7 Best Lingerie Brands To Keep a Look Out For in 2019

7 Best brands with phenomenal lingeries to look out for in 2019

By Sophia R
7 Best Lingerie Brands To Keep a Look Out For in 2019

Types Of Lingerie & Lingerie Styles For Your Body Type

You probably read the title of this article and thought: what will they teach me that I do not know already? Maybe you are very familiar with the basics: bra, panties or shorts, etc ... But in reality, what we want to focus on is the different types, styles, and kinds of lingerie the market offers for you. 

There are so many different styles that some of us get confused and only buy what we think will suit us, without really knowing what they are like and the best ones for your body shape.  You will be shocked by how much difference using the right kind of lingerie for your body will make on you. Seriously, it is game-changing. 

Let's analyze the styles of lingerie that are available, the best occasion to use them, the ones that will suit your body type the best, and the garments with which it is convenient to combine them:

1. Pear shaped

If you have a well-defined waist, small shoulders, and a narrow back, your hips are wider and the upper part of your body is thinner than the upper part, you have a pear-shaped body. 

Wear strapless garments and show those shoulders! You have the advantage of looking great on blouses without shoulders and not looking wide, so own it! Plunging necklines will also be very appealing for you. 

When it comes to panties, choose high waisted garments to make your legs look more elongated and thin. Another option is to go for the opposite and wear underwear that goes up to the lower waist to make your torso look longer and more balanced. You will thank us once you try them!

2. Hourglass shape

If you have an hourglass body, then your hips and the widest part of your bust are almost the same proportion, and your waist is much smaller.

Use bras that give you support and that in turn accent your waist. The ones with thick straps will make you feel much more comfortable, too. Opt for cups without push-up that will give your bust a perfect round shape so that it does not stick out when suspending your clothes.

High waisted underwear is perfect to help disguise your tummy and create a better silhouette. You can show your beautiful curves comfortably with dresses and tight blouses if you use these. Also, try a lingerie set that has a garter belt, it will emphasize your waist like no other. It will literally look like magic. 

3. Apple shape

If you have this type of body, then you probably have a  little wider waist than your hips. Your torso and abdomen are wide, but your legs are a little thinner.

The corset type garments are perfect to mold your waist and accentuate it. This type of lingerie will support your bust while helping to mold your tummy. If you want to use your own bra, choose a body shaper to adjust your waist slightly. Opt for smaller bras to fit your bust and make your torso look narrower.

The sashes, as I said before, are perfect for you to help suck in your belly and wearing tight dresses and shirts comfortably. To have more control of your abdomen, high-waist garments are also perfect. Trust us on this one. 

4. Rectangle shape

If your body is this way, then your abdomen, your hips, and your bust are of the same proportion.

A bra with push up will help you raise your bust instantly by adding curves to your body. A bra with thick wiring will help shape your bust without affecting your posture. Racerback bralettes are a great option if you feel you can't fill bras. They are also sexy af!

The hipster panties are perfect for you since they lift your glutes and shape your body. They will also help you stylize your torso. The thongs are another perfect option so that your underwear does not show and your jeans do not reduce the size of your buttocks. It will do best for you!

Best 2019 Lingerie Brands That Are Available On Amazon

Amazon is a lot of people's go-to online store when it comes to pretty much anything. Name it, you will find it. It is no different when women want to add a little spice to their lingerie collection. If you are looking to get some new sexy pieces, Amazon has got them for you.

To make your search way easier and quick, we will give you the top 3 lingerie brands you got to keep an eye on this year that is available on Amazon. Seriously, it is as easy as just a few clicks and you got your sexy pieces. What could be a better way? Enough, here is what we are talking about:  

5. Ekouaer

Ekouaer Womens Comfort Minimizer Unlined Underwire Full Figure Bra

Ekouaer has literally dozens of different styles and types of lingerie that you can choose from. They offer cute and sexy nightgowns, bras, panties, sets: pretty much everything you could possibly need. There are options for every body type, need, and preferences. 

As one of the best selling lingerie brands on Amazon, we can assure you that Ekouaer is a great option for you. Check it out now! 

6. Avid Love

Avidlove: Bodystockings

This one here is for my gal pals that are looking for lingerie that is a bit sexier than usual. Those ones that are used on special occasions, you know what I am talking about. Avid Love offers the hottest sets, bras, panties, bodysuits, robes, and such. If that is what you are looking for, don't even doubt checking it out! 

7. Wacoal

Wacoal Women's IA

In Wacoal, you can pretty much find any type of bras you are looking for. Yes, they only sell bras, the best of many to be honest. From sexy to casual, they have got it all. Size ain't a problem either, they will have the perfect one for you. Hop on Amazon right now and check these babies out! 

Best 2019 lingerie brands on Instagram you should follow

As with pretty much everything in this world, social media has a lot of control over things. Whether it is clothing, makeup, cars, or anything else, Instagram has a huge roll on the sales of many brands. Lingerie has been another article that is extremely shown on this platform, too. Many brands sell their lingerie products through this app, and they have gained a lot of success because of it. 

Want to know which are the best lingerie brands you need to follow on Instagram? Keep reading and find out our top 4 you shouldn't be ignored at all! 

1. @eberjey

Eberjey is a beautiful lingerie brand that has the most feminine and soft type of vibe on their Instagram. The way they portray their products in the post is just so appealing that it makes you want to buy everything! Also, they don't only offer lingerie but swimwear and loungewear, too. You need to follow them ASAP! 

2. @morgan_lane

If you want to see the coolest looking lingerie Instagram brand, you got to follow this page. They combine super beautiful posts of their underwear and what they offer with cool kind of vintage pictures. It is just so visually appealing and you will certainly want some of their stuff, too.

3. @elselingerie

Beautiful Instagram page, beautiful posts, beautiful lingerie. You will just fall in love with the brand with just a quick stroll down their feed. It can even be a source of inspiration for how to use lingerie overall. Go give them a follow right now!

4. @wearlively

If you are looking for a more colorful and vibrant feed and posts, @wearlively is the one you should follow. They have infinite types and designs of lingerie shown in the most beautiful and fun way through their Instagram. They have such a summery vibe! Definitely worth the follow. 

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A lingerie expert is an understatement after reading this post. You are basically ready to go get the best brands and pieces out there. Also, now you know which are the best styles for you so you look as sexy and beautiful as ever in them. Seriously, now you are ready to be the sexiest you have ever been in lingerie! Go put that knowledge to practice now and feel all the beauty!