12 Chic and Expensive Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Thoughtful anniversary gifts for her, your wife or girlfriend

By Aey
12 Chic and Expensive Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

The gift is a language in itself. This gesture, that looks like it ends the moment you hand it over to the recipient, isn’t really the end. It communicates a lot about how special the recipient is in the life of the gift giver. It communicates that you actually were listening when she was ranting about how her favorite earing was lost and you got her an identical pair. It communicates that love isn’t just intangible. Now how to communicate exactly the message that will stay with your girl her whole life and bring a smile on her face? Keep on reading to find out!

What Is Her Wishes And Desires She Spoke To You On?

Women are verbal creatures and if they really want something, they will probably slip it into a conversation, at some point. If you are a good listener, which you really should be because that stuff can really make or break a relationship, you’ll have a good idea of what she could potentially want. Rest assured this information will, most often, not be directly relayed to you because what’s the fun in asking for a gift straight up but if you see her pining for a special makeup palette or talking about how she really needs to get something – take note! But even if you have no clue, worry not! Here are a few cool ideas of chic and expensive gifts you can get your girl to make her feel like the queen she is!

Best Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts Suitable For Your Wife

1. Name a Star After Her

Click here to name a star after her!

Special anniversaries, like the one you got married on or first had sex, are very important because they set the theme and relays to them the importance of your relationship with them! So, you want something that stands out! – a grand gesture! A beautiful idea is to get them an image of the night sky on an important date like the day like your wedding day! Another option is to name a star after her! How frickin’ romantic!

2. A Statement Watch

Seiko Watches

Nothing says perfect anniversary gift like a classy, chic and expensive watch for your lovely wife! Gift her a token of your eternal love in the form of an impressive sleek watch. It symbolically represents the time you pledge to put into your relationship and it looks pretty damn good! It is also a timeless classic as far as anniversary gifts go! This is a play-it-safe gift and you really can’t go wrong with it!

3. Chocolate Truffles

Signature Collection Grand Gift Box (56-pc)

Chocolate is a well-known aphrodisiac and an excellent gift when it comes to anniversaries – in fact! We recommend pairing all the other anniversary gifts with a little bit of luxurious chocolate as well! It will be the cherry on top, we promise you! But a gift box full of expensive chocolate truffles, now that’s a chic and delicious gift your wife is sure to relish! Maybe pair it with a bottle of her favorite wine!

4. A Cashmere Scarf or Sweater


Cashmere is a very expensive and high-end fabric, and everyone knows a cashmere sweater ain’t cheap! Get her one in her favorite color or color she wears a lot and if she is extra environment conscious, get her a sweater made entirely from recycled cashmere! They are more expensive but what is a little bit of extra money if it shows your partner you respect and care for them and what is important to them!

5. A Honeymoon!

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Plan a trip for you two to take together – a romantic getaway! There is nothing like travel to pump up that Instagram feed and she will be over the moon! Whip out the sunscreen and the exotic drinks and you are sure to have an extremely happy woman to your side. Not to mention, you get lots of romantic alone time with your wife and that is sure to do wonders for the health of your relationship. Come up with a detailed plan and look up places to visit, ahead of time so she does not have to worry about the planning! Surprise her with the tickets, hassle-free! A detailed planned trip is a wonderful gift that is sure to sweep her off her feet!

6. A Leather Jewelry Case with an Inscription

Mara Large Trinket Case

Leather with inscriptions is another timeless classic. Leather wallets with your partner’s initials carved in it are pretty popular but a leather jewelry case now that is an interesting choice! A cute, personalized and chic case for her to store her jewelry is a thoughtful, useful and cute as hell gift and is sure to make your partner extremely happy!

Best Romantic Anniversary Gifts For Your Girlfriend

7. An Inscribed Ring

Memorial Handwriting Ring

Keepsakes and special items with sentimental value attached to them make perfect anniversary gifts. Jewelry is one of the best ways to achieve this goal and if you customize it, bam! You have hit the jackpot! A promise ring can be a special anniversary gift and it would be a good idea to engrave both your initials or the date you met or even a quote that is very meaningful to you both on it. Gold and platinum bands are great for this purpose and if you really want to make it the most special anniversary ever - maybe replace that promise ring with an engagement ring and you have yourself a winner anniversary!

8. Expensive Perfume

VIKTOR&ROLF Flowerbomb

Armani, Chanel, Lancôme, Cartier, Versace, you name it, and it is a brand your girlfriend would love to own! Expensive scents are a luxurious and classy gift for your woman and perfume for her is also a gift you cannot go wrong with! Although best to explore her scent preferences and get her what she has a special inclination for – be it something tropical or otherwise. There is nothing more lavish than expensive smells!

9. A Pendant

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Sweet and simple, a pendant necklace is a piece of jewelry that is very versatile because it can, both, be worn by itself or be paired with other pieces. They also make wonderful gifts because most women will wear them – be it a total diva or someone with a very minimalist aesthetic – and they will think about you every time they see wear it! Pendants can be found in an amazingly wide range of different styles and there is something for everyone out there, but if in doubt stick with geometric styles and minimalist aesthetics.

10. Love Letters of Great Men

Letter Paper

It is not always easy to put your feelings into words but inspiration from some of history’s greatest men cannot hurt. This is a compilation of love letters that were written by great men and is a good way to share some special sentiments with your girlfriend. Add your own and mark the ones that resemble your feelings for her, most closely. This is sure to make her swoon and melt and also shows how you are a classy well-read man!

11. A Handsome Gift Card for Makeup

Get a gift card here!

If your girl loves “beating up her face in that new Chanel,” get her an expensive gift card to shop for all her needs and wants and she is sure to be very, very happy. A woman who loves makeup can never have enough and a gift card to Sephora or makeup spurge makes a very useful and satisfying gift. If you know a special something she wants, get it! But it would be ideal to let her pick what she wants herself because it is hard to get that just right!

12. Pearl Earrings

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A snazzy mix of classic and trendy, get her a pair of pearl earrings she can own forever! Get freshwater, gem-quality pearls in gold and you cannot go wrong! You can go for the all-time classic studs, but you can also try trendier styles depending on your partner’s interests and tastes, but pearls are a good pick because they offer a timeless classic aesthetic.

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Sincere and thoughtful effort goes into a relationship to strengthen it and gift-giving is a wonderful tradition, preserved across time and space, that helps in meeting this end. Our wives and girlfriends do so much for us, from unpaid reproductive and domestic labor to heaps of emotional labor and so much more, anniversaries are one small way to say how much we value our partnership and how much we appreciate their efforts. Anniversaries are, therefore, very important milestones in a relationship and these milestones are important opportunities to rejuvenate the bond you share with your partner. Get your girlfriend/wife thoughtful, elegant gifts; attention to detail and care is a gift that keeps on giving!