10 Naughty Adult Anniversary Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Conventional gifts are out. Incoming: Kinky anniversary gifts

By Adina Mazilu
10 Naughty Adult Anniversary Gifts for Your Girlfriend

While we completely agree that romantic and somehow conventional anniversary gifts for your partner are still very much in trend and very appreciated, it would be crazy to ignore the fact that we live in a modern world where things are constantly changing. This time, it’s romantic gifts and the kinky side they have. Couples nowadays prefer investing in some sexier and naughtier anniversary presents for their beloved so that they can show them how much they love them.

Don’t think that these sex toys and accessories are only for sex, on the contrary. While they may be used for that, they mean much more to the two people in that relationship. Moreover, they both can enjoy them together or alone, when the other is away. In this article, we will be offering you some kinky anniversary gift ideas to offer your girlfriend if you are into such things. Here we go!

Celebrating your anniversary with gifts meant to represent love

You can always celebrate your couple anniversary with gifts meant to represent your love for your significant other. In this case, it’s all about those naughty adult presents that you can offer your girlfriend to show her just how much you love every part of her, including her body, her mind, and her soul. Again, these gifts mean so much more than a tool for pleasure. Don’t think for a second that she will get the idea that you only like her for her body or for sex. On the contrary, such presents can be the perfect tools for you two to bond even more by using them together. Here are our naughty anniversary gift ideas that you can draw inspiration from.

10 naughty anniversary gifts for her

For 1 to 3 years of relationship

1. Vibrators

Yes, we agree that this might have been the first kinky gift that popped into your head too. And there is nothing wrong with that! It’s the most popular, affordable, and easy to find sex accessory that you can offer your girlfriend and tell her to use it while she is thinking about you. You can also use it together and make this a gift that is also for yourself. That’s the fun part with those naughty gifts, they are not only for one half of the couple. Such s gift offers endless possibilities in bed, they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, and they will add a little bit of spice in your love life. Definitely, something to consider.

2. Sexy lingerie

While an amazing sexy gift by itself, sexy lingerie can always be combined with some other kinky gifts, like the aforementioned vibrators, for extra fun between the sheets. Still, if you choose to go down this route and buy your girlfriend one of those revealing and hot lingerie sets, be careful to find one that will both suit her and look well on her body. You can be safe and go for classic colors like red, black, and white and fabrics like lace. Truth be told, this will be a gift for her that you might enjoy even more.

3. Adult board games

Board games are always in, no matter what year we’re in or what age you have. So, thanks to this, you can always find some more unique board games if you look hard enough. We are, of course, talking about those adult board games, like Truth or Dare, that works exactly like the real thing but kinkier. Naughty dares, bold questions, hot actions, all will become a lot sexier for the two of you if you choose such an anniversary gift for your girlfriend. Plus, you will both enjoy it without a doubt.

4. Aphrodisiac massage oil

What else can get her in the right mood if not a sexy oil massage right before all the action? Invest in some aromatic and aphrodisiac massage oil and offer it to her as a kinky anniversary gift. This is, again, something that you can both enjoy at maximum intensity whenever you decide to play around and massage yourselves to heat up the mood. This is certainly one of those gifts that might not seem like much, but that has a huge effect and she will want more.

5. BDSM accessories

If you are into very kinky things, you can always invest in some BDSM accessories like paddles, whips and other, preferably leather things, and offer them to her as an anniversary gift. “50 Shades of Grey” might still be mainstream, but who says that you cannot do your own version of it, even sexier? However, before buying such gifts, make sure that she is also into this kind of fantasies. Otherwise, it will not be a good gift and you will both be disappointed.

Unique naughty gifts

6. Edible massage oil candle

We have previously mentioned offering her aphrodisiac massage oil as an anniversary gift, but this is something totally different. It is, in fact, a candle that you can burn to set the sexy vibe before the big action. However, the interesting fact is that while it burns and melts, it becomes edible massage oil that you can use for all of your fantasies. And because it’s edible and completely safe for ingestion, everything can become a lot sexier than with just a normal massage oil.

Just in case you need an introduction, here is one on Etsy that has good reviews.

7. Blindfold

Again, a gift for those of you who are into kinky things and like to experiment in bed. Buy a sexy lace blindfold for her and use it when she least expects it, for your anniversary. Not being able to see enhances all of the other sensations. Imagine what she will feel while she is blindfolded and in bed with you. Definitely worth a try!

8. Vibrator for couples

Forget the classic vibrators that can offer pleasure only to her. This is an anniversary gift and you also deserve to have fun. Invest in a vibrator for couples that she can wear during intercourse and you will both feel its pulsations, enhancing the sensations. And because those can also be remote-controlled, you can always take control of this little toy while you are away to make her desire you even more.

9. Sexy handcuffs

Again, as part of your BDSM experiences, you can always offer her a pair of those gold and precious handcuffs that you can use during sex to play out your fantasies. Don’t worry! Things will become very heated when all of those accessories will be used. You won’t regret it, trust us!

10. Lube

Last but not least, you will definitely need some kind of help if you go on with your marathon sex sessions. You can use this need to also offer your beloved a unique and kinky gift: lube. This is a very important part of your fun times and shouldn’t be ignored. Who says that you cannot offer it as a gift too? Make sure that it’s packaged nicely and sexy and give if to her to try out. Let the fun begin!

Romantic gift ideas (as backup)

Beyond all of those kinky gift ideas, you can still couple them up with some more romantic gifts. Showing your love can take all shapes and forms. So, you can still bring her some beautiful flowers, a perfume she really likes, jewelry, chocolate, and so on and so forth. These can also act as a great backup in case she doesn’t like those kinky things. The key here is to observe, watch closely, and even ask her if she would like to try some new things in the bedroom. If the answer is yes, then you’re free to experiment with your gifts.

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All in all, it appears that those kinky anniversary gifts also have the aim to show your love and affection for your girlfriend, as opposed to what many people might think. They are still proof that you love the other person as a whole, with her body and mind too. So, we hope that we have provided you with some valuable inspiration in case you are planning a surprise anniversary that might involve some sexy things too. Take into account the gift ideas that suit you and your partner and start using those in bed. You will not regret it!



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