Denzel Washington: Everything To Know About The Star Celebrity From American Gangster

You have all heard about Denzel Washington, so if you want to find out more about his age, height, and movies, read on!

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Denzel Washington: Everything To Know About The Star Celebrity From American Gangster

Denzel Washington - age, height and personal info

Well, who would guess that this Hollywood dude is 62 years old? Denzel Washington is one of the most paid and most engaged Hollywood actors nowadays. Also, he is a very successful producer and director, a husband of Pauletta Pearson, and a father of four kids. Despite his age, with his athletic body and his height of 6"1', he is surely among the hottest actors in Hollywood. Washington was lucky enough to attend a private school, where his mother enrolled him after divorcing his father. In an interview, the actor stated that this decision changed his life for the better because the people from his old school would probably have dragged him into crime, as most of them are or were in prison.

#DenzelWashington, de 62 años y nominado en siete ocasiones al Oscar, todavía trata de mejorar. En la cinta de Dan Gilroy “Roman J. Israel, Esq.” Washington enfrentó un reto con uno de sus papeles más complicados y singulares. El personaje principal, interpretado por Washington, es un veterano abogado activista. Luego de décadas trabajando como una mente brillante tras bambalinas, la muerte de uno de sus socios más renombrados deja a Israel bajo los reflectores. Para un actor cuyas interpretaciones más fuertes “Malcolm X”, ″Glory”, ″Training Day”) han sido monumentos de poder y fortaleza, Israel es una rareza, un solitario antisocial quien de acuerdo a Gilroy y Washington padece síndrome de Asperger. Aunque también forma parte de los papeles más recientes de Washington el trágico Troy Maxson en “Fences”, el piloto alcohólico en “Flight”, han llevado al actor a nuevas direcciones. #informando

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He was a talented basketball player

With his height of 6"1', Washington was a very talented basketball player in college. Famous basketball coach P.J Carlesimo trained him for a couple of years. And Washington really had some talent for the game. Still, his love for acting was stronger. Over the summer in 1977, Washington was doubted which direction to continue his studies, so he decided to take the semester-off. During the summer camp where he went to volunteer, he was engaged in several projects as a creative director and realized that he was attracted to a big screen. Now, he only enjoys watching sports games, especially NBA team Los Angeles Lakers, of whom Denzel Washington is a big fan. The interesting fact is that one of his best performances is in the movie "He Got Game", where he played a father dedicated to his son's basketball career.

Washington is dedicated to one woman for life

Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta Pearson are one of Hollywood's longest love couples. This year, the pair of actors celebrated their 34th anniversary of a successful and happy marriage. They met in 1977 on a project they were working together, and they married six years later. Although Pauletta is four years older than Denzel, this never was an obstacle to their happiness. Denzel Washington said that he had finally found a home with his wife since he hadn't had one with his family.

“I grew up in athletics, but my wife’s family had a great education. My wife was a child prodigy. I married up! Her family had a love and a closeness that I didn’t have. I came from a broken home and I said I have to have that.”

Denzel Washington about his wife's family

Year 34. The Washingtons. #denzelandpauletta #realrelationshipgoals 😍😍

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He wanted to become a preacher

Denzel Washington has been known as a very committed Christian since his early age. His father was a preacher, so at one stage of his life, Denzel Washington started to think about religion. In one interview, the actor admitted that he was thinking a lot about being a preacher and that it's not out of the question that one day, he would devote his life to God. Washington reads the Bible every day and he taught his children Christian values.

Some of his most famous movies and net worth

In his longlasting career, Denzel Washington has over 50 movie roles in various genres, from comedies to dramas. He always tries to choose his roles wisely. If sometimes he acted in a badly written film, Washington was able to overcome the writing with his outstanding acting. But his movies, especially those filmed in the last couple of years, were box office successes. That's why his net worth is estimated at over $40 million dollars. Denzel had a very significant role in the movie "Philadelphia". He played a lawyer who defends a gay man suffering from Aids. Together, they fight against a corporation that discriminates against a former employee. Tom Hanks played the main role in "Philadelphia", and it brought him the Oscar as the Best Actor.

In 2007, he shot "American Gangster", a biographical drama about the criminal Frank Lucas. Although the script, according to critics, is pure fiction in most parts, the film exceeded the expectations of producer Ridley Scott and had a profit of over $300 million globally. His latest film is the legal drama "Roman J. Israel Esq.", which premiered a few days ago, and is already threatening to become one of the candidates for the movie that marks Denzel's career. Although critics aren't well-disposed to the script, Washington's acting in "Roman J. Israel Esq." was rated as flawless.

Roman J. Israel, Esq. features another standout performance by Washington, but the story around him is mundane and fails to leave an impression.

The critic Chris Agr about the movie "Roman J.Israel, Esq."

"Training Day" as the highlight of his career

Although this actor has a huge number of notable roles, such as those in "Malcolm X," "The Preacher's Wife", and many others, the movie "Training Day" can be marked as the highlight of Washington's career, as it brought him an Oscar for the best male role. An interesting fact is that his role firstly was offered to many actors, like Bruce Willis, Tom Sizemore, and Samuel L. Jackson, but they all declined it. We guess the role was meant for Denzel.

Washington as a producer

Washington proved himself as a successful producer in 2014 when the movie "The Equalizer" was recorded. The film has achieved excellent commercial success, and the same is expected from its sequel "The Equalizer 2", whose premiere is scheduled for next year. And this movie, as well as the previous one, is signed by Washington as one of the co-producers. "The Equalizer 2" should fulfill the high expectations of critics and audiences alike, and to be a decent sequel to the original movie. He is also assigned as one of the co-producers of "Roman J. Israel Esq.".

Things are looking good for Denzel! Between his marriage, his money, and his talents, he can expect a great life ahead of him.