60 Cute & Original Ear Piercings You Have To See

Ear piercings have no barriers. Here are 60 very cute and original ear piercings for you to see and try as you want and like them.

By Tanaya Nath
60 Cute & Original Ear Piercings You Have To See

60 Cute & Original Ear Piercings You Have To See

Ear piercings have turned from a cultural trend to style statement. So, why restrict yourself to single lobe ear piercings. Follow the piercing chart and let your imagination run wild. Here are 60 adorable and original ear piercings ideas for you to consider.

Single Ear Piercings

Single is good too. Those who don’t want to go overboard with piercings can start with single but unique and cute piercing ideas.

Single Targus Piercing

Targus ear piercings look cute and subtle. This one uses a floral pin with a gem in between. It is simple and attractive. 

Solo Diath Cute Ear Piercings

Now who would have thought, a single glittery ring will look so cute in your ear. You can have more ear piercings accompanying the diath. But this one alone steals the show. And, a diath piercing can also help with migraines and tinnitus - ringing in the ears. 

From Industrial To Transverse Unique And Cute Piercings

This is pretty bold and unique. Two ear piercings combined as one. The pin goes all the way from Industrial to be loaches at the transverse lobe. Can you dare this look?

Cute And Simple Three Gem Inner Conch Ear Piercings

You don’t have to go overboard in making a statement. The three gemstones in the wall of your ear are simple and cute. And yet it makes you look bold and glamorous. So many phases of your personality in one piercing.

Cute Scapha Ear Piercings

When you look at the pictures of piercing chart, you would know that after targus, scapha is one of the most preferred places for ear piercings. This spider pin looks cute and saves out strong vibes about you. 

The Lobe

Have you ever looked at the pictures of piercing diagrams and wondered if you could have the 1” gauge stretch your lobe? Well, this pretty lady has gone ahead and done that. No piercing charts could have changed her mind. Looks stunning, doesn’t it?

The Lobe Snake Ear Piercings

This is a cute and pretty fashionable ear piercing design. With only one piercing at the lobe, the snake ear cuff makes your entire ear look glamorous and bold. You can see pictures of cuffs and decide which one you want.

Double Ear Piercings

Many piercings near me have moved on from one place on the ear to two. And it looks good I must admit. You can see the piercing diagram and decide for yourself which two piercings holds appeal to you.

Orbital Conch And Diath Cute And Unique Piercings

The conch and the diath ear piercings are the most common piercings near me. Both the piercings are simple rings, and they look charming and simple. This one is elegant.

The Scapha And Lobe Cute Ear Piercings

Two simple piercings on the scapha and lobe with studded earrings are the best thing. These piercings are simple and cute. If you don’t want to show it off and yet have everyone’s attention, well this is the ear piercing for you.

Scapha And Orbital Conch Cute Ear Piercings

Pair up the simple ring at your conch with a decorative ear pin on the scapha. These two balance each other well along with complementing each other.

Upper Lobe And Lobe Cute Ear Piercings

Now isn’t this ear piercing simple and yet extremely cute? What else is there to say?

Forward Helix And Targus Minimalistic Piercings

Two simple studs are decorating your targus and forward helix. Simplicity has its charm, and these ear piercings prove it.

Simple Targus And Pinna Piercings

You can't go wrong with a stud targus ear piercings. Just add one at your Pinna as well for a subtle touch of a bold statement.

The Conch And The Lobe Ear Piercings

A decorative leaf earring at the conch is adding to the beauty of your ear. You can add any earring at your lobe. Be a stud or hoop, either will look good.

Twice At The Conch

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Just stop same rustic looking hoops on your orbital conch and you are done. You don’t need anything else to make your ear look attractive. 

Two Diaths Together

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Like two hoops on the orbital conch, you can also go for two ear piercings at diath as well. Put in two beautiful hoops and you're done.

Two Lobes Ear Piercings

Piercings on the lobe never go out of fashion. Have your ear pierced at two different places on your lobe and use two differently shaped studs for finishing the look.

A Lobe And An Upper Lobe

Just shift an inch farther and have two ear piercings- one at the lobe and another at the upper lobe. Studded studs will look good on them. You can also go for small hoops.

Triple Ear Piercings

Take ear piercings one step further. Let’s take a look at triple ear piercings that are original and cute.

Industrial, Diath And Targus Cute Ear Piercings

Add similar colored yet differently patterned earrings on your diath and industrial piercings. The targus always looks good with a studded stud.

Scaffa, Upper Lobe And Lobe Piercing Places For Females

This piercing could be called simple, but the love earring on the upper lobe is making it cute and attractive.

Industrial, Targus And Lobe Cute Piercings Ideas

The barbell looks bold, and the simple studs at the targus and lobe ear piercings are adding the balance.

Elegant Helix And Lobe Piercings

This is both attractive and charming. The one at the helix is a cuff with a pearl. The stud at the upper lobe is triangular matching the drop design at the lobe.

