25 Gifts For My Wife For Being Awesome All The Time

Pamper your sweet selfless wife with these 25 gifts and ideas

By Caren M
25 Gifts For My Wife For Being Awesome All The Time

Appreciating Your Selfless Partner Whom Always Behind You Every Step Of The Way

Gentlemen let’s face it; gift shopping for your wife can be a bitch sometimes. After a few rounds of doing the marriage thing, you’re pretty used to each other and finding something that will excite her and show your appreciation of the woman that’s been cooking, cleaning, and being the mother of your children can be a nightmare.

A good well—thought of gift will make her feel appreciated- like she matters to you.

Get to know her

The key to getting your wife the perfect gift is getting to know her. And I know what you’re thinking, you’ve been married for years so you know her- but you may not. You two are separated to take care of daily activities like a 9 to 5 and other activities like book clubs, taking care of kids, and hanging out with friends.

Observe her and take note of the things she tends to gravitate towards. It may be the way she talks about a particular thing and that will give you some insight into the category of things she’s currently into.

Here are some ideas of things you can get her on her special days or just for the heck of it.

25 Gift Ideas You Can Gift Your Wife On Valentines Day, Christmas Or For Birthday

Valentine’s day gifts

Valentine’s is the day you celebrate your special love. Rose blooms fill the air with their sweet smell and you’re both walking around with your heads in the cloud for the evening that’s been planned. But before you can go into any steamy actions, we have the gift-giving session. A valentine’s gift needs to be something that shows that you love her still, that you’re attracted to her and you think of her as sexy. No pressure at alllaugh

1. Calligraphed wedding vows

There's nothing better to remind her of your love and commitment on this day of love than reminding her of the views you shared on your wedding day. Having your wedding vows calligraphed and framed will blow her mind and bring a few tears to her eyes.

Calligraphed wedding vows on foil: Minted.com

Your Vows as a Foil Art Print

2. Conversation Roses

Women love receiving flower gifts but you know what's even better, surprising her with conversation roses that say all the things you want to say but in a super romantic way. Every rose says something special to  your wife and will have her in smiles all day.

Conversation roses: 1-800 roses

Conversation Roses™ I Love You

3. Date night bucket list

If you find that the best thing you do on your time alone is sit and do boring crossword puzzles- separately, then perhaps it's time to consider this date night bucket list. It contains a list of wonderful fun things you can do during your date nights and is a great way to reconnect with the woman you chose to spend the rest of your life with.

Date night bucket list: Uncommon goods

Date Night Bucket List

4. Aromatherapy Bath kit

Another thing women just love is a nice, long, relaxing bath. Her time in the bathtub is her special time to just be her and decompress from the pressures of the day. Show your wife just how much you care about her by making this time even more special by gifting her with an Aromatherapy Bath kit.

Creative you aromatherapy bath kit: Walmart.com

Creative You All-In-One D.I.Y. Bath Bombs & Aromatherapy Kit- 34 Pieces

5. Couple conversation card game

Sometimes conversation can run stale, even in the most robust of relationships. This conversation card game will provide fun topics to discuss with your wife. It's a way to have you two communicate and listen to each other and spend time together as a couple.

Our moments couple conversation card game: walmart.com

Thought Provoking Conversation Starters for Great Relationships Fun Conversation Cards Game for Couples

6. Jewelry

You can never go wrong with jewelry. Special pieces like monogrammed necklaces or bracelets that carry a reminder of your love for her is the perfect valentine gift to get her. She'll be reminded of your love for her and you can be sure that she'll be wearing it often to flaunt just how much you love her. Here are a few ideas.

Monogrammed necklace:amazon.com

Big Letter monogrammed necklace

7. A Ring

Presleigh ring set: kendrascott.com

Presleigh Ring Set | Kendra Scott

Rings carry a lot of meaning and are usually given and worn as a sign of a kind of commitment. Getting her a ring set to remind her of your love, appreciation, and commitment will genuinely move her. It's simple and carries a lot of meaning. If your wife is into fashionable rings, getting her a stackable ring would be perfect. This ring can be stacked easily on top of her wedding or engagement ring, to add to the ice on her finger.

Diamond stackable fashion ring: bluenile.com

Diamond Zig-Zag Stackable Fashion Ring

Birthday gifts

Her birthday is a special time for her and her whole world needs to stop to acknowledge this. If not the world, you at least. Birthday gifts are more specific and finding something she'd be into is your biggest task. You need to make her feel special, and like there's more to her than being a wife or a mom if she's one. She needs to feel like she's still seen on top of these other wonderful roles she's taken on. Here are a few ideas.

8. Fab Fit Fun subscription

FabFitFun box subscription: Fabfitfun

If your wife is make up obsessed, getting her a FabFitFun subscription will have her worshipping the ground you walk on. This subscription box will expose her to different products, even ones she hasn't used before. FabFitFun is a makeup fave because you'll get up to ten full-sized products each season.

FabFitFun customized subscription box

9. Special Cookie delivery

If your wife has a sweet tooth, then this specialty cookie delivery is the perfect sugar rush gift. Bangcookies bakes all their cookie products with purely organic ingredients so it's healthy and can be enjoyed by anyone. The best part is you don't have to bake this yourself, and the cookie is as good as homemade.

Bang cookies organic cookies

10. A Beautiful Watch

An Olivia Burton rainbow stone watch:nordstrom

Let her wrist do the talking with a beautiful watch that she got as a present from you. A nice watch is complementary to her overall look and will make her look more presentable. This kind of watch would be a splurge but this is the love of your life we are talking about and your love is forever.

