Nikita Dragun Wiki: Online Transgender Beauty Guru

9 facts about this popular beauty guru and her relationship

By Diana N.
Nikita Dragun Wiki: Online Transgender Beauty Guru

Nikita Dragun: Who And What Is She Known For?

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Nikita Dragun, also known as Nyc Dragun is a well-established makeup artist and a model who rose to fame as a result of her YouTube channel. She is a 23 years old youngster who started her YouTube channel in 2013. She started small, to a point where she could only get paid 10 to 20 dollars. Today, her name is almost becoming a common household name for the great following that she has gained throughout the years. Her channel consists primarily of makeup tutorials, vlogs, challenges, and inspirational videos, especially about her transition.

She started becoming a highly influential individual when she started talking about her transition journey on YouTube. This made more people connect with her since in one way or another, exposing her vulnerability enabled people to connect more to her.

As a result of her transitioning, she realized the kind of bias that women have to go through daily and this made her become a feminist as well as being an LGBTQ activist.

9 Facts About Nikita Dragun

1. She knew that she was transgender at an early age

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Nikita told Forbes that she knew she was transgender at the age of five. Although there was a time that she knew she had to suppress her femininity, she always felt like a girl at heart. When she was 8 years old, she started saving up money for her transition. By then she had acquired so much knowledge about transgender from watching documentaries and other informative pieces.

2. She was openly gay in high school

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You all know how much high school played a major role in shaping you to be the person that you are today. Not so different for Nikita, she came out as gay and by the time she got in high school, she did not want to hide it anymore but rather live her life openly. Her friends accepted her for who she was and this was such a great thing for her.

3. She earned a full scholarship to NYU

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Nikita was a hardworking person since her childhood and it was a great honor when she had earned a full scholarship to NYU. However, she needed some space and time to figure out things about herself and her life as a transitioning youth. As a result of this, she declined the opportunity to go there and this decision devastated her parents.

4. She let out her true feminine self in collage

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After high school, Nikita started to let out her feminine side. She began to dress up as a woman and she was surprised by how fast the world accepted her as a woman. When they would go to parties when said that she would easily get in as a woman than it was as a man.

She studied for a degree in business and marketing while in college and by this time, she was already identifying herself as a transgender woman.

5. She documented her entire transition journey in YouTube

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Even though the platform could sometimes be filled with criticism, she documented her entire transgender journey on YouTube. When she was in college, Nikita started her own YouTube channel where she did makeup tutorials. For about half a year, no one knew she was transgender.

She then became open with her viewers and got tired of hiding her true nature to them. Out of frustration, she started being more honest and documented her entire journey. She became free and open. Her fans saw her go through the surgeries that completed her transition and as a result of her being completely open, her channel grew immensely.

6. She was involved in a controversy with Victoria’s Secrets

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This has been her biggest controversy when Victoria’s Secret’s Chief Marketing Officer told vogue that Victoria’s Secret would not model with transgender women since the show was a fantasy. This stirred up a back and forth on Twitter as his words seemed to infer that transgender was undesirable and could not sell the fantasy. Nikita had her fans back and later they cleared things up with the Chief Marketing Officer, Ed Razek.

7. The Blackface Controversy

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This controversy was stirred up when Nikita was featured in an Ad campaign that she did for Jeffree Star’s Androgyny makeup line. She appeared to be darker than her normal complexion and fans were not happy, terming it to be racist. The fans felt that it would have been easier and more logical to cast an African American individual than black-facing Nikita.

8. She once dated model Michael Yerger

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During her teenage years, Nikita did not get into any relationships as she was busy trying to identify herself during her teenage years. As a result, she never has the time to date and experiences the heartbreaks that are very commonly associated with teenage love. After she transitioned, Nikita felt that she was ready for love and began her relationship with the model Michael Yerger. Despite the hate that he could sometimes get from fans for falling in love with Nikita, Michael continued loving her for who she is and it made them both happy.

But the relationship did not last long as it turned out that she was just a publicity stunt to get Michael into advancing in his career. This was Nikita’s first heartbreak and she also found out that Michael had been cheating on her. Talk about a double heartbreak. She felt so disrespected and decided to end the relationship as hard as it was.

9. Her first cosmetic line was sold off in less than 12 hours

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As a result of her being a successful businesswoman, she made her first makeup collection line and named it Dragun Beauty. In March when it was launched, it barely took 12 hours before it was sold out. 

Her Relationships: Boyfriend And Family

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Nikita has not been in any other relationship after she broke off the relationship that she had with Michael Yerger. Despite the bitter ending, it also had a silver lining as she got to get closer to her friends. She also said that the experience was a real eye-opener and thanked her fans for getting her through the horrible ordeal with positive messages and comments. Although she has been seen posting pictures with men and people calling them her boyfriend, it has not been the case but just something that she does for fun.

Mama Dragun, as she is also known by many of her fans is a half Mexican and half Vietnamese as her father is Vietnamese and her mother is Mexican. She has two sisters and a brother.

What Is She Currently Up To?


Nikita has been working for her second product and it was finally launched on the 9th of October 2019. The new pallet is called face and has six shades which consist of two for contouring, two blushes, and two highlights. 

Dragun told good Morning America that it is an all in one palette that you can be able to throw in your bag and take with you on a trip knowing you are set. The formulas of these pallets are vegan, cruelty-free and free of parabens and this makes them perfect for even the most sensitive skin types. 

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Nikita Dragun’s story is one that fills us with the belief that everything is possible. At a young age of 23, she has accomplished so much and this just shows us how much passion and the love for what one is doing can take them so far. Despite negative criticism which will always be there despite who you are, Nikita is the embodiment that even that too shall pass and you will rise to be a great member of the society.

She has brought so much hope for those people who belong to the LGBTQ community who feel like they are lost. Through her YouTube channel, she has documented her entire transition in hopes that it would be an inspiration to those people who find it difficult to find out who they are.

On her rise to stardom, Nikita focused on making money from using social media and became successful to a point where she contemplated dropping out of college. She, however, chose to finish her schoolwork and started using the business skills immediately after she graduated from college and as a result, her makeup business is on top of its game.



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