directed and written by Andrew Bowser. The short movie is chilling and creative and revolves around an actress who is interrupted by a crazy stalker fan while she is recording a self-tape on video at her place. The short movie has many twists and a really cool unraveling plot, and I have to say the writer has a very out of box imagination.

Jessica Parker Kennedy’s thrill movie “See for me” is also on the post-production level and will be releasing soon in 2020. The movie also features Skyler Davenport, Joe Pingue, Laura Vandervoort, and Pascal Langdale.

Jessica is also currently working on “Business Ethics Movie”; the movie will revolve around the life of a hedge fund manager. The movie is being directed by Nick Wernham.

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Jessica Parker Kennedy is a Canadian actress, best known for her role as Nora Allen in The Flash. Despite sharing the famous last name as the 35th US President, John F. Kennedy; both of them do not share any DNA. The actress started her career as Lucy the Elf in Santa Baby and got recognition from the movie A Cinderella Story after playing the iconic best friend of the lead character (Selena Gomez). Jessica has starred in several movies and TV series; her movie See for me is set to be released this year; while another one of her projects named “Business Ethics Movie” is currently in production.