2019 Makeup Trends revealed through Fashion Walkway

Find out what are 2019 most coveted looks on the runway

By Hana O.
2019 Makeup Trends revealed through Fashion Walkway

Winter 2018 Makeup Trend

Paris, Milan, London and New York. It’s time to talk fashion. If there’s one sentence to describe the Winter 2018 makeup trend, it’s “Glitter is back”.


Glitter alongside powerful red lips to portray female strength and versatility graced the 2018 catwalks. While the clothes showcased during the events aren’t so wearable in real life, the ma, however, is adaptable to complement our #OOTDs.

From Gucci to Chanel to Alexander Wang and Givenchy, do read on for a glimpse of what’s new and hot in fashion this winter. Oh, did I mention I’ll be including some tips on how to achieve those looks? Awesome, right?

Tips on Acheiving Fall/Winter 18 Looks

1. Corporate Chic

Nothing says power and control than a suit. Bring out the CEO in you, with hair that is slicked back and 80s inspired clips to finish the clean look.


How it’s done:

Keep your makeup neutral, choosing only pastel shades for your blush and lipstick. If you have messy and uncontrollable hair, some hairspray should do the trick to achieve that perfect, not a strand out of place, look.

2. Glitterbug

While it may not be the like the glitter bombs that strutted down the Giambattista Valli catwalk with the model’s faces completely covered in glitter, you can choose one feature of your face such as your lips, cheeks or eyelids to enhance.


How it’s done:

Apply some base makeup before the glitter and a setting product after to ensure the staying power of the glitter. Make sure to complement that single area of glitter with subtle accents and natural tones.


3. Red is the New Black

Probably the most classic of colors, bright red lips are still a head turner. Givenchy and Poiret showed us some French red lips at the Paris Fashion Week, which broke the no-lipstick streak shown at previous catwalks. What better to way to flaunt that the cold does not bother you by pouting those perfectly red lips that would otherwise be chapped.


How it’s done:

Prep you lips properly by applying some lip moisturizer and then shape your lips with a liner. Try to go for the shape of Cupid’s bow. Fill in the lips with the liner and then apply the red lipstick.

4. Boyish Blush

Fashion month definitely hinted that the boyish blush is a trend for the season. For the cheek, just a light natural-looking tint that was lightly brushed is the desired look.


How it’s done:

Your goal is to look like you’ve just had a tad too many mojitos or ran after the bus, or recently saw your crush and made eye contact, a natural flushed look. Go for light pink blush and swipe across your upper cheekbones. Keep the remaining makeup minimal for a more natural look.

5. The Lashes and Snow-Kissed Eyes

With temperatures dropping, it’s time to make sure our eyes and lashes don't. Besides, Fendi and Versace subtly told ever that long and dark eyelashes with a touch of white eyeshadow at the corner of the eye are the new in trend.


How it’s done: 

It’s really easy! Curl and apply mascara as usual, or add some fake lashes if you have some spare time. Then using a small brush or the tip of sponge, apply the eye shadow at the corner of your eye where it touches our nose. Blur then add some highlight to it as well as to your cheekbones and the upper edges of your mouth for extra glow.

6. Let's Play with Paint

Away with the nude tones and in with the classic rainbow colors. We’re talking bright pink, neon yellow, vivid green and ultraviolet. A perfect way to contrast the all-white scenery surrounding you, right?


How it’s done:

Create a bold line by doubling up your eyeliner then apply any color you feel like strutting that day, whether at the office or for a night out. If you don't want too much focus on your eyes, you can move to your lips instead by wearing some bright orange or fuchsia pink lipstick. Bring out the artist in you by experimenting with your best canvas: your face.

7. Time to Prime

We may be able to apply makeup professionally but according to Lanvin and Michael Kors, that’s only skin-deep. Instead of applying so much foundation, artists nowadays focus on more important matters: moisturizers, primers and creams. This will give off a truly healthy radiance to anyone’s complexion.


How it’s done:

Focusing on skin care means starting with the first step, meaning cleansing and exfoliating. With your face properly prepped, you can apply toner and then moisturizer, followed by primers and creams. With this, you don't have to apply too much foundation or even go for the no-makeup look.

8. A Little Bit of Punk

The Avril Lavigne punk look is back. This means thick black eyeliner that surrounds your whole eye. Paired with a messy hairdo, an all-black outfit and some chucks/stilettos depending on the mood, and you’re good to go.