Rainbow Stone Leather Strap Watch

11. Silk pajama set

Silk pajama set: lunya.com

Whether she's dealing with work stress, chasing after kids, or you, these silk pajamas allow her to indulge in a cozy night in. They're lightweight, soft, and breathable, giving way to a peaceful night. They are comfy enough to sleep in but cute enough to answer the door in.

Washable Silk Set

12. A night out of town

The best gift you can give her for her birthday, your time and undivided attention and a night out of time is just perfect for this. Plan a romantic getaway to celebrate her special day. Your wife will appreciate the gesture and you both can use it as an opportunity to have a romantic time together, have fun and just enjoy each other's company.

13. Wood music box

Engraved music box: amazon.com

For a sweet gift that is both inexpensive and meaningful, this music box is the gift for you. The music box is engraved and plays the tune "You Are My Sunshine." And you never need to worry about changing the battery — simply crank the handle to keep the music playing.

You are My Sunshine Wood Music Box

Christmas day gifts

Christmas is a festive time for cheer, photos with Santa, and Christmas trees. Everyone is rushing to get the perfect gift for their loved ones and we hope so are you- looking for the perfect gift for your perfect wife. Here are a few ideas to nudge you in the right direction. 

14. A Cashmere Sweater

Cora Cashmere sweater: Naked cashmere

Every woman likes a good sweater and gifting your wife with a chic and fashion statement cashmere sweater to complete her fall and winter wardrobe will earn you extra points. Nothing says 'treat yourself' quite like cashmere does. It may cost you a pretty penny but it will be so worth it when you see the big smile she breaks into.

Women's Cora Chunky Knit Turtleneck Sweater | NakedCashmere

15. A weighted blanket

No tossing and turning anymore for her With this 7-layered, soft cotton and polyester blanket. It offers a deluxe feeling that is simply unparalleled leaving her with a comfortable, cuddled feeling that will have her sleeping through the night like a baby.

weighted blanket:amazon.com

Adult Weighted Blanket

16. Scented Candles

Hudson Grace scented candles:Hudson|Grace

Whether you're short on romantic gift ideas or your wife just loves scented candles, never underestimate the power of this sweet-smelling present. We can't stop talking about how delightful this particular one is. It'll keep her favorite room smelling like a garden for months.

HG Original Candle – Hudson Grace

17. Silk pillow case for beauty sleep

Give your wife the gift of an amazing night's sleep—in style. Cotton pillowcases can damage hair and cause premature wrinkling. This silk one, however, is beauty expert-approved. It'll also make her feel like she lives in a hotel.

Silk pillowcase:Sephora

Silk Pillowcase - Standard/Queen - Slip | Sephora

18. French coffee press

French coffee press: amazon.com

If you married a coffee obsessed wife, a classic, luxurious French press coffee press is just what your wife needs to start her day off right. Le Creuset French press pots come in a variety of colors to match your kitchen aesthetic.

Le Creuset Stoneware French Press Coffee Maker

19. Pressed glass photo frame

The antique feel of these frames speaks to the memories you have together. You can frame some of her favorite photos. Be it that adorable first look photo where you're both happy crying or maybe there's something that makes you both sentimental. Now's your chance to frame it and hang it for everyone to see.

Pressed glass photo frame:anthropologie.com

Pressed Glass Photo Frame

20. Microwavable cozy slippers

microwavable slippers:Amazon|intelex

After a long day, the one thing she needs is cozy place to put her feet. Picked as one of Oprah's Favorite Things, these slippers are filled with millet grains and dried lavender flower, and are microwavable. 

Fully Microwavable Luxury Cozy Slippers Snowy

25 Cool Gift Ideas For Your WIfe Who Has Everything By Now

Shopping for a wife that has everything, her closet is full of designer names and her home is just the way she wants, then it might be a bit challenging to shop for her. Challenging, but not impossible. After all, no one has everything and you just need to figure out what's the thing she can never have enough of.

21. A map of the stars

A personalized map of the stars: Etsy.com

Whether it was the night you met, the moment you first said "I love you" or the day you said "I do," a map of the stars during one of your most memorable relationship milestones will move your wife more than you know.

Custom Star Map Print Constellation | Etsy

22. Pamper her with a spa day

A spa day is luxurious and there'll be a hoard of people waiting on her so she'll feel like a pampered princess by the time she is returned to you. If you feel that she already has everything, then a spa day is a great gift. She'll get to have the entire day to herself and just being waited on.

23. Fancy dinner out

Giving her your time is a gift that will keep on giving. especially if you've both been busy of late with work and other commitments and time alone has been hard to get. Planning a fancy dinner for the two of you would be a perfect way to reconnect with your wife and remind yourself of all the reasons you fell in love in the first place.

24. Road trip

If your wife loves to plan trips and road trips, then arranging one for just the two of you will melt her heart. It'll just be the two of you in a vehicle, music, and the open road to remind yourselves of your younger days. This time together will mean more to her than you could ever imagine.

25. Gift Card

Another alternative if she already has everything is to give her the freedom to choose whatever she wants for herself by gifting her with a gift card to her favorite shop. A gift card will allow her to gift herself with whatever she wants or she can keep the gift card to use when she needs it, provided it does not expire.

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Your wife is special and deserves the best you have to offer. A gift isn’t much but a token of appreciation for all that she is and has been to you. A well thought of gift will make your wife feel loved and that she matters enough to you for you to invest your time and energy to making her happy. And more likely than not, you'll get love and affection like you want it. Happy wife, happy life.