Minimal Pinna And Lobe Cute Piercings

If you want to be minimal with triple ear piercings, take a look at this one. Just three simple studs and you are good to go.

Rook, Orbital Conch And Targus

The rook has a barbell while the conch has a cuff. The stud at the targus is adding a feminine touch to these two bold looking piercings.

Two Upper Lobes And A Lobe

Lobes, lobes, and more lobes. A pearl stud at the lobe and two sweet, simple and cute ones at the upper lobes. Elegance does come in many shapes.

Two Lobe And A Tragus Piercings

A metal drop and a shaped drop at the lob ear piercings along with a similar metal stud at the targus. Simple and cute.

Orbital Conch And Lobes

Three hoops, golden and shiny at three different places on your ear. It makes you believe that simply looks beautiful.

Just The Targus, Upper Lobe And Lobe

Three close by ear piercings enclosed with cute studs makes your ear look beautiful. You can let your lobe steal the show with the bigger stud. 

Ear Hook Piercings

Three metal studs at ear hooks is a good choice if you want to get a bold look but don’t want to overdo it. 

Double Conch And A Lobe Ear Piercings

Put a simple dangler at the hoop and two studs, nice and big ones at the underside of the conch. You couldn’t get bolder than that. Or, maybe you can.

The Targus, The Diath And Gauged Lobe

Talking about being bolder, having your lobe gauged over an inch is bold. Add a feminine touch with studs at the targus and the base of the diath.

Four And More Ear Piercings

Why stop at three? Let’s see how far can you count with ear piercings. 

Rook, Helix, Targus, And Lobe Unique Lobe Piercing Places

Two barbells and two cuffs are cute, right? Use the ones with glittery stones. It will add a feminine touch to your boldness. 

Helix, Pinna, Auricle, Upper Lobe And Lobe Piercings For Females

A simple studded cuff with three studs. Do you want to stop here? I guess you don’t.

Inner Conch, Helix And Lobe Unique Piercings Ideas

Five piercings in the conch, two at orbital conch and two at lobes. I think I can handle these ear piercings. 

Helix, Anti Targus And Inner Conch

Wear something decorative on the helix piercings followed by gem studs on the other ones.

Inner Conch, Upper Lobe And Lobe

The Conch Ear Piercings

Have your conch pierced and put a five-gem elongated stud there. Accompany it with four lobe piercings.

Helix, Diath, Upper Lobe And Lobe

A ring on the diath and studs on the helix complements the decorative studs on the lobes.

Cute And Unique Multi-Piercing

If you are brave enough to sport this look, you can have these jewelry pieces adorn your ear piercings.

Industrial, Diath, Targus, Upper Lobe And Lobe

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Barbells, heart-shaped rings, studs, this one has it all.

Rook, Orbital Conch, Targus And Lobes

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Adorn the rook with barbell and conch with the studded conch. Simple and beautiful.

Rings In Orbital Conch, Upper Lobe And Lobe

Using different types of rings on the lobe and the cuff on the conch finishes the look for you.

Targus, Rook, Orbital Conch And Lobe

Keep it simple and sweet. Simple barbells on rook and orbital conch can add a little swag to your look.

Orbital Conch, Targus And Two Lobe Piercings

Studded pins are beautiful and look good on ear piercings.

Unique Multiple Ear Piercings

Rings and metal ball studs can do what many ornaments can’t. 

Orbital Conch, Upper Lobe And Lobe

Conch and lobe have cuffs along the ear with two simple studs. That’s all you need.

Amazing And Unique Multiple Ear Piercings

Let your ear piercings speak for you with drops and danglers. 

Cute Multiple Lobe Ear Piercings

Different beautiful delicate rings on your lobe are feminine and elegant.

Three rings on the lobes balance three studs on the helix.

All Around The Edge

Decorating the edge of your ear, from bottom to the top.

Cuffs And Studs On The Lobe Ear Piercings

Two cuffs, two studs, and done. 

The Gold Shines Down On The Lobe

Cute, simple gold adornments for your ear piercings can elevate your look on every occasion.

One Too Many Ear Piercings

Why stop at a few, have every inch of your ear pierced?

The Blacks And The Whites

See, black and white can also add colors to your life.

PAC-Man Ear Piercings

Carry Pac-Man in your ear. Wanna play?

The Studded Helix And Lobes

Let the stars shine down on your ear piercings with the studded pins.

Cute And Simple Ear Piercings

Cute, simple studs can add a little more feminine touch to your look.

Two Different And Beautiful Styles

The two different styles and two different looks. Pretty, isn’t it?

The Blues And The Whites

Little gems and how you put them matters.

Conch And The Targus

Who needs bling to look beautiful, these ear piercings tell you something different.

Star Studded Ear Piercings

One word- Beautiful.