How it’s done:

With some liquid or pencil eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow in various colors, you can achieve the punk eyeliner look. Generally, you should apply some eye shadow first before applying the liner, especially if in liquid form. You can choose any color, with purple being a fan favorite, and then follow up with dark shadow in the crease. Apply the eyeliner in thick or thin lines all around your eye shape. Lastly, apply two or three coats of black mascara.

New Makeup Trends in 2019

Winter will be over in a blink of an eye and soon, it’s time for a new year with new trends. Let’s take a look at what’s in for 2019.

1. Baby Bangs

Bold enough to try really short and uneven baby bangs? It’s definitely a New Year trend. What’s more is that you can even achieve this look by yourself! The goal of this look is to show roughly snipped bangs that could have been cut by you. These go perfectly with headbands, another trend to be mentioned later on.

2. Not-So-Cat-Eye Cat Eye

Photo by Úrsula Madariaga from Pexels

Take your eyeliner game to a whole new level with the cat-eye look that doesn't really touch your eyes. Make it float above the sides of your eyelids. It looks like cat ears and cat eyes making cat lovers swoon.

3. Shining Shimmering Glitter

Because glitter is back and stronger than ever, feel free to use glitter everywhere. You can top your eye shadow with glitter, your cheeks with glitter, your lips with glitter, your shoulders with glitter. For an extra glam effect, add some jewels and foil finishing because who doesn't like a shimmering look?

4. Headbands

To complete your baby bangs look, headbands, headbands, headbands. You can opt for more subtle styles that are just plain or go for heavily embellished ones that look like modern tiaras. With such a fashionista hairdo, your makeup can be kept to a minimum or go all out with your full makeup look.

5. Love for Pastel

What colors to best symbolize spring except pastel? Baby blues and pink, aqua and lavender, add these shades to your eyelids, cheeks and lips for a glamorous spring look.

Favorite and New Korean Makeup Trends on Instagram

If you are obsessed with makeup and skincare, then Korea is the country to be in. From the 12-step skin care routine to the latest foundations, lip tints and eye shadows, Korea is a product paradise for beauty lovers. Let’s take a look at what is currently trending on Instagram when it comes to Korean makeup.

1. The Heartbroken Look

Source: @ponysmakeup/ Instagram

In Korea, guys prefer girls who are very very feminine. The ultimate damsel in distress. I guess this boosts their masculinity in a way. Therefore, the girls have started putting bright red eye shadow all over their eyes in order to achieve a “just cried” look, which makes them more attractive to men. I guess we’re all just lucky that somehow this style actually looks good on almost everyone.

2. Forget the Cat-Eye

Source: makeupbysassysarah/ Instagram

Cat-eye move over. It’s time for the doe eyes. Instead of putting your eyeliner in sharp angles going up, the latest trend in Korea shows a natural downward slant of the eye to mimic adorable puppy-ish or bambi-esque eyes. I’ve got to admit, it does look good.

3. Become a Ripe Fruit

Source: @wild.sae_ulzz/ Instagram

Another makeup trend is the one where you look like a ripe fruit about to burst. Here, bright blush colors are applied on the cheek, not the traditional “C” shape way but above the cheekbone and only to the tips of the brows. The effect is a youthful and flushed look.

4. The Berry Shades

Source: rim_otd/Instagram

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and tomatoes. These colors are seen countless times on the lips of Korean women and have taken over the country’s lipstick market. They call it “Autumn Color”.

5. Baby Brows

Source: @ponysmakeup/ Instagram

Korea is obsessed with looking young, and this even extends to the eyebrows. Forget defined arches, straight eyebrows are definitely in. The goal is to look like babies who are born without definite shape to their brows. Aside from going for the straight brow look, they also avoid too much makeup that make the brows look thick or fake; instead, cushion compacts for eyebrows are used.


Be it the Fashion Month catwalks held at the 4 prominent cities of the world or at somewhere more accessible to everyone like Instagram, makeup trends are continuously changing. Not just by seasons, it could be just about anyone, a brand or a celebrity who begins a new trend, a trend that looks good of course. Some bring in new discoveries into the world of fashion while others revive old-school practices. Either way, makeup trends are definitely something to always watch out for.