Find Out The Best Eyeliner Colors For Your Eye Color

Find out which eyeliner color suits brown, green, black eyes.

By Caren M
Find Out The Best Eyeliner Colors For Your Eye Color

The Different Eyeliner Colors

 Eyeliner is one of the most beloved makeup products to ever hit the beauty market. Eyeliner helps define the eyes and add a little extra oomph and lift that adds that quality of personality to your eyes.

Eyeliner has been in use since the time of the Egyptians and was later adopted by the Elite in ancient Greece to make themselves pretty during festivities and to separate them from the common folk and then later just adopted it in daily life.

The time of the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks may be over but the eyeliner reign is as strong as ever! It has penetrated itself into our daily make-up routine and it is almost sacrilegious leaving the house without wearing any these days.

The List Of Suitable Eyeliner Colors That Best Suits Your Eye Color

Black eyeliner is the dominant color of all eyeliner shades but more people are picking up the trend of extending their eyeliner collection to suit their eye color every day. The beauty about color eyeliner is that it makes the eyes pop no matter your eye color and brings that more attention to your eyes.

Make-up gurus show us all the fun ways we can work with color liner and I’m sure we all want to live the Kardashian life and have a bevy of makeup artists to make our eyes all pretty if wishes were horses.

Luckily for you, we have broken down the complex science of matching your eye color to a color liner that will work best for you so sit back and get ready to get those eyes popping.

The most important and useful tip we can give you when choosing an eyeliner color that matches your eye is looking for complementary colors on the color wheel. Colors opposite each other will create a contrasting look on your eye, bringing out the color more.

For Hazel eyes

Hazel is basically the chameleon of eye color and you can enhance whatever shade you feel like working with for the day.

Green shades of emerald and olive green will bring out the green in hazel eyes as well as other forest greens and gold-colored liners. Warm shades of brown including bronze and copper will make the neutral brown color pop more. 

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For a glamorous look, line the lid of your hazel eyes with either green or a rich brown color then layer a gold eyeliner into the corners and at the center of your eyes to brighten them up and make them sparkle.

For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes feature flecks of varying colors and so can work with almost any kind of colored liner. Taking the plunge may be a bit overwhelming but a good place to start with color liner for brown eyes is the more earthy browns and then working your way up. A brown eyeliner adds depth and definition without being too much. Apply it on the waterline because it's lighter than the black liner and will brighten up the eye significantly.

Charlotte Tilbury Rock n Kohl Eyeliner Pencil

Try this no-nonsense eye pencil that has the smooth glide of liquid eyeliner and the pigment intensity of a kohl pencil and works just perfectly for brown eyes.

To emphasize the lighter flecks in brown eyes, go with warmer shades of amber to add that golden glow to your face. Brown liners will make your eye color appear richer but contrasting colors will make it appear lighter and brighter. Eyeliners in colors such as midnight blue, cobalt, vivid purple, mint green, mint grey, and cool charcoal will bring out the lighter brown and golden flecks in your eyes and this contrast will make your eyes pop and be more noticeable.

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For Green Eyes

Green eyes are beautiful and may vary in color from beautiful moss green to captivating jade and emerald. For this reason, if you have a pair of these wonderful eyes then it is your duty to make sure the whole notice them.

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Red undertones complement the green color on the color wheel and will define and exacerbate the green in the iris but purple colors like amethyst, aubergine, plum, violet, and mauve look great on green eyes. Be careful when applying as they may make you look tired or sickly especially if dialed down to a pinkish hue.


Shades of brown eyeliner also work great on the eyes, particularly burgundy, rust, and mahogany pay a nice complementary effect to green colored eyes. Lining 

For Black Eyes

Dark brown or black eye-colored people are lucky because your eyes literally offer you a fresh canvas to experiment with different eyeliner shades and find something that works for you.

Pairing a bright jewel tone like royal blue on the inner or outer corner of the eye with a black liner on the waterline really adds that splash of color. You can also use these shades on your lower lashes to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

If you have lighter flecks in the eyes, using a bold color like cobalt blue or green in either metallic or matte will highlight the flecks and make your eyes really pop. The ultimate trick for dark-colored eyes though is to create the illusion of larger eyes with strong shades of violet, silver, and chocolate.

For Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are really versatile and can range from a deep blue to mixed up shades. Finding the perfect colored eyeliner for your gems is key to bringing out the light color without being too much. Contrasting makes the color pop more so using shades of yellow gold and copper will make blue eyes appear even bluer.

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For paler shades of blue eyes, like icy blue, you want to enhance the blue in your eyes by using a blue eyeliner. To line blue eyes with metallics, dot the inner corner of the eye with a gold pencil and then keep close to the lashline. You can also use jewel tones to achieve different colored impacts for your eye. Use navy colored liners when you want to deepen the blue color in your eyes and use shades such as emeralds when you want to highlight gold flecks in your eyes.

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Using colored eyeliner may appear tasking and overwhelm at first but once you get the basics down and see the wonderful depth and color they add to your eyes, you will be hooked. Certain colors can intensify, brighten, define or even change the appearance of your natural eye color. All you need to do is choose the right color for your eyes and they’ll be sparkling with new life in no time with the stroke of a brush. Literally. More importantly, don't forget to have fun with the experimenting process and who knows what other wonderful shades you might discover!