Get that timeless look with these vintage baby clothings

The cute 80s retro-inspired vintage look for boys and girls

By Diana Nadim
Get that timeless look with these vintage baby clothings

Introduction to vintage baby clothing

Vintage clothing is a term that is used to describe clothes that originated from the previous era and these are clothes that were mostly produced between 20 and 100 years ago. This means that vintage clothes are those that were in fashion during their time of production hence they reflect the trends and styles of the era that they are from.

Clothes that are 100 years and older are no longer referred to as vintage but antique and it is important for us to have this in mind as we take a look at vintage baby clothing. Some of the perfect examples of vintage clothing include:


Girls dressed with empire or even natural waists, rounded white collars, knee length, with a matching sash tied in a bow and black Mary Jane shoes. Boys, on the other hand, wore an attached shirt and short and pant combination suit and pullover sweaters when playing and wore; little suits with long pants or knickers and laced up boots.


Most of the baby clothing of this era came in primary shades of yellow, green, blue, red, and white. Toddler girl dresses were above the knee and below the knee for big girls with a sash bow around the waist and a few ruffles around the puff sleeves. Boy’s clothes were simple and casual with the trademark being a striped knit shirt with pants or even shorts and saddle shoes or penny loafers.


Girls of this era wore poodle skirts, ballet flats or saddle shoes and dresses with boys wearing wide leg pants, camp shirts, a pair of overalls, and jeans. Babies, on the other hand, wore; plain white gowns.

1960s & 70s

Boys and girls wore jumpsuits with bel bottom jeans being very popular together with fringe vests, boho tunic tops, and platform shoes.

About that 1980s retro-inspired vintage look for boys and girls

The 1980s fashion was very flashy both in Europe, Australia and in Britain. There was a heavy emphasis on expensive fashion accessories and clothes all over. The 1980s hair was big, heavily styles, curly and bouffant with ladies wearing heavy makeup and bright clothes.

1980s retro-inspired vintage looks for boys

1. Suits and T-shirts

What makes this look to be amazing is the fact that it’s youthful and also sophisticated at the same time.

2. Brightly colored swimwear

These brightly colored 80s swimsuits are still amazing to date and they can be used on the beach, for an exotic vacation, or just by the swimming pool.

3. Tracksuits

One of the advantages of this trend is that it works for everyone. This two-piece is fashionable and comfortable, making it relevant even today.

4. Chuck Taylor's Converse

Boys wearing these vintage beauties will always look good. They are complemented by denim which makes them to be among all-time classics.

5. Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are usually one of a kind as when combined together with a T-shirt and jeans, they make quite an impression even today.

1980s retro-inspired vintage looks for girls

1. Animal print

Animal prints and bold shades were a big thing in the 1980s for girls and women and this trend is slowly but surely coming back to light again. One way of wearing this 80s beauty is to also include a sleek dress with minimal accessories to avoid looking over the top.

2. Power suits

The 1980s power suits have sharp shoulders and still looks dazzling on girls.

3. Denim jackets

This 80s beauty looks great when worn together with teased hair. Today, denim jackets provide girls with a wide range of options as they can be worn either casually or in high fashion. If worn together with a sweet skirt and cool shades, denim jacket can make any girl look stunning.

4. Fanny pack

This was one of the most sort-after accessories of the 1980s and you can still wear it today with amazing results. Today’s fanny packs are made of stylish materials compared to the 80s fanny packs which were made of goofy fabrics. This makes fanny bags to be socially acceptable today as they are elegant and offer a convenient way for girls to carry their stuff.

How to whiten vintage baby clothes

Cleaning vintage clothes is usually a very delicate procedure since most of them are fragile and delicate. It is therefore recommended that before choosing the best way of removing stains from vintage baby clothes, take time to carefully consider the appearance and the properties of the fabric and also the types of stain removers available. This way, you can be able to decide on the stain remover to use which will cause the least damage.

Vintage baby clothes are very delicate and you can find some that can be damaged by plain water alone especially causing their color to fade. Some of the risks involved when removing the stains from vintage baby clothes include;

  • Vintage baby clothes made of Crimplene require specific details so as to avoid being destroyed. They must be washed below 40 degrees Celsius and later cold rinsed so as to preserve their appearance.
  • Vintage baby clothes made of silk or rayon might end up losing their shade, body or shrinking after normal washing. The best way to clean such clothes is to dry clean them.

The first step after considering all the above is to start with looking for the best stain remover for your vintage baby clothes. Natural stain removers should always be at the top of your list when dealing with vintage clothes and some of these natural removers include; vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice.

These natural stain removers are gentler compared with chemicals such as chlorine and hydrogen peroxide and that is why you should first use them before trying other means. The first lauder your baby’s clothes in cold water and then add detergent following the instructions carefully. Before adding stain removers, first, remove them from the washer and let them dry in sunlight all day and look for the stains later.

Spot treat the stains using the natural stain removers and rub them gently for few minutes before holding the stains under cold running water. Hang the clothes under sunlight again to dry and repeat this process until the stains are totally gone.

Vintage baby clothes sewing patterns for the creative moms

1. Vintage sewing pattern S2 C21 Boy’s Playsuit & Shirt (C25)

This is a pattern for boy’s playsuit and shirt with measurements such as; waist of 20”, size 2 and a chest/breast measurement of 21”.

2. 1952 vintage sewing pattern S2 C21” Dress & Transfer (C6)

This pattern is for girls’ one-piece dress and Pinafore dress with transfer and measurements of chest/breast 21” a waist of 20” and a hip of 22”.

3. 1953 vintage sewing pattern S3 C22” Day or party dress (C12)

This amazing sewing pattern is for girl’s party dress with measurements such as waist of 20 ½” size 3 and breast of 22”

4. 1940s WW2 vintage sewing pattern S4 C23” Boys Shirt (C1)

This pattern is for boy’s shirt and has measurements of breast 23”, neck 10 ½” and size 4. You can look for more amazing patterns here:

Vintage Baby Patterns & Vogue Children’s Pattern Designs Online

In conclusion, vintage baby clothes are usually beautiful but you have to know how to accessorize them for you to be able to pull off the perfect look. There are several places where you can find good vintage baby clothes that you can buy and they include second-hand clothing shops, garage sales, antique markets, vintage fashion and clothing shops, and collectibles or textile fairs, among many others. Vintage baby clothes are unique, come with very interesting stories, and they are of very good quality.