Felix O. Adlon Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Pamela Adlon's Ex Husband

Do you know Felix O. Adlon? He is the ex-husband of Pamela Adlon! We bring you some unknown facts about this writer and producer.

By Saadia
Felix O. Adlon Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Pamela Adlon's Ex Husband

Felix O. Adlon: The Famous Writer and Producer!

Felix O. Adlon is the famous screenwriter and producer of movies like Salmonberries, Eat Your Heart Out and Mahler on the couch. Adlon was previously married to Pamela Adlon, and both were together for 14 years. They got separated in 2010. The two have three daughters, but after the divorce, they are living with their dad. Pamela Adlon herself is very talented. Pamela has been nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Actress in musical TV series ‘Better Things.’

Felix O. Adlon’s Background

Born in 1967 in Munich, Felix O. Adlon’s age is 50 now. He is the son of the movie maker couple Percy Adlon and Eleonore Adlon. Adlon has a net worth of $1.2 million by now. His wife, on the other hand, has the net worth of $16 million. Her age is 51.

Facts about Pamela's Ex Husband

Most of us know Felix O. Adlon as Pamela’s ex-husband but the guy is much more than that. Check out the facts about him:

#1 Felix O. Adlon’s Career

Adlon was fond of film and photography, and his first project was the movie “Till Death Do You Part.” Pamela’s ex-husband was awarded the final film award by the university where he graduated. In the same year, his movie Salmonberries released which again was an award-winning project. As Adlon’s mother was a producer herself and his father was a director too, it was easier for him to stand his feet on the ground.

#2 Adlon’s First Production Company

Adlon launched a production company in 1996 named Leora Films Inc. He started his acting career with a documentary drama ‘The Glittering World of Hotel Adlon.’ He debuted as a Movie Director in 1997 with Eat your Heart Out. In 2006, Adlon was hired for Pelmeni Film GmbH as a Managing Director.

#3 Adlon’s Best Movies

Felix O. Adlon won millions of hearts with the impeccable art execution for Mahler on the Couch in 2010. Adlon showcased some impressive work in Salmonberries and Eat Your Heart Out too. All these movies are a must-watch.

#4 His Relationship with Pamela Adlon

Adlon and Pamela had been dating each other from high school but had a deep affair. Both have been silent on the breakup. Adlon is taking care of the kids, and Pamela Adlon is focusing on her career now. No wonder her work in Better Things was appreciated that he got nominated for the 75th Golden Globe Awards. She is also the screenwriter of the series.

#5 Adlon is Living a Private Life

Pamela’s ex-husband is single, and he is currently not dating anyone. He has distanced himself from social media too so no one can access any details about his personal or professional life.



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