Justin Bieber Hairstyle: Men's Haircuts Inspired By Bieber

Justin Bieber's hairstyles over the years and they have been iconic in the world of men's style and pop culture for the past decade.

By Timothy Wayne
Justin Bieber Hairstyle: Men's Haircuts Inspired By Bieber

Justin Bieber Hairstyle: Men's Haircuts Inspired By Bieber

The Beginning of the Justin Bieber Hairstyle Evolution

Regardless of what you think of pop artist Justin Bieber, his music has made an impact in the world of dance and pop, but so has Justin Bieber’s style, or more importantly his hairstyle. A lot of guys have tried copying Justin Beiber’s hairstyle over the years since he made his mainstream debut back in 2009 with his debut album “My World.” It all started with his very first hairstyle, the long hair bowl cut.

In 2010, we got his first song hit, “Baby” and with it was Justin Bieber’s first and probably most iconic hairstyle. A twist on the classic style made popular by the Beatles, the long hair bowl cut, and no matter how hard he tries, that hairstyle will always be Justin Bieber to a tee. It doesn’t matter that it’s been nearly seven years since he’s donned the look, anytime someone so much as mentions Justin Bieber’s name, the collective mental image of him back when he was 15-years-old when he was pulling off a '70s shag look.

His hairstyle was starting to go through its evolution and changing the game of men’s hairstyles. Though Justin Bieber came after the big boy band era, his flip game was an evolution of those previous styles from the late '90s and early 2000s. By 2011, and he was approaching the age of 17, Justin Bieber changed it up a bit on how he styled his bowl cut by shorting it and was out of his eyes this time.

Justin Bieber's Hairstyle Begins to Go Towards A Slick Back Style

By the end of 2011, the evolution of his hairstyle game got even shorter. Justin Bieber still styled his hair down, but by the beginning of 2012, he started experimenting with the pompadour look, slicking it back with some gel. During that same year, he also experimented with a shorter slick back look at the American Music Awards. In 2012 we had an all-new Bieber with brand-new ear piercings and as a short messy hairstyle. However, it wasn’t long after that Justin Bieber started rocking an almost Elvis like look with a new slick flip back hairstyle with more height and volume. He eventually shaved his sides, and the swoop was gone forever.

Once 2013 hit, the Bieber evolution had continued to grow with new tattoo sleeves, and a new hairstyle of a slick back look but with less volume. It grew into more of a messy look as Bieber decided to grow out what facial hair he could at his young age. Bieber tried to clean it up a bit after his 2014 arrest in Miami when he tried to keep thing low key, but he came out with a new neck tattoo that said “patience.”

A New Hairstyle Evolution Along With Some New Body Art

In early 2015 Bieber had revealed more tattoos all over his upper torso, as well as still holding that slick back clean hairstyle. But, by later 2015 when Bieber decided to do the Comedy Central Roast, his hair had grown a lot longer, to almost shoulder length. Justin Bieber went back to the classic hairstyle in time for the Met Gala in May 2015. However, fall of 2015 when Bieber dropped his newest album “Purpose,” everything had changed. Bieber went for a flip hairstyle that was more hip and little emo.

When it was time to hit the road and tour to promote the new album, Bieber began sporting a cut with closely shaved sides and super long top. He also went bleach blonde for the "Purpose" tour. As the tour wore on, the lengthy look stayed while Bieber grew out his darker blonde roots. He had this long, side flip hairstyle that he would occasionally pull back and put into an experimental man bun. Bieber also added to his neck art with a tattoo of wings spreading across the back of his neck. During his “Purpose” tour, Bieber started experimenting with dreadlocks, and for a few months, he wore his long blonde hair in dreads.

However, by May 2016, Justin Bieber had shaved all his hair off, sporting a new short crew cut style, as well as a new nose piercing to go along with it. He kept the shaved look for a while but started growing it out towards the end of 2016. For a spell, it looked like he was returning to the iconic swooped look.

Where's Bieber Now?

In February 2017, Bieber shaved his head again and went back to platinum blonde. Only time will tell which direction he goes to next. Justin Bieber has kept his hair short ever since then, occasionally growing it back out a little before cutting it all off again. So, whether you love Bieber or hate Bieber, he has without a doubt been a style icon in the world of pop culture, and it has had an effect on men’s hairstyle for the past decade. No matter the hairstyle, Bieber has definitely kept his fans guessing to what his next look will be.